4 Zodiac Signs Could Fall Out Of Love & End Their Relationships Before The End Of November

It may not be what we want, but it is what we need.

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First, let's get this out of the way: nobody wants to break up or end their relationship in November, not this year or any year. Breaking up around the end of the year is emotionally and mentally rough for whoever has to go through it, so we must know that if this is indeed what's to happen, it's because we have no other choice. Breaking up is not just a hard thing to do in this case. It's a necessity,




and we may not have another option. 

What are we looking at, astrologically speaking? First of all, it's Scorpio season that lasts almost the entire month. That's already got on our edge and power-tripped through the month. We can tell that the real trouble doesn't start until midway through the month.


After the New Moon in Scorpio shines its black light down on us, we can expect nothing but trouble. We've got the Sun conjunct Mars to make us insist that we are right, Mars sextile Pluto to make us feel that we can't breathe unless we radically change things. Mars square Saturn pumping our minds up with the knowledge that we are no longer here to compromise.

Towards the end of the month, the Sun will square Lilith, which means the end of a relationship for at least four zodiac signs here. With Venus opposite Node, we will know that the only way we'll ever heal from whatever hurts us is by leaving the situation that hurts us. It's all starting to make sense, and even though it's a harsh reality, we CAN see the other side, and it is where we need to be. These four zodiac signs will leave November with a single status.

Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships before the end of November:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

It's not as if you had it in mind to break up with the person you're with, but you are not interested in trying anymore with this person. You figure it's November, so why keep up the facade? What hasn't worked out is now showing signs that it will never work out, and you accept that. You tried, and maybe they did too, but that gives you even more fuel for the fire, as you now know that trying gets both of you nowhere.


You want November of 2023 to be free of stress as you feel you've already taken on enough for a lifetime. You want to de-stress and relax, and during this month, you realize that the one thing stopping you from being at peace is the person you are in a relationship with. Well, all that ends this month. You're OK with that.

You must remember that on November 4, Saturn is going direct in the sign of Pisces. That means you, Aries, will automatically want to restore order to your life. Being practical and pragmatic may not be your default style, but when it comes to feeling good about your life, you will do what you must. That does imply that you're the one who has to make the changes here. Mercury in Scorpio on the same day, meaning your November will start with a bang. You can make this a very positive thing if you try. So ... try.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)


What's got your goat this month is this unnerving sense of urgency, as if you need to make something happen NOW, and it's just not happening. This may not be related to your love life, but it will damage your love life. That's not to say you're at the bottom of it all, but it is to say that you need change right now, and the only way you feel you can create something new for yourself is by ... getting rid of the old. And while you don't want to think of your partner as 'the old,' you have started associating them with the past and a more senior lifestyle.

They just haven't moved into the NOW with you, and you've started to resent them as you feel they are holding you back. Well, all that changes this month as you end this relationship. Yes, it's sad, but you don't see a future with this person, so you might end it now.

One thing that will rise and claim your attention during this time is that you can no longer handle people's lies. You will be cutting to the chase for the majority of the month. When Venus in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn on the 6th of the month, you can jump-start your confidence. That means that if you are in the middle of a breakup or just starting one ... you'll be able to see it through without having a complete nervous breakdown. Nothing is easy, but it doesn't have to be a horror movie.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Breaking up is the last thing you wanted to do ... a million years ago when you got together with the person you are with now. Being that it's almost the end of the year, you don't want to do this ... but you will. And you will do it for that reason alone: you don't want to take this relationship into a new year. You need to know that mentally, you can handle it, and the idea of procrastinating is just ... torture.

You and your person have not gotten along in a long time. You feel you are no longer compatible in all the areas where a couple needs to be compatible. Now that it's November and nothing has changed, you're about ready to end it. But this time, you're going through with it. They know it, accept it, and while it makes nobody gleeful, it will be a good move.

If your biggest problem was communicating your desires to someone not listening, you'll find that your primo moment will arrive on November 9, when Mercury enters Sagittarius. Guess what this transit gives you? The gift of gab, as they say, and what that means is that if you want this breakup to happen. Happen YOUR WAY, then you're going to have to take advantage of what's available, and it will be on November 10 where that 'gift of gab' really gets you what you want.


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4. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You could go either way during November 2023, meaning you could stay with the person you've come to resent for just being there, or you could end it this month and start fresh and clean. Here's the thing with you. You don't love change, but you love being unhappy even less, and it will occur to you that this unhappiness will only become more intense.


While you may not like change, you are prone to sporadic moves, and you'll find it quite easy to decide it's time to end your relationship. No, it's comfortable, but you know it's the right thing to do. You need your sanity back; the only way to get it is to say 'Ciao Bella.'

Here's your big opportunity to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, as the New Moon is your magic wand. Since you believe in the power of the mind, it's time to put that into practice and on November 13, 2023, you may want to do more than just sit around and mope while waiting for it all to be over. Take this day to use your brilliant mind power and focus on the positive and healthy outcome that awaits you and your soon-to-be ex-partner. It doesn't hurt to wish them well. It's a good idea.

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