What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Today’s manifestation rituals for Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On August 16, 2023 Jacob Lund/M.Aurelius/Shutterstock

Allow yourself to begin again. The New Moon in Leo rises on Wednesday, August 16, ushering in a brand-new lunar cycle as you feel drawn to set new intentions and focus on what lies ahead rather than anything behind you. While New Moons always offer a decisive moment for a new chapter to begin in your life, this one is amplified as Venus, the planet of love, recently started its new cycle on August 13. You are genuinely being guided to release the past and any remaining feelings that may still hinder you from manifesting your current desires. To let go of the past isn’t to forget about it, but to learn from it — and recognize as you do, you no longer need to attach yourself to it.


The New Moon in Leo harnesses the energy of this passionate fire sign, encouraging you to follow your heart with boldness and courage as you are guided to claim your divine fate. Your passion fuels your life; it allows you to build what is fulfilling and joyful rather than simply letting obligations drain your essence. This lunation will activate Sun, Juno, and Venus retrograde in this sign, signifying that it’s not enough to learn from the past and hope things will get better — you need to deeply commit to your dreams and take the actions to follow through on them. There are no excuses for participating in anything that only takes you away from your authentic self, and by embracing the dynamic force of the New Moon in Leo, you can create your new beginning.


Manifesting under this lunation will best incorporate the element of fire, which represents Leo, as well as the reflections of Venus Retrograde and steps of direct action influenced by the Sun. There is a determinedness to this New Moon, and it’s roaring; it’s time to begin again.



Here’s what each zodiac sign needs to manifest on Wednesday, August 16, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)

How to manifest: Radical Authenticity


The New Moon in Leo hits upon your sector of creativity and commitment, inspiring you to come forward as your most authentic self. To begin your ritual, take an apple, slice it in half, and put it off to the side. Next, please write down your affirmation on a slip of paper, fold it three times toward you, and place it inside the apple, binding it together with gold thread. When you're finished, please repeat your affirmation while you bury it in the earth.

Daily affirmation: I am embracing radical authenticity and prioritizing my dreams.



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(April 20 - May 20)

How to manifest: Family healing

Focus on bringing in themes of healing for your home and family as the New Moon in Leo activates focus in this area of your life. Create a sacred bundle of herbs using rosemary, lavender, and sage, binding it with a blue ribbon. While cleansing your home, repeat your affirmation and hang it on your front door to promote greater healing.

Daily affirmation: I am welcoming in waves of healing for my home and family.


(May 21 - June 20)

How to manifest: Vulnerability

As the New Moon in Leo highlights your communication sector, embrace greater emotional vulnerability in your relationships. Create an intentional tonic using peppermint and lemon balm, letting it steep and cool for several hours. Place a lace blue agate crystal in the tonic, and then as you drink it, repeat your affirmation, focusing on radiating energy of vulnerability.


Daily affirmation: I am safe to be vulnerable with those I care for the most.


(June 21 - July 22)

How to manifest: Believing in yourself

Leo energizes your zone of value, helping to inspire you to believe in yourself and step into your divine power. To use this energy, create an intention jar using white sage, basil, cloves, and cinnamon, sealing it with red wax. As you hold it between your hands, repeat your affirmation, sending it into it, and then place it under your bed where no one else can put their energy into it.

Daily affirmation: I unwaveringly believe in myself and my dreams so I might overcome any obstacle.


(July 23 - August 22)


How to manifest: Inner trust

The New Moon in Leo activates your sector of self, as you are granted a beautiful new beginning in how you show up for yourself and the journey of life. Focus on this theme as you create a sacred sachet using a small pouch, lavender, angelica, and rose petals. As you bind the pouch closed, repeat your affirmation and place it under your pillow while you sleep.

Daily affirmation: I trust my heart to lead me forward in all ways.


(August 23 - September 22)

How to manifest: Forgiveness

Embrace the power of forgiveness as the New Moon in Leo energizes your zone of the subconscious. Begin by lighting a blue candle and write down what you forgive yourself and others for. Fold this three times away from you to send the energy out into the universe, and then anoint it with bergamot essential oil. Using the flame of the blue candle, safely burn what you’ve written and let the cooled ashes be scattered to the wind.


Daily affirmation: I embrace forgiveness to create peace within myself and my life.

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(September 23 - October 22)

How to manifest: A new life dream

Allow yourself to dream anew as the New Moon in Leo activates your portal of goals. Gather a gold candle, write your name on it, then anoint it with almond oil and roll it in crushed rose petals and white sage. As you light it, take a tiger’s eye, and hold it above the flame as you repeat your affirmation. Once the candle has naturally burned out, keep the tiger’s eye with you to help keep you focused on your new dreams.


Daily affirmation: I am excited to focus on my dreams and allow myself to create the life of my dreams.


(October 23 - November 21)

How to manifest: Professional fulfillment

As the New Moon in Leo heightened your focus on your career and professional sector, make it a priority to create success and enjoy what you do. Take a green candle and bury it half in the soil in your garden, encircling it with coins. As you light the candle, repeat your affirmation, allow it to burn down until it’s even with the ground, and then use the earth to extinguish the flame, allowing the candle and coins to remain there to help bring you greater fulfillment.


Daily affirmation: I believe in my abilities to create balance and success professionally.


(November 22 - December 21)

How to manifest: Living your dream life

It’s time to take a risk toward your dreams as the New Moon in Leo activates this sector of your life. Embrace your free spirit as you create an intention jar using lavender for happiness, rose for love, basil for abundance, and cinnamon for success and passion. Once you've added all your ingredients, seal it with gold or yellow wax, then place it on an east-facing window to invite a new beginning.

Daily affirmation: I am ready to take the risks necessary to manifest a beautiful new chapter in my life.



(December 22 - January 19)

How to manifest: Creating a plan of action

The New Moon in Leo highlights your need to plan for the new chapter of your life that is just starting to blossom. Focus your energy by lighting a red candle and then writing down one step of action you can take for each goal or change in your life. Then fold it toward you three times, placing it under the red candle. Once the candle has completely burned out, take the wax and return it to the earth while setting your goals under your pillow.


Daily affirmation: I am focusing on change one step at a time as I craft a plan for success.

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(January 20 - February 18)

How to manifest: A romantic new beginning

As the New Moon in Leo activates your romantic sector, reflect on the new beginning at your disposal in your relationship. This may be a new connection or simply taking an existing relationship to a new level. Begin by lighting a pink candle and holding several chamomile seeds in your hands as you repeat your affirmation. Then plant them in a pot, not your garden, while repeating the affirmation seven times. Sprinkle the soil with cinnamon for luck, then place it in a sunny space in your bedroom to help your new beginning grow.


Daily affirmation: I embrace the present moment within my romantic relationship as I step into a new beginning.


(February 19 - March 20)

How to manifest: An important life change

The New Moon in Leo helps you realize even the most minor changes you make; it enables you to accomplish the grandest of dreams. Focus on your daily routine and create space for a morning ritual. Begin by warming a glass of water, adding lemon juice and peppermint. As you focus on your drink, settle your breath, repeat your affirmation, and bring your awareness to how you feel. By focusing on how you start your day, you’ll see you create a ripple effect of a more significant transformation within your life.


Daily affirmation: I am embracing small changes that will make up a more significant transformation for soul growth and happiness.

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