Horoscopes Are Rough For 3 Zodiac Signs On October 27

The Full Moon is coming, and three zodiac signs are on edge.

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Now and then, we have a day that is relatively free from universal influence. What this means is that on most days, several events are happening at once, so here on Earth, we pick up on what's going on 'up there' and we react accordingly. So what happens when the only 'real deal' event is the promise of a Full Moon ... the next day?

Well, what happens is that we feel that, too. If you've ever felt as though you are in a state of anticipation, and yet, whatever you're anticipating is either not here yet or it is something you aren't quite sure of what it actually IS, this is the day that we feel this way. Something's in the air ... it's pulling us ... and while it may not happen until tomorrow, we feel it now, and it drives us a little nutty.


The Full Moon is coming, and three zodiac signs are on edge. We can't shake the feeling that something big is heading our way, and because we're humans, we tend to imagine only the worst. This is where we need to stand back and laugh at ourselves. We fear the unknown and so we write it as tragic, when there's no guarantee of tragedy or comedy coming up.


Horoscopes are rough for three zodiac signs on October 27, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Howling at the Moon much, Leo? If you look up, you'll see a Full-ish Moon ... not quite there yet, and come to think of it, neither are you. What this implies is that you have something on your mind on this day, October 27, 2023, and yet you aren't sure you want to take that thought all the way. You might feel that, in anticipation of tomorrow's Full Moon, you are somehow obligated to do something grand or react in some kind of huge way, but the truth is, you're too confused on this day to act or react.

What you do feel in earnest is the desire to do something and be somewhere, and what makes this day a little rough on you is that you don't feel aligned with the universe. This means that you might be getting ahead of yourself during this time. You may want to speed things up and you may find that nothing is working with you according to your sense of timing. You ask questions that are answered several days later ... that kind of thing.

You may find that because of this frustrated 'off balance' feeling, you might possible start a fight with a loved one, or you may think that the only way you can move things along is by forcing them. You have so little patience today that you'll end up pushing someone past their limit, and that's when they will tell you to back off. Interestingly enough, you'll listen. This will be the advice you need on this day, October 27, 2023. Back off.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

What October 27, 2023, brings you, Virgo, is the impression that you are not doing enough, and slowly but surely, that feeling will morph into you believing that your life is passing you by. While that may sound a tad melodramatic, hey, it's not like you didn't major in melodrama, and on October 27, 2023, you'll get to put all of that over-the-top angst and emotion into feeling disappointed on this day.

You might find yourself saying, "I'm not going out tonight. Pathetic, isn't it?" You go out of your way to see how pathetic your life is when your life is completely blessed and everything is really OK 'as it is.' You have this idea in your head that you should be doing more, and it's hard for you to accept the idea that what you're doing is perfectly fine 'as it is.' Perhaps you are referring to a past version of yourself, one that was more active, and now, before the Full Moon, you believe that you aren't as much fun as you used to be.


Today is one of those 'comparison' days for you, Virgo, and you know you've been down that road before. You know you shouldn't compare your life to that of anyone else, and yet, you can't help yourself. It's like the call of negativity and despite your better judgment, you go for it. You can't help but convince yourself that everyone has it better than you do, even if you know that's not the truth. You are stuck in a rut and all you want to do is howl at the not-quite Full Moon.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Living up to the 'well-balanced Libra' ideal is so far from reality for you that, at times, you resent that people have this idea of you. Today, October 27, 2023, is one of those days that has you wanting to rebel and get away from that image. The main reason why you want to rebel is because the last thing you feel is stable. You are on edge, ready to rumble and intolerant of that which might challenge you.


You've got the pre-Full Moon jitters and you can't help but feel that whatever it is you're going through right now will be figured out tomorrow when the Moon really is Full. What you've got now is a feeling of incompletion and anticipation ... and it gets on your nerves. You let your guard down when you feel like this, Libra, and that could result in you snapping at someone who seriously does not deserve your wrath.

Because you are not content with something in your life, you will project your unhappiness outwards, and someone will have to pick up the slack for you. This means that because you don't want to face your anger, you'll dump it on someone else and they'll have to deal with the brunt of it. This is unfair of you and unbalanced. October 27, 2023, brings you the perfect moment to practice meditation and retreat. You would do yourself a world of good by 'not getting involved.'

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