3 Zodiac Signs May Feel Afraid Of Commitment On September 17, 2023

Ask me again, tomorrow... I'm afraid I can't give all of myself right now.

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Pluto transits are powerful, and they usually mean that action will be required of us one way or another. On September 17, 2023, we will entertain the transit of Moon square Pluto. The action we'll be required to pay attention to is the very action we wish to avoid, and in this case, for three zodiac signs here today, what we wish to avoid is quite simply … romantic commitment. We know this is imminent and might freak out if we ever have to say 'yes' to it.


Moon square Pluto pushes us into a corner. That transformative energy of Pluto is telling us that we don't have forever and that we need to either go this way … or that. Will we commit to our romantic partners or tell them what's on our minds?

September 17, 2023, puts us in the hot seat, and there's a good chance that whatever we are feeling on this day will be known to our partner by day's end. That means if we don't give them what they want, we will have to figure out what we will provide them.

This comes up because our partners have pressured us to commit. We may have laughed it off or pretended we didn't hear it in all sincerity, but the truth is, we heard it just fine. We know what our partners want and have avoided it like the plague.


Whatever causes us to fear commitment is something known only to us, but one thing is certain: Moon square Pluto wants to expose our truths, and today is the day it all comes out for three zodiac signs.

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Three zodiac signs may be afraid of commitment on September 17, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You love the idea of commitment. You support it when it comes up for friends and family members. You love the idea of people joining and vowing themselves to each other. Romance has always been a big thing with you. However, taking that kind of chance yourself has always made you nervous. While you approve of the whole thing, on September 17, 2023, you'll find that you are being asked for a commitment by the person you are romantically linked to.


You expected as much to happen and saw it coming … and it made you tremble with nervousness. Well, with Moon square Pluto on your case today, you won't be able to escape, as your partner wants an answer, and you don't think you can manage to escape this one. What will you do, Leo? Will you hem and haw until they back off again, or … will you commit?

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Unlike Leo, you have never understood what is so great about committing yourself to another person. Isn't being with them and showing them love enough? You feel like commitment is one of those things a person does for the sake of someone else, not for oneself. Do you need to show your romantic partner that you are 'sealed' to them in a ceremony that ritualizes commitment?


During Moon square Pluto, whether you approve of it or not, your partner has always believed in commitment and they want you to sign on, like it or not. While nobody wants to force someone into committing to them, you may be the person to give your partner that opportunity today, on September 17, 2023. There is also the possibility that you start taking them seriously, as they don't seem to be backing down.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

The idea of commitment is just fine by you, but maybe ... not today. During Moon square Pluto on September 17, 2023, you'll refer to your many memories of relationships gone bad, and that will be the deciding factor as to how you react to your partner's request for commitment. Sure, you'd love to … but … does it have to be now? You may suggest to them that while you love and adore them, you're just not ready as of this moment, and can they hang on just a bit?


Your partner will see this as 'one of your oldest tricks,' they will lay on the pressure even thicker. You may even wonder why they want this commitment from you, as you continuously say 'no' to them when asked. Still, they are in hot pursuit as they believe in this love story. Maybe it's time you do, too? Maybe, maybe not.

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