Horoscopes Are 'Lucky In Love' For 3 Zodiac Signs On November 2

We can look forward to a lot of hugging and kissing on this day, that's for sure!

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Well, now that we're fully immersed in the idea that October has finally become a part of the past, here we are on November 2, 2023, and it certainly does look like a brand new day, indeed. Three zodiac signs are going to find that this day is special. What starts with good feelings about ourselves turns into good cheer towards others.

It's hard to keep the good stuff all to ourselves during a transit like Moon sextile Jupiter, as this event encourages us to be generous with our love and our emotions. Today, three zodiac signs will feel an almost compulsive desire to make their partner feel good. We can look forward to a lot of hugging and kissing on this day, that's for sure!




While many of us may think of this day as 'business as usual,' the three zodiac signs that are most affected by Moon sextile Jupiter will be more apt to concentrate on their love lives and how to make life better where that is concerned, we all feel that the year is coming to a close. Truly, nobody wants a hassle right now. We want to know that the people we are with are here to stay. On November 2, 2023, we will do all we can to let them know that they are safe with us.


Love horoscopes are lucky for three zodiac signs on November 2, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

November 2, 2023, ushers in a new attitude for you, Leo, as you feel that all you really want out of life at this point is for you and your romantic partner to get along and be happy in each other's presence. That's easy enough for you both as you happen to make a perfect couple together, but during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll want to go that extra mile for the one you love. Today is the day you show your generosity, and oh yes, it is appreciated.

During the transit, Moon sextile Jupiter, it's easy to feel as though the sky is the limit. You won't see the point in holding back, and yes, that refers to money and spending. Hey, it's almost the end of the year and what was the point of working every day to get here if not to spend some of that cold case on the person you love and adore? You're not looking for reciprocation, either; you just want to surprise your romantic partner by giving them something extra cool.

Today allows you to step out of the spotlight and into the rafters, where you get to watch your partner do all the smiling. Well, you'll be smiling alongside them, but you don't want this day to be all about you. You are happy to make your partner feel as though they are the only person in the world for you, as, after all, they are. Today, during Moon sextile Jupiter, you get to show your love 'Leo-style.'


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2. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What you didn't realize is that you've been waiting for a day like this to arrive for a long time. You aren't aware of what November 1, 2023, brings you in terms of universal support. Still, during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, which occurs today, you will come to know that it has a very extraordinary and positive effect on you. It has you thinking that you could do more for your loved one. Even if you thought you were all tapped when it comes to giving of yourself, this day opens the doors to even more possibilities.

That's how Jupiter transits work; they make 'more' of a good thing if, indeed, a good thing is available to be made more of. In your case, you have this undying love and affection for the person you are with. If you've gotten lazy in the past, then you'll be shrugging off that lazy attitude on this day and opting for active participation. You'll be making your partner happy today, and you'll take pleasure in doing so.


What they don't know is that you are also feeling very 'spendy', and that means that if you have money to burn, you'll be burning it up like a bonfire, just to give your partner a thrill that they might not have ever seen before. You are dead serious when it comes to having fun, and you hold nothing back. Not money, not your love. You are one hundred percent devoted to making your partner smile on this day, November 2, 2023.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You're not one to claim credit for everything you do when you try to make another person's life a better place. In fact, you prefer to take the humble road and stay quiet about your participation in such an event. During Moon sextile Jupiter on November 2, 2023, you're going to give yourself a real giggle as you plan and prep something special for your loved one to come home to. You love doing these little secret things, and during the Jupiter transits, you do them BIG.


Nobody really knows how much joy you get, personally, when you give to your romantic partner, but THEY certainly have an idea. Being that it's all between the two of you anyway, you can know that on this day, November 2, 2023, you'll be not only surprising them but thrilling them with the idea that they know you all too well, and they know you're getting a huge kick out of it all.

The interesting thing about you, Pisces, is that you're not only good at working the 'behind the scenes' magic, but you're also very good at the verbal part, meaning today is the day you're able to sweet talk your partner into a state of rapture. You can't help it; when you get into a good mood, you make sure that mood spills over onto your loved one, and you can single-handedly make this day one that will go down in your memories for a long, long time.

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