The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve The Week Of September 18, 2023

As Libra Season begins, focus on themes of balance and reciprocity to improve your relationships.

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Return to your inner worth and the ability to see things rationally, as you can know that reciprocity is the foundation for achieving balance within your relationships. When it comes to love, there is always a seesaw-like exchange of energy passing from yourself to your partner and vice versa. What creates an imbalance is when only one person gives or extends more than the other. To find balance in the divine fluidity of love, there must be an equal exchange of energy which isn't tit for tat but instead through the ability to see and recognize how reciprocity creates the space for love to flow continually. 


Libra Season begins as the Sun shifts into the partnership-orientated air sign on September 23, alongside the Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Autumnal Equinox, the point of balance and equal daylight and darkness before you are cocooned into your phase of inner growth.

While the Southern Hemisphere will usher in the Vernal Equinox, with the return of growing daylight and external growth. This marks a critical moment in changing the seasons and how you approach the relationship with yourself and your partner. 

During this energetic era, you are encouraged to reflect on what you give and receive from love, how you care for yourself and whether you are genuinely working together to create a compromise or working as two separate people in a connection.


The best relationships will allow you to remain authentic while feeling like you have an equal teammate to help encourage and support you through all the changes this journey guarantees. Equal or balanced doesn't mean you and your partner are the same. After all, no one wants to date themselves. Instead, it comes from the reciprocal exchange of complementary energy where the fusion of your romantic connection makes each person feel better than when they were single.  

Embrace Libra Season as the deep reflection it allows, offering transformation within your romantic connection and yourself. While Libra energy will help you focus more on reciprocity, it will reveal what isn't in balance with stark clarity. Sometimes, these moments provide an opportunity for growth.

In contrast, others are just the realization that you are worthy of meeting all your needs, even if that means moving in a different direction. Libra teaches you that you can never keep the peace externally by sacrificing your internal peace. You can't try to meet all your partner's needs and pretend you have none. There has to be a balance governed by the truth and authenticity of yourself, which is the only way to create a love that will truly last forever.  


The zodiac signs whose relationships improve the week of September 18 - 24, 2023 

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

As the Sun slips into the air, a sign of Libra, your romantic life, emerges as you are drawn to embrace the themes of me versus we in your relationship. This one will be powerful for you in the years to come, as the current cycle of eclipses is just beginning in your zodiac sign and Libra, which heightens this theme as you are guided to ensure you are finding a balance between your desires and that of you and your partner collectively.  

The Sun rules your external actions and choices, and it begins just a week before your Full Moon in Aries, which will once again light up the balance of both your zodiac sign and Libra. It also creates a new story between your sector of self and your romantic relationship.

Often, one of the most important lessons you learn in love is being your completely authentic self. This can only occur when you have finally accepted yourself, as you can't attract someone who loves you for your true self if you still haven't done that for yourself.  


Reflect on whether your current relationship mirrors a lack of love for who you indeed are or if they encourage you to step into greater authenticity. Sometimes, you choose relationships to mirror back the parts of yourself that you are still learning to love, but once you do, that connection may not feel aligned as it once did.

With the new cycle of eclipses just beginning in Aries and Libra, and the beginning of Libra Season along with your Full Moon in Aries on the horizon, pay close attention to the energy of your connection. Reflect on balance, reciprocity, acceptance and even authenticity as you see whether this is a relationship meant to last forever or only for a particular chapter. As you learn more, you can decide, but for now, simply following your heart and honoring yourself is all you need to do. 

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


You are one of the most romantic, mysterious signs of the zodiac, especially when it comes to love, as you tend to be seen differently by your partner. You are someone they can't quite figure out or forget about, even if they become an ex. It's not because of being romantic that this is the case, but how you love. You hold qualities of each of the other zodiac signs and are a mutable sign, meaning you can be more empathetic than others. Because of this, you tend to love your partner exactly how they have always needed, even if they haven't expressed it themselves, creating a profound and intimate connection.  

