The Simple Question Happy People Ask Themselves Any Time They Feel Stuck

The solution is right in front of you.

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Are you feeling stuck in your career, relationship, or some other part of your life? If so, there is a key question you need to ask yourself — and you need to answer it honestly. 

"What have I been focusing on?" 

Your answer may surprise you. For instance, if your mental and emotional focus is on how bad things are, you're likely to perpetuate those bad things.  

If your attention is centered on how you’ve been wronged or unappreciated, you will continue to find yourself in similar situations.


Rather than focus on the negative, concentrate on the myriad opportunities to express and expand yourself. If you do that, opportunity will almost certainly come your way.  

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How do you get unstuck when you're feeling stuck?

The truth is there are numerous opportunities to share, express, be active, have fun, make friends, start a new career, volunteer, or do anything else you want. In many cases, the only limitation is you.

Albert Einstein said it well. You are only limited by your imagination. How are you being open to something new? What are you allowing in your life? Where are you focusing your attention?


Life is full of possibilities, but you must be open to seeing and connecting with them. 

If you're safe in your little comfort cocoon, don’t be shocked if nothing changes. Don't care much for change? Then get used to being stuck because expansion happens when you try something new. 

The only constant in life is change. Everything is changing all the time so try to get comfortable with it. Learn to adjust, to flow with it. Find the adventure in change. You can try to resist change, but you will not come out on top in that struggle!

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Make life an adventure

Every time you encounter a new experience or meet someone, ask yourself, "What can I learn from this? How can I use this to expand myself — my skills, knowledge, expression, and fun?" 

Then embrace the opportunity.

If you're feeling stuck in any part of your life, there are steps you can take to get unstuck. These steps apply to every part of your life — relationships, friendship, abundance, health, how you have fun — everything!

As Helen Keller put it, "Life is either an exciting adventure or nothing at all."

Here are 6 steps to get yourself unstuck.

1. Make a list of all your talents and abilities. 

List everything you've ever been good at — nurturing, organizing, connecting with people, baking a cake, selling an idea, climbing trees, giving orders, cleaning houses, technology, bossing people around, etc.


2. Now, set the list aside.

That list was for your analytical mind to recognize that you are multi-talented. You're setting it aside because it's time to let go of analysis, figure things out yourself, and do what you already know how to do. 

In this process, you're opening your mind to the field of possibilities that can put these amazing talents to work in interesting, unique ways — ways that you might not have considered.  

Consequently, as you set your list aside, you're also releasing your small (unimaginative) self so that your greater mind can work.

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3. Next, sit in a quiet place without distractions and pretend a door is opening to greater energy. 

You can imagine this door at your heart or your forehead (third eye). You're opening to the field of pure potentiality and limitless possibilities. To do this pretend, you're in space — like an astronaut.  

You're not tied to or identified with anything. While you're floating in space your heart is open and your higher mind is working.

Stay until you feel stabilized and grounded. You're literally creating mental space for new possibilities to enter your mind. You're allowing your highest energy to provide inspiration. 

Be still and spacious and it will. Do this each day and your next step will be revealed.  


Your next action could be anything — meeting a certain person, taking a class, joining a meetup group, moving your home, reconnecting with an old friend, calling or emailing to inquire about a new position, going to Toastmasters, taking a leap of faith.  

One person was a senior technology specialist and decided to quit her job so that she could deliver pizzas at night and write her novel during the day.

Another one left an office job that was killing her and became a trapeze artist. So, who knows? Anything is possible!

4. Visualize the kind of activity that would be fun to call work. 

Recognize that this activity is your true expression and it will have the chance to generate income. Don't concern yourself with how it will manifest or when or who or any other detail. 


Just enter this picture and feel the excitement and fun. Give this exercise five minutes. You can do this once or twice a day. Keep visualizing because each time you do, you densify the energy in your new path.

Have fun and don’t concern yourself with timing, when, where or who. The universe handles that part. 

5. Give thanks and let go. 

Get on with your day and do what is in front of you to do. Keep your mind clear by enjoying your present work — meaning no complaining, blaming another person or spawning negative energy.


Negativity creates a new, unwelcome picture that can conflict with the idea you've visualized.

6. Repeat these steps again tomorrow and the next day. 

Spirit follows what the mind directs. If you're clear in your intention, doors will open and opportunities revealed. If you're urged to put your application in some place, do it.

If you feel pulled to do something you have never done before, good! Do it! With a little willingness on your part, miracles can happen. 

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Jean Walters is a best-selling author and transformational coach. You can find her books, The Power of KNOWING: 8 Step guide to open your intuitive channel and live in Highest Consciousness and The Journey from Anxiety to Peace: Practical Steps to handle fear, embrace struggle, and eliminate worry to become happy and free on her website.