3 Zodiac Signs Crave The Single Life On November 11

During Mars opposite Uranus, we will dream about being single again.

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Here, we have a situation that looks one way but acts another way. This means that on November 11, we will see three zodiac signs vying for attention in the realm of love, passion and romance. What's going on is that during Mars opposite Uranus, we want to be noticed and paid attention to. We want to be attractive and alluring ... we want people to want us.

What's at the bottom of this is not just a need for attention but a need to think we are on our own, not tied down by a partner. We may have gotten to a point in our relationship where we just want to be single. We want what we believe others have, and whether that's true or not, we'll see that during Mars opposite Uranus, we crave the single life, even if it's only a dream.


The twist here is that while craving the single like, we're actually hoping for more. Ah, that's the twist, isn't it? We desire a single life to find someone new to love. So, essentially, we're just going about looking for new romance under the guise of wanting to be free and single. That's why it's merely a craving and now a reality. These three zodiac signs are simply tired of their present situations and are fantasizing a way out ... even if just for the day.

The zodiac signs crave the single life on November 11:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

On November 11, during the transit of Mars opposite Uranus, you are going to feel as though you deserve more than what you presently have, and what you presently have is a romantic relationship that has you feeling as though nobody's paying attention to you. While you may love your partner, you aren't sure they are the person you want to spend your life with, and so you open your imagination up to the idea of being single.


Are you brave enough to actually end your relationship and grab that single life that you so crave? Probably not, but that's not necessarily because you lack the courage. You are comfortable in your present relationship, even if it has become a little routine, a little boring. Still ... you want to attract attention; you want to know that there's someone out there who finds you attractive enough to ... be with romantically.

You can fully admit that this is a great notion, but you know yourself very well, and you know that if this becomes a purist, then you'll probably end up losing everything you have, and that is not what you want. So, during Mars opposite Uranus, you'll allow yourself the fantasy of being single, as you are more realistic with yourself than you think. You aren't going to drop it all and run after the single life, but as a fantasy? Oh yes. No problem there.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


You have said many times that if you had the chance to do it all again, you'd never end up in a committed relationship, as you've come to see that you really aren't someone who can find true happiness in one person. You've tried, and you've also tried to convince yourself that the real beauty is in the union of two people, but ... that doesn't work, as that is what you have right now. Right now, it's dull to you. During Mars opposite Uranus, on November 11, you will admit to yourself that all you want is to be single again.

Of course, you know that you won't budge to make that dream come true because the reality of the matter is that being single takes more effort than you're willing to put up with, and even though your love life is lackluster, you're still not willing to do all the work that it takes to be single. You crave a life where you don't have to answer to anybody, but you really aren't about to change anything. November 11 shows you that you can do whatever you wish but that you'll also stay where you are.

The thing is, you know that deep down inside, you are this wild and crazy lover, or at least, you believe yourself to be. Perhaps, once upon a time, you got to express yourself in this capacity. It was hella fun ... but time took that away from you, as it does most of us, and now that you're settled into a relationship, all you can think about are the good old days back in the day when you were young, wild, free and ... single.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You think about being single every day of your life. You have been in a committed monogamous relationship for what feels like centuries, and all you can think about is what it would be like to have a fling or engage in something casual. The truth is, you may have broken the sacred trust in your time, and while you got away with it, that 'itch' still hasn't been fully scratched. While you absolutely do not want to be a serial cheater, you can't help but wonder ... what would happen if ... ?

November 11 brings you the treacherous transit of Mars opposite Uranus, and it will have you thinking about taking that chance again. The thing is, you are way too fearful of actually breaking up with your partner, so you aren't making any official declarations of separation; you merely want to have your cake and eat it, too. You are also mature and wise enough to know that this is not the best way to go about things.


So, during Mars opposite Uranus, you'll dream about being single, about having an affair, about casual relations and whatnot, and that will have to satisfy you, Capricorn. The good thing is that life really isn't so bad when you're in a committed relationship. It's just a learning curve you have to adjust to ... for an entire lifetime. You'll be OK. If you need to let your mind wander, then no harm is done. We are, after all, only humans, and humans are beasts.

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