4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve This Week When Venus Enters Virgo

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zodiac signs whose relationships improve the week of October 2 - 8, 2023

Lean back into your heart space, absorb the healing you have been through and let yourself surface on the other side, wiser. This is a pivotal moment for your relationship, as you have been through the lesson phase, and now you must decide if you are ready to welcome the type of love you have always deserved. Whether this is done in a new relationship or simply a new chapter within an existing one, allowing yourself to move up to the next level is essential.   

During the week of October 2 – 8, 2023, Venus, the planet of love, shifts into the earth sign of Virgo, helping you now implement all you have been going through romantically since June. At that time, Venus entered Leo, a zodiac sign it would occupy for four months while it moved through its retrograde journey. As Venus shifts into Virgo, it's also leaving behind the post-retrograde reflection and processing, as you are encouraged to take what you've learned and move in a new direction.  



Venus in Virgo is efficient and committed. It's grounded, which means you will see the truth about your relationship and partner rather than what you wished was present. Venus in Virgo is known for perfectionism, but that energy only comes from knowing what you genuinely want and deserve, so there is a way to make the best of it. By embracing the perfectionist energy of Venus in Virgo in a positive way, you can root yourself in what you deserve while also allowing imperfections to be what creates more excellent space for love.  

Nothing in life, especially humans who are messy and flawed, will ever be able to be perfect — yet that doesn't mean that love can't be. Love is perfect simply because the energetic exchange between two hearts allows people to blossom more fully into their truth and authenticity.

Use this to measure growth within yourself and your relationship as you realize this is the kind of love you deserve. Venus in Virgo helps you honor your worth and all you deserve from love to continue making choices and decisions that align with your truth. Just leave room for beauty within the mess and learn to appreciate that even if love is always perfect, how it arrives or with whom may be anything but.  

Relationships will improve this week for four zodiac signs, especially when Venus enters Virgo.

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Your romantic life will become quite active as Venus shifts into Virgo, the ruler of your romantic relationships. More than just bringing in new suitors or opportunities within an existing relationship, it's coming with the challenge of loving better than you ever had before. It's one thing to enter a new relationship, but if you're only repeating your cycle of wounds or conditioning, it will end up like all the others. To do things differently begins within yourself to honor all you've learned.  

Since Venus began its journey in Leo in June 2023, you've seen the focus shift to making healthier decisions in love. This may have also involved healing from a past heartbreak or simply healing within yourself from thinking that love was ever supposed to cause pain.

As you've moved through this healing time in love, you've learned more about what you need from a romantic relationship to feel like your best self. Whether this is security, peace of mind, consistency or the gentle reminder that you're never alone, this phase has prepared you to make new decisions in your romantic life.  

Sometimes, it can heal together in existing relationships and have a fresh new beginning. If this is where you are now, advocate for your needs and practice healthy boundaries. Boundaries aren't necessarily made of stone walls or barbed wire, but sometimes just softness as you declare you are worthy of being treated sacredly. By embracing your lessons and ushering in a new beginning for your relationship, you can completely change the course of your connection.  

While it's always possible to have a new beginning in an existing relationship, with Venus in Virgo, you may gravitate more towards starting anew with a completely different partner. It can often be challenging to move through separate phases of growth within your relationship and be able to meet each version with love and acceptance. Don't be afraid to open yourself up to new love because how you would establish and foster a relationship is completely different now with your recent healing.   

As much as you are the romantic of the zodiac, you've also learned that you need love to be healthy and grounded. This will transform your romantic life as you no longer wear any rose-colored glasses regarding your relationship. Instead, you see, the most romantic thing your partner can do is openly communicate and follow through on their words. Trust yourself to receive the love you've always deserved and your partner to show up in all the necessary ways.  

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2. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

While Venus was in Leo, it brought much reflection and lessons to your romantic life. However, now that you're emerging on the other side, it's time to create space to enjoy your relationship. You are entering a phase of receiving, where it's not about what you must do or get your partner to do, but simply embracing all your relationship brings to your life. Let yourself honor this shift as you open your heart to connect with your partner more profoundly.  

During the previous Venus phase in Leo, you did a great deal of reflection involving your partner and relationship as you strived to determine if this was someone you could continue to grow with. As you progress through this new phase, you will realize you're closer than ever. The healthiest relationships will go through growing pains, but the ones meant to last forever take each new phase as a chance to develop a deeper connection.  

