3 Zodiac Signs Make Good Things Happen On September 8, 2023

When the Moon squares Mars, it brings out so much power. So, today, it's time to get things done.

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Have you ever woken up, jumped straight out of bed, and felt like you're sailing on a wave of power you've built for yourself due to many previous affirmations? OK, let's unwrap that. Have you ever felt that 'today is the day that BIG things happen?'

You start the day just knowing you talked yourself into a good day and built yourself up just for this day? If so, welcome to today, September 8, 2023, because for three zodiac signs, today is the day of manifestation, the magical day when we feel as though we are as strong as the transit that supports us on this day, namely Moon square Mars.


If we set our minds on something today, or rather, if we have already set our minds on accomplishing something, then it is on this day, September 8, 2023, that we feel amazingly confident about reaching our goal. Today is the day we get it done, whatever 'it' is, mainly because it's hard to avoid the mighty vibe that comes along with Moon square Mars; it is this transit that will take us from here to there. And 'there' is the whole point of today. We are making huge changes on Friday, but not only that: we know what we want and how to make it happen. That's the Moon square Mars touch.


While the majority of the power goes out to three particular zodiac signs, we may all feel that. one way or another, things are being 'pushed' forward. We feel like a force of nature today, unstoppable, brilliant, one with all the power of the universe. Today is the day we 'carpe diem!' Today is the day we do what we feel we came here to do. These three zodiac signs will be making a forceful statement on this day, during Moon square Mars.

Three zodiac signs make good things happen on September 8, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Power is nothing new to you, so when you feel it, you're not shocked by it, and feeling it is exactly what you'll be doing on this day, September 8, 2023. Today is 'go' day, and you have big plans and the way you feel from the moment you wake up until the moment you hit the sack late at night will be all power, all energy, and pure positivity. You are a winner today, Aries, because you can withstand the confidence-building energy that comes with Moon squaring your ruling planet, Mars.

Some folks might let that pass them by, but not you; you have been waiting for this kind of near-to-supernatural enthusiasm to overtake you, and once it does, as it will be doing today, you feel as though you are on a mission for accomplishment. Today is a good day to see your most ambitious plans through to the end. Good luck!


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2. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Good news comes to you right at the start of the day, and it sets your mind a-reeling. This is all you've needed: that one little mental push that lets you feel like the REAL YOU can finally stand up and get things done. On September 8, 2023, during the transit of a Cancer Moon square Mars, you'll feel as though the clouds have finally parted for you, and as soon as you feel that sun-shine power comes through, you'll be a force of nature.

Love is your engine, and determination is your vehicle; whatever was stuck becomes unstuck on this day. This doesn't come as a surprise to you, however, as this is something you've been trying to nudge along for a long time. The good thing is that this Friday, it all becomes very obvious to you that hanging in there and waiting was the right thing to do. Good things come to those who wait!


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3. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

The time has come for you to make your big move, Leo, and not only are you prepared for it, but you jump at the chance. Everything about September 8, 2023, feels like it's your destiny, and that destiny is GOOD. You took your hiatus, and now you're back, and with Moon square Mars at the helm, it feels as though you've come back into yourself once again.

All the power and glory of being you have finally returned, and while it was nice to take a break from being a superstar, you know that you can't hide that for long, as that is what you truly are. Today, during Moon square Mars, you will do in one day what you've put off doing for months. All because the energy levels that come with this transit affect you in such a positive and aggressive way. Forceful, yes, but more positive than anything else.


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