How The Last Quarter Moon In Leo Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Love Horoscope Starting This November

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As the dust settles from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, it's important to remember that there is an ending of some sort occurring within your life. Depending upon where Taurus energy or that of Scorpio falls, you are releasing a final chapter in an ongoing path of lessons.

To embody a lesson or a moment of closure takes time, so this isn't something you're purely deciding upon this week. You're being guided to see the truth because you are now ready for it.  

When beginning a new month, it's important to focus on setting a new intention or theme for the weeks ahead. Although October was eclipse season and brought tremendous change, you now get to decide what to do with all that arose for you personally during that time.

Now that one cycle is closed, another will finally begin, but to prepare for that, you must focus on what is most important, which the Last Quarter Moon in Leo will provide you with. This lunation rules your heart, so let it lead you like a compass away from all that is not meant for you and toward all that is.  

It's okay to take some time to make sense of what is occurring within your life as you figure it all out. In perfect divine timing, Saturn stations direct in Pisces, helping you do just that.

Saturn rules over karmic lessons, so as you feel the end of a cycle within your life, you are also learning how to do better for the next one. Saturn has been retrograde since June 17, during which it has invited you to go on a subconscious journey of embracing a greater meaning and purpose within your life.

Now, as Saturn stations direct on the heels of the final eclipse in Taurus, you are being guided to take all you've learned and put a new plan of action into place. You get to decide how and when to embody all that you've learned, but one thing is guaranteed: it will lead you toward finally understanding how to love and be loved better than ever before.  

Key Dates for October 30 - November 5 

Thursday, November 2 

Asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde journey in the emotional sign of Cancer, guiding you to reflect on your dreams and aspirations for your romantic life. During this time, you are encouraged to honor your inner flame of truth as you let your priorities, visions and dreams shift to align more with your inner growth.

Whatever you decide or feel called to pursue during this time represents an essential element of your soul and must be honored. Vesta is also deeply connected to themes of home and family, so it's a crucial time to focus on improving this area of your life by embracing your genuine desires for what you want to create.  

Saturday, November 4 

Saturn, the planet of divine timing, boundaries and karmic lessons, stations direct in Pisces, allowing you to put a new plan in place for your life. Saturn can often feel restrictive, but only because it asks you to embody specific lessons before making life-altering decisions.

During Saturn's retrograde since June 17, you've done a lot of inner work and reflection involving self-growth, healing karmic timelines and focusing on implementing that into a transformation process within your life.

As Saturn stations direct, you will feel more at ease as recent challenges serve a higher purpose and move forward in the most important ways possible. Saturn brings in the realization of who is meant to be a lesson in your life, so it's important to honor the truth and move forward as you align yourself with who you've grown into. 

Sunday, November 5 

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo rises this week, inspiring you to release and let go of anything that isn't deeply connected to your heart. With this lunation connected to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, you are being directed positively to end a cycle you've been enmeshed with for the past two years.

Honor your truth, embrace the realization of what love means for you, and then be willing to release anything that doesn't align with it. Leo inspires you to connect and follow your heart at all costs, which means whether it's a belief or relationship, it's essential to trust yourself and allow life to continue to shift in the most incredible of ways as you are being guided to embrace your growth and genuinely receive the abundant love you desire.  

How the Last Quarter Moon in Leo affects your weekly love horoscope October 30 - November 5, 2023 


(March 21 - April 19)  

Best Love Day: Thursday, November 2 

Leading Energy: Asteroid Vesta retrograde in Cancer, ruler of your sector of home and family 

No matter the astrology, you can always consciously choose what path to take, depending on your readiness for change. You have known for some time that there would be a change within your domestic relationship and that it would affect your home and family sphere. As the new eclipse cycle begins in Libra and Aries, you are also beginning a new journey of discovering your truth and what you need from a relationship. No decision must be made immediately, but that doesn't mean you can delay making one indefinitely.  

Asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde in Cancer, inspiring you to reflect on what you want for your relationship, home and family. This isn't the wants of the ego but instead the heart-centered desires of your soul. Allow yourself to embrace your truth and what brings you the most happiness, and recognize that no matter when you make a big decision, it will never come easily. The point isn't to only do that which feels easy but to take the truth as it comes and find peace. You are honoring the direction of your soul, no matter where it is leading you.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, November 5  

Leading Energy: Last Quarter Moon in Leo, ruler of your house of family and healing 

You can't have that big, beautiful life you're dreaming of if you don't first allow yourself to have the ending necessary to create it. Something is lingering within your domestic sector, and while you've been biding your time, as Saturn stations direct, you're feeling more ready for transformation. An ending isn't solely about a loss. Still, instead of the transition from one chapter to another, even when there is an engagement or the choice to move in together, there is a conclusion to how life previously was.  

