The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartbreak Ends On October 27, 2023

We are so close to the Full Moon release, and it brings with it healing and hope for love.

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On October 27, one day before the Full Moon, heartbreak comes to an end for three specific zodiac signs. Now and then, whether we are conscious of it or not, we know there's a Full Moon heading our way. The thing with Full Moon energy is that it pulls and pulls on our hearts until it's Full. 

We can't help but feel as though we are being tugged along emotionally for the ride. This is a time when just about everyone feels either temperamental or on edge. The Full Moon is coming, and while it's not here 'yet,' three zodiac signs will feel the 'madness' coming.


This could potentially mean that today, October 27, 2023, is an incredibly potent and creative day. Big ideas come to us on this day, and we feel very positive about our plans. We're not as concerned about completion on this day as we are about the process of getting there. That's a good thing. Living in the moment is what it's about for these three zodiac signs. This is the day we release the past and the heartache that came with it.


Today gives us the idea that we're on the right track. We're not as concerned about the end product, which provides us with more time to focus on the details. We may find that being detail-oriented is part of what makes today such an exciting and interesting day. We have things to do, and we will dive in and become completely engrossed. Here's to life!

Three zodiac signs whose heartbreak comes to an end on October 27, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Because you feel so very positive about the future, you are now fully ready to let go of the past, as you realize there is no place in your heart for pain any longer. The Full Moon is coming and you want to celebrate by showing the universe that you are healed. The heartache that you've kept with you has now dissolved into nothingness, and you know this as reality. You are no longer a slave to the past, and as far as the person who gave you that heartbreak ... what's their name again?

You are so much more with the idea of progress than you are with dragging around the burden of someone's memory. The heartbreak of the past is a nuisance as far as you're concerned, and it's easy for you to realize that so much of your happiness is up to you. You get that on this day, October 27, 2023. You come to understand that you owe this person nothing. It's definitely time to move on.


You may even feel gratitude on this day, October 27, 2023, as the Full Moon approaches, in so much as you wouldn't be the strong person you are today without the experience of pain and heartache to set you up on a course of progress and positivity. You are thankful for the pain and ready to make good of it. Today lets you leave the past behind. You are here to live your life in healthy happiness, and nothing is going to stop you.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

There's a good reason for your heartache to come to an end on this day, October 27, 2023, and that is because you are ready for it. Enough is enough, and if anyone can call that shot, it's you. You've done your time in Heartbreak Hotel and you're ready to check out. Because we are rapidly approaching a Full Moon, you feel as though this Moon represents your moment of truth, and that truth is all about freedom. Freedom of spirit, freedom from heartache, freedom from the past.


While you may not have given yourself enough credit in the past, you now see everything as full speed ahead when it comes to your healing. You have gotten all you can get out of the heartache that you've experienced and recently, you've come to know that there is no more you can get. Lessons learned, doors are opened. There is no sense in sticking around for you, as freedom calls your name, Gemini.

You don't know what tomorrow brings, but you do know one thing: you are unafraid. Come what may, you are prepared for it in body, mind and soul. You have learned so much from love and the experience of the heartache it left you with that you feel you owe yourself the experience of clarity and self-love. Today is the beginning of a whole new and positive experience for you, Gemini. Enjoy.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)


If there's one thing that you've noticed about yourself, it's that you've let heartache take over your life. The result has you feeling bitter and unlovable. That is SO not where you want to be right now, and on October 27, 2023, you'll find that that's all it took: the recognition of your self-destruction. You see that you let it get the best of you and BANG! It changes your life. Suddenly, you weigh the value of all this heartache and bitterness and what you see is that it's all worthless.

As the Full Moon approaches on October 27, 2023, you will unilaterally change your own life, Scorpio. You are smart enough to realize that you've been living in 'reaction' to something, as opposed to living in the moment, creating your new actions. You miss the old days when you were able to perceive yourself as strong and mighty. It's time to get those days back again, only this time, they are not the days of the past. This is your new future.

Heartache no longer serves a purpose in your life. If it got you to the place where you saw yourself as bitter and sour, then it did its job. Heartache propelled you into action, and now, the world ahead seems like a much friendlier place. Toss that heartache, along with that bitterness, into the trash bin behind you. It's time to grab yourself a brand new, healthy and happy life. Good on you, Scorpio!


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