3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Ready For A Long-Term Relationship On October 3, 2023

Here's to love and devotion!

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It's October 3, 2023, and for many of that, it means it's time to sort out our worlds and figure out what we want to do with our romantic lives. The year is starting to feel as though it's coming to an end, and we want to know where we stand when it comes to being in a relationship. Are we in this for good, or is this just a passing fling? For three zodiac signs here today, the idea of a fling is the last thing we're interested in. We want the long haul, the lifer, the story that lasts all the time, etc. We want a long-term relationship, and we want it to start now.


It seems reasonable enough; after all, we are here to give and receive love, and that works best when we have someone who feels the same way as we do. Being that we have the very supportive astrological transit of Sun trine Moon at our disposal, many of us feel as though this is the time to strike; this is the perfect and most auspicious moment to make our intentions known, and what we want is...a long term relationship. All we need is confirmation from our partners that such a thing is possible. That's all.



Now, just because 'that's all' we want doesn't necessarily mean that's what we'll get, but that's where Sun trine Moon comes in to tidy up the loose ends. So, for three zodiac signs, whether we get up our nerve or not, things will fall into place today, October 3, 2023, and we will find out that the romances we've been involved in are ripe and ready to continue on...for as long as we wish. Nice going, zodiac signs. We did it again! Here are the reports on the three zodiac signs that will definitely get confirmation that their relationships will become 'long-term.'


Three zodiac signs are ready for a long-term relationship on October 3, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Even though you are someone who doesn't necessarily believe that long-term relationships are mandatory if one is to experience a good love life when it comes to the relationship you happen to be in, you'd be more than happy to know it's going to last until your last days on Earth. You and your partner continue to grow together, and each time you hit a new marker, you realize that you guys are totally meant to be.

Today marks one of those 'bingo' moments, and because you've got Sun trine Moon working for you, you'll bring up the idea of labeling your relationship with the words 'committed' and  'long-term.' You certainly do enjoy these words because they make you feel safe and secure, and while nothing in life is guaranteed, you can't argue that this is most definitely something you want in your life.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Long-term is the only way for you, and if you've had a hard time trying to get your partner to commit to this idea, you probably aren't with that partner any longer. However, you are with someone who is right on board with your kind of thinking as they, too, don't want to waste their time in life waiting for 'something better' to come along.

What you have is what you want, and while it might not be perfect, during the transit of Sun trine Moon on October 3, 2023, you will see that what you have is worth honoring and keeping, and that's exactly what you will tell the person you are with. You love sharing your loving thoughts with them, and honestly, what you tell them enlivens their world, and they love you for it. You have nothing to worry about here; the person you are with now is a keeper.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Long-term is how you do things, especially when it comes to love and romance. On October 3, 2023, you'll clear a few things up with the person you are in a relationship with, and by the day's end, you'll find that the very important conversation you'll be having is the one that lets you both know that you're in it to win it. During the transit of the Sun trine Moon, you don't just feel good about the person you are with; you feel good about the life the two of you will spend together.

It's you and them against the world, and you own that, Pisces. You love the feeling of being a part of a duo — much like your twin fish avatar. You love and thrive on the feeling of two people uniting as one, and knowing that your relationship is based on love and commitment, you know that it's going to remain long-term and completely devoted.


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