What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest This Month Once Venus Enters Libra On November 8

Venus in Libra helps make magic from the desires of your heart in November 2023.

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Take a moment to breathe into your heart chakra. Remind yourself you are safe and worthy of all the love you continuously extend to others. You become an enchanter of the divine from this space as you manifest perfectly with the universe. This space of truth and love will let you make all of your dreams a beautiful reality.  

Depending on the dominant energy, manifesting can look different. Sometimes, it's about speaking it into existence. Other times, the rituals become the most important. As Venus shifts into Libra in November 2023, love will help you strengthen your manifestations to make all you wish a part of your life. 


Venus rules over Libra and the heart chakra, so before performing your ritual, you can focus on whether any blocks exist within this energy point. If you find stagnant energy here, try a heart-opening yoga pose or embody the feeling of gratitude as you incorporate rose crystals to help you re-energize yourself so you can bring your best self into your manifestations.  

Venus is mostly known for ruling your relationships. However, it also governs self-love, finances and matters of real estate. Whatever you choose to pursue or manifest now must be done from the heart. Venus reminds you that you don't have to work endlessly to manifest dreams. 


Instead, you can embrace the practice of loving yourself so you can will your dreams into existence. The universe will always respond to whatever vibration you send out, so when you radiate love, abundance and self-worth, it can't help but bring all you desire to fruition.  

What elements you can use during this month's ritual

Leading Energy: Libra, Air 

Best Time For Your Ritual: November 8 or after when Venus shifts into Libra  

Chakra Point: Heart 

Herbs: Thyme, Turmeric and Basil 

Essential Oils: Ylang ylang, Frankincense and Lavender  

Crystals: Clear Quartz for healing, Rose Quartz for love and Labradorite for transformation 

Incense: Rosehip 


What your zodiac sign can manifest during the month of November as Venus enters Libra

Aries: Romantic Healing 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am healing my heart and relationship as I embrace self-growth.  

Honor the energy of Venus in Libra by focusing on opening your heart more and embracing the healing available to you. Brew a cup of ceremonial cacao and place rose quartz inside it. Before drinking, express gratitude to all of those you love, including yourself and then keep your affirmation in your mind's eye while drinking it.  

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Taurus: Following Your Heart 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am following my heart as I trust within my deepest passions.  


Promise yourself that you will always follow your heart as Venus shifts into Libra and helps you become more determined. Create a heart intention using something personal to act as an anchor, along with rose petals, lavender, sage and labradorite. Repeat your affirmation as you bind it with a red ribbon, then place it beneath your pillow.  

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Gemini: Happiness 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I do not need to fear losing what brings me the greatest joy.  

Embrace happiness without fear as Venus shifts into Libra, bringing into a chapter of greater fulfillment in your life. Create an intention jar using something that represents happiness: rosehips, citrine and clear quartz. Repeat your affirmation as you seal the jar with yellow wax and then place it on an east-facing windowsill to honor the energy of Libra.  


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Cancer: Peace 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am at peace within myself and life as I trust the universe.  

Focus on embracing greater peace within your life and home as Venus shifts into Libra. Make an intention of peace using apple tree branches and lavender. Repeat your affirmation as you bind them with a blue ribbon and then hang them on your front door or place them somewhere prominent within your home.  

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Leo: Loving Honesty 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I practice loving honesty with myself and those I care about.  


Let yourself embrace the balance of loving honesty within your relationships as Venus shifts into Libra. Begin by brewing a cup of rose tea. While it steeps, write your affirmation on the bottom of your mug and place a tiger's eye for communication inside it. As you create a space of mindfulness, enjoy your tea while silently repeating your affirmation with each sip.  

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Virgo: Self-Love 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I love everything I am and have been through to bring me to this point.  

While Venus is in Libra, it's time to open your heart and make sure you love yourself as much as you are worthy of. Create a sacred love salve using coconut oil, dried rosehips, lavender and the essential oils of frankincense and rose. Once it's ready, repeat your affirmation while you massage the salve into your heart chakra before bed.


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Libra: Trusting Yourself 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I trust myself always to know what is meant for me and what isn't.  

Practicing divine trust within yourself and life is essential as Venus shifts into your zodiac sign of Libra. Begin by creating an intention for trust by laying out a white square of cloth or tissue paper and filling it with your written affirmation, rose petals, sage and clear quartz. Repeat your affirmation as you bind it with a white ribbon, then hang it on a maple tree to take advantage of its practical magic properties.  

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Scorpio: Closure 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am bringing closure to past heartbreak or hurts as I prepare for a delicious new chapter.  

Embrace your ability to bring the closure you are seeking to your own life while Venus shifts into Libra. Begin by writing down your affirmation and what you are bringing closure to. Fold the letter away from you three times, and then anoint it with rosemary essential oil. Next, carve out any size pumpkin and place your affirmation inside. Let this rest in your garden while the universe helps you find the closure you seek.  

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Sagittarius: Self-Growth 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: The more I love myself, the more I will love the decisions I make.  


Focus more on how your personal growth affects the choices you make in your life as Venus shifts into Libra. Begin by collecting a clear glass ball like an empty Christmas ornament, sometimes called a witch's ball. When ready, please place your written affirmation, lavender, rose petals, sage and labradorite inside. Repeat your affirmation as you tie it with a white ribbon, then hang it in an east-facing window to help you honor your intention.  

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Capricorn: Career Success 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am worthy of all the success I am open to receiving.  


Step into the power to create divine success within your career as Venus moves into Libra. Embrace your inner garden witch, and make a batch of prosperity pumpkin scones, symbolizing abundance and success. Repeat your affirmation as you bake them, sending the energy into it and then visualize embodying the energy as you enjoy them and your new success.  

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Aquarius: New Experiences 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am excited to embrace the unknown as I welcome new experiences into my life. 

Let yourself step out from the norm and into the vastness of new experiences as Venus shifts into Libra. Collect an environmentally friendly paper lantern and write your affirmation on it nine times. When you're ready, take your lantern outside and light it as you repeat your affirmation and watch your intention soar into the universe.  


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Pisces: Passion 

Venus In Libra Affirmation: I am embracing my inner divine flame as I surrender to becoming more passionate.

Recognize that whatever you are most passionate about will be what helps you get closer to your divine purpose as Venus shifts from Virgo into Libra. Begin by creating a sacred bonfire, adding lavender, rose petals, basil and a few drops of Ylang ylang essential oil. As it burns, repeat your affirmation as you watch the flames dance up to the stars. 

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