These 3 Zodiac Signs Could Fall Madly In Love On October 19, 2023

Thursday is the day!

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"Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try." That's how we will feel about on October 19, 2023, as we wonder about love and how it fits into our lives. It's nice work if we can get it. Yet, so many of us never really consider what it takes to create such a grand situation. How nice it would be to find our perfect person. How wonderful it would be to fall in love and be happy.

This day gives us a helping hand for three zodiac signs: the astrological transit, Sun sextile Moon. You can't beat this transit when bringing people face to face with the idea of falling in love. For the three zodiac signs mentioned here on this day, we need to get our hearts ready ... as if such a thing is possible ... because it's on. We are about to fall madly, deeply, profoundly and inescapably in love, and oh, how sweet it is.




What's even better about Sun sextile Moon is that it brings this kind of love to those not expecting it, which is probably why the effect is so intense for us. What adds to the 'madly in love' part is the idea that it is unexpected. We are not only about to fall in love, but we are about to be completely bowled over by it because it surprises us. We did not see this coming. What fun!


Three zodiac signs could fall madly in love on October 19, 2023.

1. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You laugh at the idea of falling in love ... as if! Then, here you are, and it's October 19, 2023, and what are you feeling? You feel as though you are on the verge of falling hard for someone you'd never thought would ever be a candidate for your love. Yet, it's happening, and the idea that this comes as such a surprise to you makes it feel all the more enticing and delicious. Gee, Sagittarius, you can still feel the joy and delight of being in love.

What's going on cosmically is that you're under the influence (which is a super strong influence) of the transit, Sun sextile Moon. This transit spares no one when it comes to showing us a good time, and while you might have thought you were above that by now, it seems that, nope, you're still one of us. Still one of the vulnerable human beings that can be swept away by the tidal wave of love, sweet love.

You don't know if this will last or if it's even real, but has fallen madly in love ever come with a guarantee? No, it never has. So, here you are, wondering how you got here and if it's worth taking a chance on. Well, look at it this way: why not, Sag? Why not just dive in and take a chance? Go for it.


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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Falling in love. YOU? Oh, that's rich, or at least, that's what you tell yourself, as you can hardly believe that you'd let yourself feel this way at this stage in the game. Do you feel like you've been there, done that and written the book ... but have you? Are you that, above it all, you can no longer feel the maddening rush that comes with falling in love for the first time ... again? Guess what, Capricorn? You can feel it and you will feel it as it's happening to you on October 19, 2023.

During the transit of Sun sextile Moon, very few of us escape. We will be happy one way or another, no matter how hard we fight it, but for your zodiac sign, there's no point in putting up a fight. You've already lost this one, and you will submit it. Love is stronger than your desire to fight it, and you will fall madly in love on this day. Resistance is futile, as they say.


So, pat yourself on the back and smile as you realize that falling in love isn't as 'weak' or terrible as you thought it might be. So what if you've done this before? That's what life is all about experience. If you experience the wonderful wave of love that's about to hit you, let yourself float in it. This is life, and if you're lucky enough to be in love for at least a portion of it, then count yourself as one of the blessed ones.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You may tell yourself that you are not ready for this, but the universe has other plans in store for you, and it seems that on October 19, 2023, you'll be hit by the transit of Sun sextile Moon and it will change your life...if you let it. You're about to fall madly in love, Pisces, and while that may be a total shock to your system, it's coming nonetheless, so get your heart ready because you're on your way to being someone bitten by the love bug.


That's how it goes when Sun sextile Moon comes to town, and for Pisces people, fuggedaboudit! You can fight this one until you turn blue, and you'll still have to give it up by the end of the day because it looks like it's your turn, kiddo. It's time to fall madly in love, and even though you may feign surprise, the thing is, you know this is possible because you know there's someone in your life that you felt very strongly about ... strong enough to fall in love with, maybe? Roger that, Pisces.

October 19, 2023, will go down as an anniversary for you, as you will remember this as the date that you and this new person fell in love with each other. You are a sentimental fool (in all the right ways) and there's a good chance the person you'll fall for is the same. So, the two of you will honor and cherish the October 19, 2023 date. While you're there, thank the Sun's sextile Moon for making it all possible. Thank you, transits! Nobody ever says that — be the first!

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