Relationships Change For 3 Zodiac Signs On November 15, 2023

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For three zodiac signs, November 15, 2023, is not just an ordinary day. It marks the day when we know that if we're to talk into the next year with our partners, then we know we have to make some sturdy and solid changes in our own lives. Today brings us the transit of Moon square Neptune, which inspires change and novel thinking.

Neptune is a planet that deteriorates situations, and when it speaks to the Moon, we feel ready to let something go and prepared to focus on what matters most.



We are also looking at the Winter, and while that might only be a mental state, we can't help but think along the lines of 'how to survive' and 'what we need for the months ahead.' While we're not survivalists, we are still trying to keep our relationship alive and well, and we know that we can't continue on unless we embrace the idea of real change.

Moon square Neptune lets us take a good look at what we are bringing to the relationship, as well as what we believe we need to change in our partners. This day allows these three zodiac signs the freedom to speak honestly and with vision. We see the future, and we want to create it accordingly. Let's use today as the first step to making great changes.

Relationships change for three zodiac signs on November 15, thanks to the Moon square Neptune transit:

1. Libra, you face your fears about love.

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You have always believed that progress relies on change and that change takes courage. This is the main reason why change doesn't happen as frequently as you believe it should, simply because people tend to back down before taking on something they feel to be scary. In your case, there are certain topics that come along with your relationship that need work on, and that's exactly what you and your partner have avoided confronting. That is, until today.



On this day, November 15, 2023, during the helpful transit of Moon square Neptune, you will both decide that it's time to open up the book of 'topics' and get down to business on the work of change. You have proven to each other that you are both trustworthy enough to share the big ideas with and as you both know, you have your own ideas to share, which you will be doing today. During Moon square Neptune, you'll know that the time is right.

If you both want this relationship to grow, as you do, then you both have to come to terms with that which you haven't been willing to change. Why are you obstinate? Why have you never approached this before? Today lets you know that there is no reason and that there's also nothing to be afraid of. Moon square Neptune paves the way for great and positive change. Carpe Diem!

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2. Scorpio, you stop trying to change your partner.

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While you're still able to cop the power that comes along with your personal Sun season, you'll also be able to assimilate the power that comes along with today's transit, Moon square Neptune. On November 15, 2023, you're going to recognize that you need to strike while the iron is hot, and in terms of your romantic relationship, you'll know that today is the day you begin the work of making major changes in how things go down.

You feel as though you are in a relationship that is built on power; neither of you will give this up. You want to grow and become more powerful in this coupling, but in order to do so, you have to accept that certain things cannot change and that other things must change. Today brings an interesting twist to the idea of change for you, which all has to do with acceptance.



What you'll see happen on this day is that you and your partner will look deeply into each other's eyes, and you'll see whatever is in their soul. It's something you need to respect. So, 'change' in your case, Scorpio, might mean changing your own outlook, or rather, accepting your partner for who they are, as they are. While this doesn't seem like change, it most definitely is; your acceptance of them allows them to grow. This helps the relationship dynamic.

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3. Sagittarius, you take your relationship more seriously.

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During the transit of Moon square Neptune on November 15, you will know that you take your romance seriously enough to understand that if it's to last, then changes must take place. The only reason you're signing on for big change is because the person you love means that much to you, and if it means that so much of the change involved is what goes on on YOUR part, then so be it. It's about time you change your ways, anyway.

In the past, you had this idea that everything you did was fine, just the way it was and that you really didn't have to consider the feelings of your partner because you just naturally assumed they loved you 'as is.' They do love you 'as is,' but there are things that they've suggested that you've ignored, and on this day, you might want to take their suggestions seriously. They aren't here to change you but to encourage you to find the change within yourself for the sake of becoming a happier person.



You'll have a 'click' moment, meaning that during Moon square Neptune, it will all suddenly appear clear to you. You see what you need to do to create a better atmosphere for you and your partner, and you will watch your partner change into a better person as well. This is a dance that takes two; you aren't alone. Change is an adventure that you will embark on together, starting November 15. It's all good, and you know it.

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