Zodiac Signs With The Most Challenging Horoscopes On August 22, 2023

When the Moon trines Saturn, expect your patience and emotional fortitude to be tested.

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What gets to us on this day, August 22, 2023, is a little old transit called Moon trine Saturn, and while its (and our) intentions are good, the results may take us through our paces to get there.

What's going on today, with Moon Trine Saturn in the sky, is that this transit tends to bring out the side of us that wants to know where we stand. While that sounds like a reasonable enough request, we all know that getting to the bottom of things isn't always that straightforward.


Today, we clash with our romantic partners and friends on what we might want to call the relationship's 'rules and regulations.' It might not sound too friendly or romantic, but that's not what this day is about. August 22, 2023, is about hashing it out and walking away knowing where we stand. Funny how such a logical thing can cause ego upsets.

We shy away from talking about the truth because truths usually expose us as vulnerable. That's the point of today, and that is the point of having a transit like Moon Trine Saturn. It works. We just have to be willing to accept the truth, work with whatever changes may be suggested and know that nothing is easy. Still, we can succeed if we get over this hump.




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Zodiac signs with the most challenging horoscopes on August 22, 2023

Three zodiac signs will understand that honesty is the best policy on August 22, 2023. Why not? Why not see what's on our minds to the people we are involved with? Is that not the most direct route to being understood? Of course, it is, and on this day, we will cut to the chase and get things done.

It may not feel easy and rough, but we'll get answers by the end of the day, making it all worthwhile.


1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

We can't say enough days for you, Aries, because it's more like something you wanted to happen. You knew that if you asked your romantic partner for the truth, they'd give it to you. In learning what they are all about, you may wonder if this person is the person you want to spend time with.

The interesting twist is that their differences will open your eyes to your unique ways of doing things. During Moon trine Saturn on August 22, 2023, you will realize that you are happy that they've shown you what they are made of and that it opens a door in your that is accepting. Because of this transit, you are more willing to take them as they are and not only that but now you know what you're working with. It gives you peace of mind.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Now and then, you let yourself get a little out of control and what happens is that you forget how to get back to normal. You and your partner tend to do these sorts of things together, and what happens is that you both begin to enable each other's worst side. That's not good and you both recognize this.

It appears that on August 22, 2023, during the transit of Moon trine Saturn, you will both take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, and simultaneously, you'll both decide that you have to change your ways. Nice while it lasted but now it's all over, as they say, and August 22 lets you and your partner know that it's time to lay down the new rules or get swept along in the mayhem of enabling bad habits. That just will not do, and you won't let that happen.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

What bugs you most on August 22, 2023, is that you have told your romantic partner that they need to change something about themselves that has been bothering you severely and that it looks like this person is ignoring you. You didn't want it to come to this. After all, how often can you implore something of someone, only to see that they are simply not listening?

During Moon trine Saturn, what's going on now is that you can't take it anymore. You are going out of your mind and what you're asking of your partner isn't absurd. They have gone into total neglect mode and you are noticing it. You want very much to respect this person but first may have to help them see they they must respect themselves first.


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