Embrace transformation in whatever form in your life as Saturn stations direct in Pisces. Doing this allows you to tap into the Last Quarter Moon in Leo and create space for the life you genuinely want. Remember that who you surround yourself with often plays a large part in what you learn to accept in romance. By letting things change, embracing what resonates with your heart, and truly honoring your growth, you can create all the space necessary to create a love that will last a lifetime.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, November 5 

Leading Energy: Last Quarter Moon in Leo, ruler of your communication sector 

You are a zodiac sign that rules Mercury, the planet of communication, so it's no surprise that this theme is one of the most important in your relationships. You are also working with the duality of your zodiac sign, which represents your soul and human side. By focusing on communicating from your soul more transparently, you can continue to build the relationship you genuinely desire. To create a union that can grow with you, communicating what matters will always be the most essential element.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo inspires you to reflect on profound themes of communication as you are encouraged to focus on forgiveness, transparency and vulnerability. Leo is a fire sign that is deeply connected to your heart, and in the Last Quarter Moon phase, you are focusing on what you need to talk about with your partner to bring in the closure necessary so you can focus on what matters — the love you share.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, November 2 

Leading Energy: Asteroid Vesta retrograde in Cancer, ruler of your house of self 

You have been moving through a soul makeover this year as Pluto began its journey into Aquarius, but as with any great adventure, this is one that you must consciously choose. Your priorities have shifted as you've focused more on yourself, honored your dreams and learned you can't sacrifice yourself for another. This will continue as you choose yourself more and can reflect on how that changes your closest relationships because you only accept what is genuinely aligned with the life you want to grow. 

Asteroid Vesta, in your zodiac sign of Cancer, has been helping the process of your soul makeover as you've prioritized yourself over others. Yet, as it begins retrograde, you are now being guided to reflect on how your dreams for the future have shifted through your process of self-growth. Use this opportunity to reflect on what love means to you and what kind of relationship would meet your needs, and then use this as a blueprint to create everything you have ever dreamed of.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, November 4 

Leading Energy: Saturn direct in Pisces, ruler of your transformation sector 

You must believe that all change is always for the better, even if it seems like it shows up in the most unsuspecting places. You strive toward a life more representative of your healing than your wounding as you've embraced your inner growth more profoundly. This means you're opening your heart to love again, believing that this time can be different and letting yourself see the power compromise has in your relationship.  

Saturn in Pisces has been helping you through this transformation process and opening to love as it revealed the greater purpose for these changes. Since June 17, it has been retrograde as you've explored your internal beliefs and feelings about your romantic life, and now, as it stations direct, you will find the confidence and trust to embrace what this means for your relationship. Remember that years of lessons often go into a single moment that changes your life forever, and in this case, you can trust that it is for the best because you deserve all the love currently being offered to you.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, November 4 

Leading Energy: Saturn direct in Pisces, ruler of your house of relationships 

Let yourself believe in the magic of love again. Even though there must be logic included in the elixir of romance, it doesn't mean you can't choose to see it as a divine orchestration of fate. When you can embrace the best of both logic and magic, then you also can honor your inner self and the ability to create the relationship you've always dreamed could exist.

Saturn in Pisces has been moving through your romantic sector, encouraging you to commit to your dreams but also inspiring you to see the higher purpose of what love is supposed to be. In Pisces, Saturn promises that real love can be better than the dream, but to achieve that, you must let yourself move from a place of making wiser decisions. Reflect on what you've learned about love, then use that to plan for your existing relationship or new love to truly feel the fulfillment of having everything you've always desired.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, November 4 

Leading Energy: Saturn direct in Pisces, ruler of your sector of well-being  

You are beginning a profound journey of truth as the eclipse cycle will move through Libra and Aries for the next two years. This will bring in greater autonomy, as well as incredible transformation. However, the basis of all of this should be to have you make healthier decisions regarding love. You are a ruling sign of Venus but often need to learn that doing anything for love doesn't include giving up yourself. There is a difference between unconditional love and acceptance, usually found in how you feel about yourself and what you allow. 

