3 Zodiac Signs Regret Telling A Secret On October 28, 2023

Don't worry too much. Your secret is safe with your friend.

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The interesting thing about Jupiter transits is that they inspire us to open our hearts and share what's on our minds. We see the world as a friendly and welcoming place and we want to trust ... we want to believe in love, trust and all manner of positive things. Jupiter is a vast planet that represents all of our hopes and dreams.

That is, until its presence opposes Mars, as it does on October 28, during the Mars opposite Jupiter transit. On this day we can toss trust out the window. Wait ... let's back up a minute. We can still trust, as nothing is there to show us we can't ... but we will DOUBT that trust, and that's where everything goes down the drain.


So, if we do something magnanimous and friendly, like share an important super-secret with a friend, Mars opposite Jupiter will immediately come in right after and let us feel totally neurotic about sharing what we just shared. It will be these three zodiac signs that do the sharing because, well, that's just how we roll. We trust, we share, and with Mars opposite Jupiter in the sky, we regret. Yikes, yikes, yikes, yikes — and yikes.


Three zodiac signs regret telling a secret on October 28, 2023.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Oops, you did it again, Aries. You shared that secret and now, it's time for instant regret. What happens today, October 28, 2023, is that with the help of Mars opposite Jupiter, you open yourself up to another person, thinking that they are both interested and trustworthy. Then, milliseconds after you admit to your amazing secret life, you automatically wonder why the heck you just shared this with this particular person.

What is it that 'this' person has that just brought you to your knees and had you 'fessing up with one of your most precious and well-hidden secrets? Perhaps it's that you just wanted to get something off your chest, which would be a very Jupiter-inspired kind of thing to do. However, we're working with Mars opposite Jupiter, and that's what puts it into your head that maybe sharing such privy info isn't the best choice, ultimately.

For the sake of getting closer to a friend, you'll divulge your biggest secret. This doesn't mean they will run and tell others, and you more than likely can trust them. What will drive you mad on this day, however, is the 'what if' scenario. But, but ... what if they tell on me? What if they judge me? What if my secret doesn't please them? Do yourself a favor, and own your secret so that when you let it out, it's no big deal if someone else knows it.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

What really scares the heck out of you on this day, October 28, 2023, is that you never tell anyone your secrets, ever. You have a stockpile of secrets and you've always believed that if you let another in on 'the real you,' they'd back away as if they have just seen a ghost. You don't share because you believe you'll scare people away, and so when you DO share a secret with a friend today, all you'll get out of it is paranoia and regret.

Today, you have wondered what you were thinking immediately after sharing some top-secret data on your life with someone you really enjoy talking with. This is your friend. However, you are also under the influence of the transit Mars opposite Jupiter, and that means that you might not necessarily trust those you've already established as friends. You share and then you instantly regret sharing.


What's really going on is that you're just not used to sharing, that's all, Libra. It's not that this person hasn't heard a secret before; it's just that you're not used to sharing yours. Now that yours is out of the bag, you can't help but naturally assume that your friend is mocking you and inwardly screaming over what you've just told them. The truth is, they might just hold on to that secret, being that they actually do honor you and the friendship.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Backtracking is what you might find yourself doing on this day, October 28, 2023, as you feel you just told someone something that they didn't need to know. You shared a secret with a friend, and now you are wondering why you went that far. Then again, they are your friend and well, that's kind of what friends do ... they share, they enjoy, they trust and that's the way the cookie crumbles. During today's transit of Mars opposite Jupiter, you might wonder why, though. Why did you just share this secret?


Well, you shared a secret with a friend because you wanted to, Pisces. That's all. The cosmic gods didn't spurn you on, nor was there something you desperately needed to purge. You just felt safe in the moment and so you did what came naturally to you. It felt good, too. That is until Mars opposite Jupiter kicked in and made you feel decidedly paranoid and filled with dread.

That's the thing; we really think we're that important and that the 'secret' things we do are earth-shattering events. There's really no big deal in sharing secrets, although it might be hard for you to accept that on October 28, 2023. You shared with a trusted friend, so fear not; they aren't here to disrupt your peace or trample over your trust. Nothing changes, Pisces. During Mars opposite Jupiter, you may feel a twinge of regret but don't worry yourself. Your secret is safe with your pal.

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