November 15, 2023 Horoscopes Could Be Rough For 3 Zodiac Signs

We misinterpret just about everything.

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Your rough horoscope update is here to share which three zodiac signs may experience a tougher-than-average astrology forecast. Here we are in the middle of the week, and for some of us, the day might not be as balanced as we would like it to feel on November 15.

What's going on is that we are being heavily influenced by a rather 'testy' transit called Moon square Neptune.

For three particular zodiac signs, this transit goes right for the gut; we take it all to heart, and we misinterpret just about every sign we receive on November 15.


What may start out as a day that we promised ourselves as one for confidence and self-love rapidly turns into a day of self-doubt and concern.

It's almost as if, for these three zodiac signs, we've gotten ourselves to the point where we finally believe in ourselves only to bring in the 'big guns' when it comes to wondering if we're as good as we think we are.


Second-guessing ourselves is what Moon square Neptune is all about, and three zodiac signs simply cannot take it.

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Let's not forget that Moon square Neptune is responsible for overthinking. While we are able to see things from a larger perspective, we start to formulate the idea that no matter how we look at ourselves, we continuously find something wrong with that picture. That's painful, and nobody wants this kind of feeling. 

Three zodiac signs experience rough horoscopes on November 15, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Rarely, if ever, do you second guess yourself, and that's simply because you've put in so much work when it comes to self-improvement and spending the time that it takes to analyze your own motives and behavior patterns.


You've taught yourself to rise above the odds and that if something isn't working out in your favor, then just ride it out and eventually, all will be well again.

And that's truly a fantastic way to go about living one's life...that is until it doesn't work.



November 15, 2023, brings you the transit of Moon square Neptune, and with it comes this nagging idea that everything you're doing is somehow not good enough. You never think this way, which is why it feels all the more disgusting to you on this day. Doubting yourself? Nah, that's not in your vocabulary, and yet, here it is...this nagging second-guessing of yourself and this insistence that you're not up to par.


What really disappoints you the most is that you can't snap out of it. That's what you taught yourself to do, after all, so why isn't it working on this day? It's not working because the Moon square Neptune won't let you take a breath. This transit will have you finding the worst-case scenario in everything you do, and it will last until you finally hit the sack tonight for some hopefully good dreams.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

What bugs you the most about November 15, 2023, is that weird sensation that you don't believe your own sale pitch. Break that down: you have sold yourself an idea that you are now in disbelief of. You talked yourself into doing something that during the transit of Moon square Neptune if you don't get out of, you feel like you will regret it seriously.


This transit may lead you to believe you've made a mistake, but that's not necessarily what you've done.

It's all in the mind when Moon square Neptune comes to town, especially for a Leo mind. Because you are a very enthusiastic person, when you decide to 'go for it,' you go all in, and you never look back. This is because you are dedicated and reliable, and the interesting part is that you feel you can rely on your own self always to make the right choices. That's until this day shows up and brings in the bag of tricks.



Inside the bag of tricks, you could find self-doubt, self-loathing, and even a little bit of self-destruction. Oh, how this doesn't work with your schedule, and while you could recognize that the universe is definitely messing with you, you might not be able to break the spell. The great thing about you, Leo, is that if you need to, you will break the spell. This day may be rough, but you will succeed in getting out of this weird, potentially depressing funk.


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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

This is where it all starts ... the panic, the anxiety, the overthinking of the nothingness. There's a good chance that all of this is coming to you as a result of the build-up that comes along with the holiday season. You feel the pressure, and you take it way too far. You know deep down in your heart that nothing is wrong and that nothing is about to go wrong, but with Moon square Neptune in the sky on November 15, 2023, you may fear becoming a hot mess.


You may worry about the stress, that and the other thing, and you might think you're the only person who feels this way.

You are also quite conscious that all of this is just going on in your head and that you are just as safe, secure and loved;in fact, nothing has changed; you are loved. All is well in your world, and yet, under the worst-case scenario...nothing is well in your world. Not now, at least, not in your mind. Not during the transit of Moon square Neptune.

On this day, you will let one thing get to you, which will be absurd. Your reaction to this one thing will be ridiculously over the top, and try as you may to control it; it will only escalate until you come back down to earth. This is panic, and if you are prone to panic, then you need to figure out how to tap into that place of peace that lies within you. You, Virgo, need meditation. Don't let Moon square Neptune get the best of you.

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