Libra energy rules over your zone of intimacy and transformation, helping you tap into your ability to create strong connections and embrace your passionate side.

As the Sun shifts into this air sign, you will feel more insightful and drawn to create powerful moments of connection with your partner through love, intimacy and being able to traverse the depths of one another's soul.  

At the same time, Mercury, the planet of communication, is currently in Virgo, ruler of your romantic sector, inspiring conversations and the ability to discuss the present and future of your relationship. Together, Libra and Virgo create a powerful romantic wave of change in your relationship that will allow you to have meaningful conversations, discuss your desires and truth and make a transformative connection for each of you.


Return to your innate ability to love differently, and honor the romanticism and authenticity you bring to love while holding space for your partner to reveal their heart to you. Patience truly is one of your most prominent virtues, and by honoring this ability, you will ensure that you receive all you desire and deserve from love while also embracing the divine timing of your romantic connection. Continue to be you; that is all you must do to improve this area of your life because you are genuinely in the vibration of unconditional love.  

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3. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Your romantic relationship is a source of joy and significance in your life as it often opens other opportunities for you. Depending on who you choose to align yourself with in this life will determine many of the paths you have available to you. Who you choose also comes down to your inner worthiness and whether you're looking for a relationship that feels good down to your soul or only looks good to the rest of the world.  


A Saturn has progressed through its retrograde in Pisces. You have embraced more of your inner desire for purpose in your life, both in your professional and personal arenas. You've craved a more significant meaning for yourself and your relationship, as you need it to feel like it's more than just romantic dates together but serving a higher purpose for your soul. This has created a foundation for a new relationship or a deeper bond than an existing one. You are still exploring and figuring out how to achieve it.  

One of the most essential elements of who you are is your social and active nature, which brings you boundless joy and fulfillment.

Now, you will see how you will embrace more of your divine purpose in your life and relationship by honoring your true self. As Libra Season begins, lighting up your sector of joy and commitment, you will use your innate qualities to foster a deeper connection and greater happiness in your romantic life.  

Let yourself have a fresh start in love, even if it's in an existing relationship. Forgive the past, and allow yourself to be exactly who you are because it's this self that inherently knows how to not only find purpose in life but also just enjoy the process of living and loving. You deserve a love that brings as much happiness as it does opportunities into your life without feeling like you must choose between the two. To create this, you first must see that anything you dream of or want is possible if you believe in the truth of your heart.  


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4. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

While there are seasons that the collective moves through, astrologically and those of the Earth, you also have seasons that govern your focus and what you are invited to work on. For most of this year, there has been a reigniting of your inner dreams, goals, and sense of self as you've realized you can't give up what you most want for your life to make others happy or care for those you love. Part of this is learning that once the pendulum swings in one direction, it will inevitably have to find a balance between the two. 


The Sun in Libra is your chance to find the balance between feeling like you're giving up your sense of self for love or choosing yourself so furiously that you leave no room for another to love you. This is part of what you were meant to go through, and while this astrological season will help you find that balance, it doesn't mean your work will be finished. It still serves as a crucial step, and now, as the energy of Libra draws you to focus more on your home and family, use this as an opportunity to see that you don't have to lose yourself at the expense of love.  

Love will help you become more of who you are naturally. Sometimes, it's not because of the other person's fault if it isn't, but whatever you may be projecting into the connection or relationship.

Once you allow yourself to change your perspective of love, you also create more room for it to grow with you instead of feeling confined by the barriers you have created. By advocating for your needs and learning to prioritize yourself and your relationship together, you can determine truthfully whether this relationship will be able to grow with you or not — but you'll never know if you don't try. 

Now is the time to start implementing all you have learned about yourself. Open and share your dreams with your partner, ask for what you need, prioritize self-care or time by yourself, and lean into accepting and receiving the love and nurturing you desire. When you create more space to be loved, you finally create the opportunity for your partner to love you in all the desired ways.  


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