3 Zodiac Signs Want Love That's Simple On October 11, 2023

You like it simple and to the point.

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Since we are heading towards a Virgo Moon, we can assume that we're feeling some of the traits that come with the astrological sign of Virgo. The Moon is famous for delivering little hints here and there and when it is in its Waning phase, we start to reflect on those traits and develop certain attributes.

Virgo represents so much, and so much of it is also convoluted. We might feel the need to overanalyze something in our lives at this point, or we may discover something about ourselves that we are no longer satisfied with.


On October 11, during the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, we are going to take a good, long look at ourselves and our desires and we are going to figure out what we want. For some zodiac signs, that might be a tall order, but three zodiac signs have been waiting for this moment of clarity to arrive and now that it's here on October 11, 2023, we know that what we want is quite simple.

We want exactly that: simplicity. We want an uncomplicated life with an uncomplicated love story. During the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, the ideal that comes to mind is the ideal that brings very little drama to the scene. We want an easy life ... is that too much to ask for?




Many of us here have learned all we need to know about love, and while that may sound like a laugh riot, we who know ... know. We live our lives, and if we feel that what's necessary is simplicity and purity, then that's what we will go for.

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Gone are the days for these three zodiac signs that dictate a need for high drama. We no longer crave the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. In fact, during the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, we all want everything to balance out and stay cool, calm and collected. That's the love for us. Can it happen? We shall see.


1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

If, on this day, October 11, 2023, your romantic partner starts in with you, you will let them know that not only are you not in the mood for their drama, but that you'd love and appreciate it if they would just be thankful for the day, as it is, without the drama they feel the need to bring. During the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo, you clearly see what you want out of this life, and you'd honestly love to share that feeling with the person you've decided to share your life with.

You feel that the two of you have played enough games and that it might be time just to chill and relax. After all, if you've survived all the damage done and all the theatrics created in the past, you can certainly choose to move toward a goal of simplicity and calm. This day is all about you, Virgo: steering your partner toward calm.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You'll be tapping into that balance reservoir as only you can, Libra. On October 11, 2023, during the Moon in Virgo, you'll find that the future looks beautiful ... if, and only IF, you and your partner can commit to keeping the drama at bay. You have discovered that drama belongs to those who have all the time in the world to waste on it, but you no longer feel that you have that time.

You honor your life and your time here on the planet. Because you have chosen to spend this precious time with the person you call 'partner,' you can only hope they feel the same way about living a simple life with few complications to steal your precious time together. It is the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo that makes you feel as though you are heading in the right direction. The future looks bright to you because the future looks ... uncomplicated.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You've worked very hard to get to where you are right now, and that place is one of peace and very little drama. You've learned that life is too short to waste on senseless theatrics, and overwrought emotions have no place in your world anymore. When you have a relationship, you present your partner with a list of rules to follow. While that might not be the most romantic gesture you can provide, your list exists for not running into or causing unnecessary drama.

During the Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo on October 11, 2023, you will refer to that list once again with your romantic partner, and you will let them know that you stated your needs right at the top and they agreed to them. If all are in agreement, everything works smoothly and according to plan. Spontaneity is for someone who wants to take chances. You are not that person; you like it simple and to the point. Good for you, Aquarius.


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