Part of this romantic process for you has been about your personal growth and healing, as you've been encouraged to release any past wounds and embrace the current reality of your relationship. As much as it's normal to carry moments of heartbreak or wounding, it's also something that can damage an existing relationship, even if it's completely different and healthy. By focusing on your growth and healing during this phase, you've allowed yourself to see that you can open fully to love once again without fear you will lose or regret any decisions you've made.  

Venus's beautiful shift into Virgo will transform your relationship with greater intimacy and connection. This is the payoff for having gone through so much in the last few months, as you begin to understand that the most beautiful relationships may not be beautiful every day. Yet, instead of taking away your confidence in your relationship, it will contribute to it, as you will see that the challenges in a connection create a space for a deeper bond to bloom.  

Let yourself release the worry or constant processing of the last few months and move into a space of quiet confidence within your relationship. Embrace your partner with gratitude and discuss what you've learned during this process. Open vulnerability and sharing will help you continue transforming your relationship into what you have always desired.  

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3. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

You are the only one who knows what truly aligns with your truth and what doesn't. Over the last few months, part of your process has been about creating more excellent stability and truth in your relationship so that you don't sacrifice your needs or desires for the sake of love. Now that you are set to begin a new period in your romantic relationship, it shifts to finally receiving the joy and love you've always hoped to create with your connection.  

While Venus was in Leo, it was highlighting themes of healing, family and domesticity within your relationship. It may have brought some challenges as you were driven to create healthier changes that resonated more with who you've become than you were. In these moments, sometimes it can be easy to make it about your partner or the influence of others rather than yourself.

It's okay to make it all about you. Own that you might have been the one to change and let yourself see if your partner can show up in the ways you desire rather than disregarding anything as impossible.  

As Venus shifts into Virgo, it will help you focus on your joy as reason enough for any romantic decision you make. Along with a growing sense of commitment, this energy will help you first honor yourself before making any changes or improvements to your relationship, as each future moment builds upon one in the present.

Honor what you've been through in the past few months, but also let yourself see how you hope to renegotiate your relationship agreement. By owning your power in love, you can advocate better for yourself and hold space for your partner to speak their truth — rather than assuming you already know it.    

This new chapter in your romantic life can bring you everything you've always desired. Now that you've done the healing, the next step is to honor that by prioritizing your happiness. While your relationship may not bring you ethereal levels of joy each day, it should contribute positively to your life.

Yet, it can only do that once you've determined what joy and love meant to you. Let this be an experiment in happiness as you embrace a higher purpose for you and your partner while leaving just enough room for them to surprise you most positively and lovingly possible.  

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4. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

No matter how grand your ideas of love are, at a certain point, you realize that to keep growing, they need roots and wings. Love can be something that feels more like a passing feeling rather than something you feel confident can and will last forever, but sometimes it comes down to whether you are giving it the time your relationship needs to grow.  

During the journey of Venus in Leo, you saw a theme of communication highlighted as you were encouraged to speak your truth, honor your heart and take a stand for what you deserve in love. As much as it was beneficial, it doesn't mean that it was always easy, especially as you might have had to sort through many repressed feelings and truths. The light is returning as you are finally able to see that the best love is the one that encourages you to be your most authentic self.  

As Venus shifts into Virgo, it will draw your attention to creating more commitment in your relationship, whether through a spoken commitment for one another or in sharing a home. As much as this new development in your romantic relationship will feel like everything you've ever wanted, take credit for the inner work you've been doing on yourself.

Nothing just happens, especially in romantic relationships. Instead, whatever manifests outside you is always the result of your inner healing and growth. Validate yourself as you move forward to create a more significant commitment with your partner so you will remember just how much speaking your truth matters in your relationship.  

Use this newfound realization not just to enjoy all you've created but to continue to embrace the journey of growing together. The best relationships are where you continually meet your partner with a sense of exploration as you are both open to discovering new parts of one another and a deeper understanding of love.

By embracing the importance of advocating and expressing your truth, you are learning that it's safe to let your partner into that inner space within yourself. This new level of emotional vulnerability will continue transforming your relationship into one with deep roots to grow for a lifetime.  

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