3 Zodiac Signs Embrace Life's Challenges On September 7, 2023

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Here's an interesting day we will be happy to see come ... and go. We may find our energy is waning today as the Moon draws to its Last Quarter in Gemini. While this may not seem all that significant, what's happening today is that this is a day for resignations and not necessarily the kind that has anything to do with jobs. We come to terms with something today ... it could be a breakup or a rejection. On this day, we might need to accept something as it is rather than 'rage against the dying of the light.' Today is a day of great strength, but that strength is something we earn, and we earn it through acceptance of what 'is.'

During the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, whatever decision we had to make has been made by now. For three zodiac signs, this could be a tough day; we know now and accept that something in our lives will not turn out as we had hoped or planned for ... and that's OK. We're not in the beginning phases, which is the most important part; none of what we come to accept today is shocking. We saw it coming, and it's only on September 7, 2023, that we decided that whatever we have, we'll make due. We are going to be OK, no matter what.



Life will always be filled with ups and downs. Disappointments strengthen us and place us on the path of balance. When we don't get it 'our way,' we learn how to adapt, and being adaptable is a sign of high intelligence. These three zodiac signs will adopt on this day, during the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. We accept, and we make the best of it.

Three zodiac signs embrace challenges on September 7, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

What's never really obvious about your sign, Leo is that while you are known for your strength and courage, you aren't given the credit you deserve for your patience and ability to adapt to your environment. During the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, on September 7, 2023, you will show yourself that you can endure rejection, take hardship, and make it work.

This is the day when you realize that a certain situation in your life will not work and that it would be fruitless to continue trying. Acceptance of this took a while to take hold, but on this day, during this transit, you get the picture. You can stand strong on this day, Leo, knowing that you are now clearheaded without any delusion to hold you back.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

What occurs to you today is that there is no more time left to spend trying to make something that isn't going to happen ... happen. You are not in control of this particular thing, and during the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, you realize it would be best to retreat.

What you had originally intended for is no longer an option, and while you once thought you could bend the fates and manipulate the outcome to be in your favor, you are now starting to realize that what will be will be and that you have no control over it. This may feel hard at first, but as you understand what's happening today, it will become easier and easier as time passes. Life goes on, and so do you, Libra. You are adaptable.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You have been living with the idea that you have three options at any given moment: fight the system with all the passion you have in your heart and possibly lose again and again, complain nonstop about the situation you are presently in, or accept that what you have is the way it is, and live in that acceptance while finding happiness. This last option is what is happening to you on this day, September 7, 2023, during the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini.

Today is the day you accept your environment and your conditions. You can't spend another day detesting the things of your life, and you can't continue to fight a losing battle, either. On this day, you will begin a new and freeing journey: acceptance. This is your Zen moment, Sagittarius. You aren't conceding or losing the battle; you are merely learning how to flow, like water, to seek your level.

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