3 Zodiac Signs Need Time To Think Before Committing On October 14, 2023

Take your time and go with your heart.

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Now and then, it would be nice to have a sign come down from the sky that says, "Think first!" We are an impulsive species, we human beings and when it comes to love, we want to jump in now and deal with the consequences later. Things like 'consequences' aren't a part of our repertoire. We just go with what our hearts tell us to do and boom, there we are. This could work out wonderfully, but on this day, October 14, 2023, the sign that comes down from the sky is brought to us by the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury.


What does this transit bring us that makes it so noteworthy? Well, first of all, during Moon conjunct Mercury, we tend to want to please everyone around us ... and that's not because we are afraid of them or fear rejection or not being accepted. We want everyone to be happy; that hope can sometimes skew the truth.

We may end up saying yes to something today that we are not necessarily committed to, and the worst case scenario would be saying yes to a literal romantic commitment to another human being ... when we KNOW we're not ready for that ... just yet.

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Three zodiac signs are a little weaker in this department, and that's not to say we are weak, but it is to say that for the sake of others, we will go along with them. We know we don't want to commit just yet, so today is all about getting up the nerve to gently tell that person that we need more time to think it over. Hopefully, the other person won't go insane and take offense ... all we want is time, and hopefully, that's what they'll give us.

Here are the three zodiac signs that need time to think things over before leaping into a committed relationship.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You love the idea of commitment, but you must evaluate whether an arrangement like this will work. It is very flattering that someone wants to take on this kind of responsibility. Just because they're ready doesn't necessarily mean you are ... because ... you're not.

You're not ready and on October 14, 2023, you don't want to let this person down by immediately saying no to their proposal, but you also don't want to say 'yes' because 'yes' would make you miserable right now. During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll see how much your partner loves you and it will touch your heart. You want them to have whatever they want, but right now, what they want is you, full-time, in a committed romance, and that isn't what you're ready for ... yet. Give it time, Aries. You are the person who lives your life.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Today gives you a chance to be on the other side of the kind of thinking you usually have, meaning it's generally YOU who wants to give into commitment and the other person who hems and haws. During Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll know exactly what it feels like, not to be sure if getting 'that' involved with this new person is what you want.

You feel you need to get to know them better and would more than likely want to seal the deal later in life, but as of now, October 14, 2023, you are just not feeling it. It's not the commitment part, at least. You do feel the love and the passion, but commitment is a whole other ball game and you'd like to have time to think about something as enormous as that. Today is when you gently let your person know you're not ready, but I'd like to think about it. That sounds fair!


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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Commitment, loyalty and devotion are part and parcel of your world, and these are the things that make up everything you want out of your love life ... but these things must also occur naturally and according to what you're feeling emotionally. You cannot be talked into commitment if you're not there yet, and on October 14, 2023, you will know very clearly that you're not there yet.

During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you will see how sweet your partner is and how sincere they appear to be, and it's truly moving. You love them for this and respect that they have made themselves so vulnerable. You'd never trample on their hearts as you hold them dear. However, you need to be truthful with them and with yourself. You need time. You must explain this to your beloved person ... they will understand, Pisces.


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