The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Cause Big Change In Their Relationships On August 23, 2023

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Oh this is one heck of a week in terms of major revelations and personal — and positive — upheaval. We are looking at major changes for three zodiac signs, and all for the good. Of course 'getting there' is all part of the journey, and that's what's going to take nerve and patience. We have to keep in mind that on this day, August 23, 2023, we've got our old friend, Mercury retrograde, working with us, and we'd really like to say 'with us' as opposed to 'against us.' What we will see on this day, is that opposing forces work in our favor. This gives us the ability to say NO, when NO is what's needed. We aren't afraid to confront people on this day; we have extraordinary amounts of nerve at hand, and we're going to use it.



For three zodiac signs, we're going to see action, and that means the opposite of stagnation, in this case. If we feel that we've been stuck in a rut, waiting for some external miracle to happen, then this is the day, my friends, that we walk away. We walk away from waiting for love, and we walk away from hoping that someone will choose us, and we walk away from the need to be approved of. Mercury retrograde is not the enemy we all make it out to be, in fact, for three zodiac signs on August 23, this transit may just end up being our best friend. Whodathunkit!

Anyhoo, the thing is this; we're getting out of the funk that has held tight to us. We are no longer here to deceive ourselves when it comes to love and romance. If it happens, it happens, but waiting for it is a zero sum game and we are OVER IT. Today is the day we quit our jobs as 'waiters.' We're moving on. Catch us if you can.

Three zodiac signs who bring about bing changes in their relationships on August 23, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Waiting for love? Nope, not happening. Not any longer, that's for sure. On August 23, 2023 during the Mercury retrograde transit, you will be set free, and that means that you will be doing the work to set yourself free. You recognize that you are wasting so much time, and while it hasn't felt all that draining, once you perceive the waiting time from a different vantage point, all you see is that you've wasted it. No more. You are now cut loose; you are being influenced in very positive ways by the one transit that drives everyone else crazy: Mercury retrograde. You are able to see yourself in the light now, and you feel that if you return to your nonstop 'waiting room' where love may smile upon you, someday, that it will be akin to waiting inside a dark closet. Why wait? Why spend another second of your precious life waiting for a dream to come true. Today has a major affect on your life, Cancer. It is liberating!

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Before you go down that road once again, where you forgive and forget, lather, rinse, repeat...you will have a major wake up call today, August 23, 2023. And it will tell you that things are not going to change, and that the love you want is not going to suddenly arrive one day on a white horse.

You either have to go out and get it yourself, or deal with your life 'as is' and just move on, knowing that this isn't the only thing you have to spend your time on. During Mercury retrograde, you'll have the chance to see yourself clearly, and what you will see will reflect back to you wasted time, false hope and a whole bunch of depressing values. NO MORE. This is the last day you wait around for love to save you; from here on in, you'll save yourself. Right on.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

By the end of this day you will say to yourself, "Well that took long enough." The thing with you, Aquarius, is that you tend to get lazy when it comes to making major life changes. While you're an inspired and unique person, you are still not that happy about changes, and during the Mercury retrograde of August 23, 2023, you will be all about change — and it's all good.

What you've come to realize is that your 'true love' is not coming. OK, that sounds sad and depressing, but let's take a look at who your true love is; it's someone you don't know, an ideal, a person that hasn't yet come into being, so why make such a big deal about waiting for them to manifest as your GREAT LOVE? This is going to kick in today, and you will declare that you have officially quit waiting for love. Why bother? Move on dot org.

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