4 Specific Zodiac Signs Will See Their Relationships Improve In October 2023

The moment is ripe for romance.

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Release the stagnancy of the past few months as Eclipse Season dawns in October 2023, welcoming you into the divine flow and helping you satisfy your heart’s desires. After a very intense retrograde season, momentum starts to pick back up again as planets shift and the universe nudges you forward into growth.  

Venus, the planet of love, has been in Leo since the beginning of June 2023, helping you embrace your inner lioness and awareness of where you've been giving away your power as it moved through its retrograde journey. While Venus has been direct in Leo since September 3, 2023, it’s been in its post-shadow phase, where it helped you move through past themes with a healthy new perspective. However, now, as October 2023 begins, Venus leaves behind the boldness of Leo and shifts into logical and healing Virgo, initiating a brand-new phase in your romantic life.  


Now that Venus is entirely out of its post-shadow phase and into Virgo, you can expect a more balanced and sensible approach to love. Even if you want to improve your romantic life, you need to move in a new direction; this will be able to be accomplished with greater foresight and compromise, especially as Mercury and the Sun are in Libra, along with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in this same air sign.  

October is about growth and movement, as you are spurred to no longer sit and reflect on what is wrong or what needs to change but by feeling empowered to find a way to create greater harmony in your relationship. The Sun, which rules your external actions, will be in Libra most of the month, helping you embrace cohesiveness and diplomacy in your romantic relations. This isn’t about doing things by whatever means necessary but genuinely trying to formulate a plan for the good of all involved.  


But there is a plot twist, as there always seems to be in the universe's plans. While the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra harkens toward a new chapter and romantic focus in your life, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of October 2023 reminds you there are still matters from your past that need to be tended to. This isn’t meant to throw you back into old patterns or dynamics but to remind you how far you've come and to help you tie up the loose ends of your past.

While Solar Eclipses bring dramatic events in your external life, Lunar Eclipses tend to rule emotional breakthroughs and pivotal moments within your psyche and heart. Allow yourself to shift with the changing energy this month as you are encouraged to take new paths, mend what has broken, and follow your heart wherever it might lead.  

Here's how relationships improve for Aries, Pisces, Taurus and Cancer.

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

A momentous transformation is just beginning as the North Node shifted into Aries earlier in the year, alongside the South Node in Libra, ruler of your romantic sector. This represents a time in your life, not only of profound change but also in genuinely learning some important soul lessons so that your romantic relationship truly reflects your growth and desires. In October 2023, as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra rises, expect themes from April 2023 to arise when the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries first made its breakthrough appearance as it announced a change in your destiny.  


Solar Eclipses represent potent moments of change, as the two-week window between eclipses is often seen as one that can accelerate or shift the timelines of your life. With your Full Moon in Aries occurring in late September 2023, you have been focusing more on what you truly feel called to do while balancing the needs of others in your life. But, even when trying to do things differently or find balance, you can’t put off your desires, which you will realize in the month ahead.  

As you move through life, you often take on the more challenging qualities of Aries before you can see them as an asset. You may have been called impulsive or selfish at various times. However, these traits can also be labeled as motivation and being able to honor your unique self, depending upon the situation and the person you're interacting with. It would be best to release the idea that somehow you are wrong for what you’re feeling or even that anything is wrong with you. This is a moment in your life to step away from old storylines, self-validate, and feel energized by everything that is possible.  

You are on a new romantic path, and only you know if your current relationship is going to be one that will be able to grow with you. But even if you already know in your heart that it won’t be able to, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything breaking down or apart. Instead, see this as a transition. You are moving into a new phase because of your growth, which is also a form of self-love. Nothing stays the same, and often, trying to do everything for everyone or talking yourself out of your absolute best qualities will only end in betraying yourself. 

The best way you can honor your relationship in October 2023 is by being honest with your partner. Allow yourself to speak the truth, recognize you can still have love for someone even if you’re growing in different directions, and embrace the phase of change you’re already entangled within. Great love is on the horizon for you, but first, you need to step back into your true self and honor your heart by finally listening to your intuition.  


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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Until now, the primary focus for you this year has been on your inner value and worth as you’ve been working on multiple areas of your life and creating space for a relationship that genuinely aligns with your soul. There have been significant clearings in the past year as you’ve been called to reflect on what you will accept within a relationship and how to honor your truth if it no longer resonates. But underneath this reflection of value, which the North Node in Aries has been bringing into focus, is the difference between the dream you have for a relationship and its ultimate reality.  

One of your greatest gifts is creating and living in a dream world all your own, as you can tune into the divine frequency of love and shower your partner with the kind of relationship they never knew could exist. But in this space, you’ve often forgone your needs or dreams, letting others take priority and hoping things will improve, even if they never did. But all of this comes down to growth, and as you take the plunge into honoring your worth, the relationships in your life will naturally change.  


As much as you’ve been creating space for what you desire and what will align with your soul, there hasn’t been much romance this year; there is something for you that is about to change. Venus leaves Leo and its post-shadow retrograde phase at the beginning of October 2023, just as it shifts into Virgo, your opposing sign and the ruler of your romantic sector. Around the same time, Mercury and Sun in Libra will highlight themes of intimacy and transformation, helping you have meaningful conversations and take the risk of being vulnerable again. 

