3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Betrayed When The Moon Is In Libra On August 20, 2023

You've been done wrong.

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Thanks to some more difficult astrological energies, August hasn't exactly been an easy month. That trend continues for a few of us who get some rather hard-to-take news on August 20, 2023, when the transiting Moon enters Libra. 

It's hard enough to have a gut feeling that someone close to us is doing something behind our backs that might hurt us, but it's so much worse to find out that we weren't actually paranoid but on the mark with our suspicions. It seems that during the transit Moon in Libra, the concept of 'things becoming clear' takes on a new approach. We may start to see things very clearly on this day, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to like what we see. And for three zodiac signs, the Moon in Libra is going to show us something we really didn't want to see.


Today is the day we realize that we've been lied to. This lie is no small potatoes, either; in fact, this is the lie that breaks the camel's back, so to speak. There are lies that we can forgive and there are lies that are simply deal-breakers, and on August 20, 2023, during the Moon in Libra, one such lie will be exposed and it will crush us.

Betrayal is never easy to take, but take it we must in order to figure it out and somehow get past it. It's a rare human being that escapes this life without being betrayed at one point or another. What makes the Moon in Libra the hinge on which this kind of thing is discovered is that this transit seeks to balance things out. It's a universal wake-up call that calls out injustice and does its best to balance it out with truth and knowledge.




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What these three zodiac signs find out today may not be the best news, but at least we won't be living in the dark anymore.

Zodiac signs who'll be betrayed during Moon in Libra on August 20, 2023

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


The last thing in the world that you want to find out is that you've given all your trust to someone who is blatantly disrespecting that honor, and on August 20, 2023, you will come to know the truth about the one person you thought you could trust. During the transit of Moon in Libra, you will receive word that your partner has lied to you, and it won't be coming from them. Through the grapevine, you'll discover that the person you placed all of your love and trust in has deceived you. It's not as if they are laughing behind your back, but in your mind, they may as well be doing just that.

Everything is about to change, and you don't like it one little bit, Cancer. But remember this: you have never failed. You have always pulled it together, even under duress, and you will rise above once again.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


You have started to understand that life comes with betrayals, and as they pile up on you, you take them less and less seriously. It's not that they don't hurt, but you've also started to understand that you can't allow the pain of someone else's bad choice to ruin your world. Once again, you will see that there's a friend of yours who has shown themselves to be duplicitous. You trusted them and hoped for more, and yet, this person doesn't seem to care for you enough to treat you with respect. It's OK. If you must let go of the friendship, then so be it.

During Moon in Libra, it's easier for you to understand that people are not perfect and that everybody's got their own thing going on. It doesn't make it right, but if you adopt an attitude of acceptance, it sure does lighten the pain. You've been betrayed, Sagittarius, and it's just another day for you.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


You take betrayal to heart, but what's worse is that you clearly don't understand why anyone in the world would be so deceptive with you. Unfortunately, that's how it goes down on August 20, 2023. During Moon in Libra, your 'good' friend will show you that they really aren't that good a friend, and because you believed in them and in your friendship with them, the idea that they have lied to you with such nerve really puts you out. At first, you'll feel anger and resentment, and then as the betrayal kicks in, you'll feel sad and maybe even despondent.

This is something you will get past, Aquarius, but it may take a while, as you tend to process hurt very slowly. Don't try too hard to understand the reasoning of another human being; that's a task that is way too hard to attempt.

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