What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 6, During The Last Quarter Moon In Gemini

Today’s manifestation rituals for Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

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On September 6, 2023 your zodiac sign can manifest something that it wants or needs with the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Light a candle made with the essence of grapefruit, and breathe easy. There is nothing that worrying can fix. Instead, this is your chance, your divine opportunity to reflect and be honest about what needs to be taken apart or done more committedly as you strive to bring your manifestation to fruition. The Last Quarter Moon is a spiritual symbol that marks the halfway point between the Full and New Moon cycles.


You are now asked to reflect and be honest about what may still be hanging onto the edges of your life despite anything you released at the last lunation, which was a Super Full Blue Moon in Pisces. This was a momentous time to purge anything as it was the second Full Moon in August and occurred just days before Venus was direct in Leo.  

Now, as you prepare to welcome in the New Moon in Virgo on September 14, you are tending the soil for which new seeds will be planted. To be able to do that, you first need to ensure that you are honoring your desires for newness and abundance. Reflect with the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini to embrace your truth and what needs to be done or undone to create the space for your plans and expansiveness as you move closer to the New Moon phase.  




Embrace the energy of Gemini by incorporating the herbal properties and the essential oils of sage, parsley, rosemary, grapefruit, cypress and ginger. Whether in your rituals, foods or anointing your throat chakra, which Gemini rules before you head out for the day, can all help you more profoundly embody the traits of this air sign.

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You can also consider using emerald, citrine, and clear quartz crystals to help strengthen your energetic vibration of Gemini while performing your rituals in the evening hours when the energy of the Last Quarter Moon is at its strongest. Gemini is the zodiac sign that represents communication, so embrace the power of your words, both spoken and written down in your rituals, to help you work with the energy of the Moon and manifest your heartfelt desires.  


What your zodiac sign can manifest during the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on September 6, 2023:

Aries: Communication 

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini is firm for you as it activates your communication sector, helping to bring about meaningful conversations. Begin by writing your affirmation down on a piece of paper, folding it three times, and then anointing it with grapefruit essential oil. Take your ritual out under the Moon, and safely burn your affirmation while repeating it aloud three times, letting the cooled ashes be returned to the wind.  

What to say: I am creating space for life-changing and honest conversations with courage and readiness.  

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Taurus: Stability 

Embrace a more profound sense of stability within yourself and all you have created as the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini highlights themes surrounding your value and what is most important to you. Under the Moon's energy, anoint your throat chakra with cypress essential oil and then place your bare feet on the ground, feeling into the earth's energy. Place your hands on your heart as you slowly repeat your affirmation four times.  


What to say: I am safe and stable within myself and my life as I create time for what matters most.  

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Gemini: Self-reflection 

As the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini lights up your zodiac sign, which rules your sense of self, focus on themes of self-reflection that can help you improve yourself and your life. Create an altar space outside under the moonlight using a mirror and a white candle. Place the candle between you and the mirror so you can see its reflection, and then close your eyes while you repeat your affirmation three times. When you're ready to open them, allow yourself to sit momentarily, observing what first came to mind. Extinguish the candle with your breath, then place the mirror up so it can continue to reflect what you most need to see.  

What to say: I continually seek to improve myself and my life.  


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Cancer: Forgiveness 

Allow yourself to reflect on the past as you are encouraged to bring greater acceptance and forgiveness under the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Create a space in your home or outside where the Moon can see you, and then light a citrus incense. Sprinkle rosemary in a circle around you for forgiveness and healing, and then speak aloud to the universe. Call out what has hurt, confused or betrayed you. Then repeat your affirmation three times while bringing your hands together in anjali mudra in front of your heart.  

What to say: I am ready to wash the past clean in forgiveness as I look toward the future.  

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Leo: A soul decision 

Prepare yourself to make an important soul decision as the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini highlights themes of past decisions and those you've allowed to surround you. Create an offering using white sage, parsley, and ginger. As you go outside under the stars, burn the offering while placing your right hand on your heart and breathing deeply. Repeat your affirmation eleven times aloud and exhale any doubt as you trust the intuitive voice of your soul.  

What to say: I trust my soul to make the decisions that will help me bring my dreams to fruition.  

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Virgo: Self-advocacy 

Embrace your inner voice as you're called to honor your worth in your professional life while the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini peaks. Begin by lighting a green candle and sandalwood incense, allowing yourself to settle into the moment. When you are ready, place your hands into tattva mudra while repeating your affirmation aloud to the universe. Visualize the confirmation or success you want to manifest, and after the candle has been burning for ten minutes, extinguish it with your breath.  


What to say: I am speaking up and advocating for myself, my worth, and what I offer to my professional life.  

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Libra: Soul abundance 

As the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini lights up your abundance sector, reflect on creating a more profound sense of fulfillment within yourself. Create a bundle of dried parsley and go outside into your garden under the glowing Moon. Gaze up, repeat your affirmation aloud, and then light the parsley smudge as you inhale and cleanse your energy of any sense of lack. Once you're finished, place the smudge before you until it goes out naturally and then let the ashes be scattered to the wind.  

What to say: I am an abundant soul, capable of seizing new opportunities and allowing myself to grow in new directions.  


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Scorpio: Intimate growth 

Quiet your mind and soul as you focus on creating a deeper, intimate relationship with yourself under the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. Begin by finding a quiet space away from interruptions, and light a candle made from the essence of ginger, sprinkling lavender over it as you begin to repeat your affirmation. Then, starting with your crown chakra, place your hands on this energy point and repeat your affirmation, flow down through all chakras, repeating this same process and then lay in stillness as you focus on how each breath honors yourself and your body.  

What to say: I am growing a deeper intimate relationship with myself as I trust it to transform the other connections in my life.  

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Sagittarius: Romantic clarity

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini activates your romance and love sector, helping you clarify your relationship or connection. Begin by going outside under the radiant Moon and lighting a red candle. Sprinkle white rose petals around the candle as you repeat your affirmation, closing your eyes, and then extinguishing the flame after seven minutes, placing the petals underneath your pillow while you sleep. 

What to say: I am allowing myself to embrace the romantic clarity needed to release anything that no longer resonates with my truth.  

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Capricorn: Solitude 

Focus on taking some quiet time and space to fill your soul's cup as the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini lights up your sector of well-being. Begin by creating a tea of ginger and rosemary, taking it outside to enjoy once ready. As you sit quietly, repeat your affirmation, close your eyes, and pay attention to how you interact with the world around you. Be mindful of your breath and allow yourself to reach a point of rest. Reflect on how you feel now, and then try to carry that with you throughout your days.  


What to say: I embrace solitude and allow myself the time and space to rejuvenate my energy. 

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Aquarius: Joyful priorities 

Let yourself smile and embrace more joyful opportunities as the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini brings up a chance to focus more deeply on your happiness. Find a quiet place in the moonlight and light a yellow candle, encircling it with citrine or clear quartz. Light lemongrass incense and smile while you focus on your breath. When you are ready, repeat your affirmation five times aloud to the universe, and let yourself sit there embracing the joy of the moment until the incense has burned down completely.  

What to say: I am committed to focusing on what brings me the most joy and fulfillment.  


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Pisces: Contentment 

As the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini lights up themes around your home and family, allow yourself to feel content with things in this moment without worrying about what may come next. Begin by sitting on your front steps and lighting sage incense. Smile as you sprinkle rosemary, parsley and lavender on your front steps, showing your home love. Then, sit cross-legged with your hands gently resting on your knees while you repeat your affirmation aloud four times.  

What to say: I am content within my home and the life I have created.  

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