Saturn direct in Pisces helps you honor the boundaries you know you need to create the life you desire. This is all about the relationship in your life and the knowledge that if you only allow things to be as they are, you won't honor your growth or see the changes you seek. Get serious about setting the precedent for which you require others to honor. If you don't, you hold onto resentment because you aren't receiving what you genuinely want. While others are in charge of themselves, you will always be responsible for yourself and your choices, which means if you want the love you've always dreamed of, you need to start making the choices to support that.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, November 4 

Leading Energy: Saturn direct in Pisces, ruler of your commitment and joy sector 

 It's not enough to wish for happiness or to have the committed relationship you long for. Instead, it comes down to your commitment and what you give your energy to. You must create the changes you're seeking, no matter how scary or overwhelming it may seem. To put actual plans in place is to commit to yourself, your happiness and the life you want to set up. It can be tempting to think that one-day things will magically align or work out in your favor, but in that belief, you also give away your power and delay the life you are dreaming of. 

As Saturn stations direct in Pisces, you are asked to become serious about what you want to build in your life. Since June 17, a massive transformation has involved what you envision for your future or what you've determined to bring you the most happiness. As Saturn stations direct, you are being asked to take all that new knowledge and become as serious about a plan for happiness as you would in your career. The universe is guiding you and is fully supported, but without a plan, without your dedication, you are simply waiting for someone else to give you what you've worked hard to know you deserve. Claim what is yours and the power to create anything you dream of.

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Best Love Day: Saturday, November 4 

Leading Energy: Saturn direct in Pisces, ruler of your home and family  

Piscean energy rules over your healing, childhood wounds, family and the place you call home. As much as you have that wandering nature, you also are profoundly connected and impacted by those relationships that are closest to you. You can't simply move ahead in life but must ensure you honor the emotional connections that add value and meaning to your life. When you can embrace your sensitivity and emotional needs, you also become the person who can finally receive all you have ever desired. 

Saturn has been in Pisces since early March, helping you to reflect on any healing you need to do so that you can build the romantic relationship you need. Since June 17, Saturn has been retrograde in this emotional water sign, asking you to reflect on the lessons you've learned and your needs. As much as this wasn't comfortable for you, it helps you heal the karmic cycles you've been in so you can have the life and love that will continue to support you. Let Saturn stationing direct in Pisces help you formulate a plan to honor your growth while embracing the relationships that have and will continue to help you become the person you are meant to be.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, November 2 

Leading Energy: Asteroid Vesta retrograde in Cancer, ruler of your romantic life 

There are two ways of looking at a romantic relationship. The first is to create a union that makes sense and honors your obligations or physical requirements for a successful life. The other is acknowledging your soul and what you need from a romantic, soul-connected relationship. Of course, everything is about balance in life, but that also means no matter how much a relationship looks perfect, if it's not resonating deep within your soul, then ultimately, nothing else will matter.  

Asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde journey in Cancer, helping you honor that inner truth flame for what will resonate with your soul. It will change your romantic life, though it will be up to you to decide whether a relationship is meant to grow with you or is one you grow beyond individually. Don't try to avoid change by ignoring your soul, as it never works anyway. Instead, take the new awareness and truth as it comes and recognize that to know if a relationship is fully aligned, you must first try to find out.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Sunday, November 5 

Leading Energy: Last Quarter Moon in Leo, ruler of your house of relationships and love 

While you have been called to focus more on your career and professional life since Venus ended its retrograde phase in Leo, you're now being called to reach a place of more profound certainty about your romantic life. Leo energy rules your romantic relationships; because of that, you've gone on your journey of growth and discovered the deeper purpose of your connection this year. Something is still holding you back from going all in, which is precisely what the Last Quarter Moon will help you with. 

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo represents a time of transition as you release more of what no longer resonates with you so you can create greater space for what does. This isn't a letting go of a relationship. Still, instead, a belief, fear or focus on something that isn't serving the union's continued growth. As this occurs, Saturn stationing direct in Pisces also helps you honor more of your worth. Together, this provides a new foundation for your romantic life where you release self-doubt or unworthiness so you can genuinely receive the love and relationship you have always deserved.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Best Love Day: Thursday, November 2 

Leading Energy: Asteroid Vesta retrograde in Cancer, ruler of your sector of happiness and commitment 

You have been surprising yourself this year as you've become more serious about accomplishing your dreams and approaching love healthily. Not that you haven't always known what you were capable of, but at times, it seemed that you thought you'd lose some of the romance by honoring healthy boundaries or advocating for your needs. As you've gained more confidence in doing this, you've unknowingly created the foundation for the relationship you've always desired.  

Asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde in Cancer and helps you hone in on what is most important when building a happy and healthy romantic commitment. In this part of your life, you are driven to look more critically and honestly at what contributes to your happiness while also honoring your commitment to create it for yourself.

It's not up to your partner to create a happy life for you, but your own so that you can continue attracting more of what you seek. Use this energy to deepen your commitment to your partner and open more deeply to see that love can be as easy as you allow it to be.  

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