3 Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Thinking About Their Ex On August 28, 2023

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An irony comes along with today's transit. We will see it in thought versus action. Simply put, we will think heavily on a topic but have little inclination to do anything about it. Whatever the topic may be, it will remain as thought, and for some of us, namely three zodiac signs in particular, those thoughts will be quite pleasant.

We don't feel the need to make much out of these thoughts. Simply 'thinking' them will be enough to do the trick. For the zodiac signs that will be doing most of this thinking, on August 28, 2023, our minds will drift to memories of a love gone past. 



During the Aquarius Moon, we are pretty clearly 'dreamers.' We are happy to get lost in thought, and while we all know that too much thinking can go sour if we let it, that's just the thing: we're not going to let it go wrong. We can't stop thinking about our past mainly because certain segments of our past were outstanding.

We won't be reminiscing because our lives are so terrible now. No, we need not feel grumpy and depressed to have a day of pleasant memories. That's exactly what the Aquarius Moon brings us ... a good excuse to contemplate the moments we spent with a past love. No harm done. Just a warm feeling and a happy moment, spent on August 28, 2023, thanks to the Aquarius Moon.

This isn't the kind of day where we compare the past to the present — oh no. We may be quite satisfied with the present. We aren't sad today. We think of the past because something stirs in us, some old longing for days gone by ... and that's OK. We can allow ourselves this frivolous bit of nothingness. Three zodiac signs will not hold back, that's for sure. Which zodiac signs are these?

Three zodiac signs who can't stop thinking about an ex on August 28, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You've always been a dreamer, Gemini. You take solace in your memories, and even though you have many memories that 'hurt,' you don't always return to the hurtful ones. You have the discretion to know the difference and aren't a masochist. No matter how those situations panned out today, you have had a rich and wonderful past.

On August 28, 2023, during the Aquarius Moon, you will trigger a memory through a smell, bringing back thoughts of a day when so many things were easy for you. You don't mind taking that trip down memory lane, and in this case, it's all about an ex of yours. You hate calling them your 'ex' as that seems so cold and harsh to you, and while they may not be your close friends today, you will always love this person and hold a special place for them in your heart. You will give yourself sweet memories of a love gone past on August 28, 2023.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Sometimes, it's better to remember people as they were instead of as they are today. When things don't go right for you with a romance, you try to think about the good in them rather than erase that person from your mind. During the Aquarius Moon, you will review a few good memories of this one ex of yours.

This could lead to feelings of loss or regret, but chest la vie Libra ... you know better than to let those feelings overtake you. Consider today, August 28, 2023, as a pleasant indulgence, a break from reality. You control your thoughts, so you don't allow yourself to become melancholic. It's nice to remember someone no longer in your life as good, fun and lovable. You will smile when thinking of them today.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

When you think of a certain ex, you think fondly of them. While you do not intend to bring them back into your life, you are happy to spend time in your mind, where everything is good, safe, and sound. It sounds like a fantasy, and yes, that's exactly what it is, and you are somewhat of a master of fantasy.

During the Aquarius Moon — your Moon — you will take the time to think about this old love of yours, and their memory will make you smile. Gone are the days when the thought of them makes you anxious or nervous. On August 28, 2023, you will be free of the tenseness that used to come with ideas on this person. Finally, you can relax without the fear of bad memories coming to haunt you. You are free and happy, and this kind of acceptance allows you to find an escape from your fantasies of this ex.

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