This time is different because you realize both people in a relationship are responsible for creating the dream and its reality. Gone are the days when you cry to sleep in the evening, only wishing things would get better. October 2023 brings an opportunity for a significant turnaround in your relationship and even new love. Not only is this about a relationship that truly honors your worth, but it will also be quite passionate as the New Moon Solar Eclipse ushers a new level of profound intimacy into your life.  

Remember what you’ve learned this year because you can now embody your recent soul lessons. Hold space for love without overdoing anything, and allow your partner to pursue you, to create space in their life for you, and to remind you that the right person may not be able to make everything perfect but will want you to be still able to see love as the dream your soul has always believed in.  

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3. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

You are meant for love. For the type of connection that challenges your way of life and introduces you to a bliss you’ve never known. Yet, to accept that kind of love, you also need to be in the position to understand life will unavoidably change as you do, and while this may have thrown you off course in the past, now it is precisely what you crave.  

The past two years have challenged your views of love and life as the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio have activated immense changes, as they helped you grow and understand love can be both passionate and stable. As the Nodes prepare for their final move into new signs, you will experience one last eclipse in Taurus until 2031. This is when the lessons of the past few years synthesize, allowing you to step into a new version of yourself and finally welcome in the love you’ve always desired.  

As much as you have craved that once-in-a-lifetime amazing love, you’ve feared losing your footing for it or having to change so much in your life it becomes unrecognizable or even afraid of what happens if it leaves, so instead, you have kept love at arm's length. Choosing a relationship because it’s safe or stable isn’t the same thing as doing so because of a divine connection, yet to be able to do that is why you’ve gone through the recent lessons that you have.  


As October 2023 begins with your last eclipse in Taurus in this cycle, and Mercury, Mars, and the Sun all shift into Scorpio, ruler of your romantic sector, you will feel braver in following your heart. Let yourself take risks, especially if it comes down to a connection you’ve never felt before, or even giving a second chance to a previous partner because you now see the disconnection wasn’t all their fault. The more you can create a space of safety and stability within yourself, the greater your ability to follow your heart. This allows you to know that regardless of the outcome of a relationship, you will be okay, you will still be you, and you will be able to move through whatever milestones are ahead of you.  

To allow yourself to take a chance on love means to open your heart to new love or even to your existing partner, who you’ve had walls up around. You can’t know full love unless you are taking the risk of being hurt, and the reality is the more you care, the more this becomes possible. Yet, without this risk, you never experience the full spectrum of love and joy. Believe in passionate and stable love and let yourself feel safe in exploring a new level of romance as everything you’ve been through has been leading to this moment; all you need to do now is embrace it with an open heart. 

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4. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 


Only when you are honoring your truth and caring for yourself can you begin to improve your romantic relationship. This year has been one of challenges and opportunities for transformation as Pluto in Capricorn began to wrap up its era in this sign; however, as it does, it has continued to push you from your comfort zone into new experiences and ways of thinking. Because Pluto is a generational planet, it changes zodiac signs far less often, making these periods more impactful in your life. While you got a taste of newness earlier in the year as Pluto made its first debut in Aquarius, you’ve been called back to reflect, figure out, and even make amends as it has shifted back into Capricorn.  

Capricorn rules your romantic sector, which means you are going through an immense phase of growth, and while it may have felt like one eternal dark night of the soul moment, it’s leading you toward exactly where you are meant to be. Pluto shifted back into Capricorn as part of its retrograde in mid-June; you’ve felt more confused or stagnant as you were pulled back to previous themes in your romantic life. However, October 2023 represents one step closer to the new chapter you’ve been dreaming of as Pluto is finally direct again, helping you to take action toward closing out your old branch.  

What you’ve been moving through may be ending a previous relationship. However, it could also just be renegotiating the terms of it as you’ve grown and realize you need something different than what was previously in place. Pluto Direct in Capricorn will clarify which direction to take your romantic life and allow you the space to act. Pluto won’t enter Aquarius again until January 2024, so you will have time to work through this phase. However, with the focus of Libra energy on your home and family sector, some pivotal moments are ahead for you.  

Libra rules over your home and family life, suggesting this isn’t about changes in a relationship but in a profoundly sacred part of your life. While Pluto in Capricorn is working to slowly excavate the truth about what you genuinely feel aligned to in a relationship versus fulfilling any obligation, Libra will help you create greater harmony and compromise in your home and family. In October 2023, Mercury and Sun will be in Libra, assisting conversations to move more slowly and create healthier outcomes, while the Sun will inspire you to act similarly. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra occurs on October 14, so a significant event may be happening around that time that gives way to a new way of relating to your partner or is the beginning of substantial improvements within your relationship.  


As much as you might love your partner or life, you must honor yourself as much as you are those you are about. While it’s part of your astrological nature to prioritize others and even the theme of home, you’ve been stepping into greater autonomy as you’ve returned to your truth this year. You will never have to give up the best parts of yourself to make a relationship work, nor should you be encouraged to make your life about others. But to determine if a relationship is aligned with you, you need to make space for essential conversations while prioritizing your truth, knowing this is the foundation for the love and passion you desire.  

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