These 3 Zodiac Signs Likely Need To Be Alone On August 24, 2023

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zodiac signs need to be alone on august 24, 2023

When we talk about the need to be alone, so often our minds jump to the idea that something happened and that we need to be on our own to work it out, or 'deal' with it. We rarely think about being alone as something that is completely positive, which it is, on this day, August 24, 2023 during the Sagittarius Moon. On this day, we do need to be alone and this need will come to three zodiac signs, specifically.

We don't need to be alone because we can't cope with something, and we simply need to pull away from the world. No, we need to be alone because we find comfort in the company of ourselves. Not everyone can accept this kind of attitude, but for three specific zodiac signs that know all too well what the desire to be alone means, today is the day we will see it come into effect.



For those who need to be alone during the Sagittarius Moon, we will find that being alone is where we have the most fun, and oddly enough, the most security. We are the people who trust ourselves, which means, in this case, we know that we can rely on ourselves to NOT give ourselves a hard time. We will do what we want in the comfort of our own company, and because nobody else is around to bother us, we can let our minds wander freely. Imagination makes up so much of what the Sagittarius Moon brings us.

During this time, we will explore the inner regions of our minds. When we are alone, we can drift aimlessly or with purpose. The one thing we will know for sure is that we aren't being monitored or watched. We aren't being judged, nor are we being timed. This day is for the three zodiac signs who are comfortable being alone; it's a vacation day of sorts, a way of being completely in touch with self love and self respect. These three zodiac signs are very comfortable with this idea during the Sagittarius Moon. 

Three zodiac signs need to be alone on August 24, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

While you've always been able to handle a social situation as you have no real problem being with people, in the long run, your preference is to be alone, and when there's a transit such as the Sagittarius Moon in the sky, as it is on August 24, 2023, you will claim your right to aloneness. This is where you recharge your batteries, so to speak, and honestly, it's where you get to be YOU. Friends and lovers are always important to you, but you've come to know that the number one person in your life is you, and that you need to take good care of you at all times. This means, mentally, emotionally and physically; today is a good day to work out and spend time on your own, thinking Gemini thoughts, as you will. You will always want time on your own, no matter what, and during the Sagittarius Moon, you'll know today as 'one of those alone-days.' It's all good.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Being alone has always been your preference and you've never understood how people seem to be so needy of companionship all the time. It's just not something you'll ever understand as you take enormous joy in the times when you don't have to be with someone. During the Sagittarius Moon on August 24, 2023, you'll demand your own space, and that might be a literal demand that you present to a romantic partner. Of course, if this person is actually your partner, then they probably know you already and know that this is one of your requirements. You have your boundaries established and you don't like when they are disrespected. Today gives you the desire to be alone and stay alone for as long as you wish. You'll return to social living when you are ready.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Being alone for you is like stepping into the Magic Castle where all of your dreams come true and are on display in living color. Being alone is your domain, Sagittarius, and nobody understands this about you. They may think you are eccentric or admirable in how you are able to spend so much time alone, as you do, and during the Sagittarius Moon on August 24, 2023, you may as well book a room at that Magic Castle for an extended stay as you have truly found your home. Unlike the other signs, you are not as social as others, and while you're not 'anti-social' you know where your preferences lie and they are in your own private world. Today creates that desire in you once again. You are your own best friend...and it shows. You'll never be one to worry about when people say, "They always keep to themselves, hmmm." You're just fine as you are, wherever you are.

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