3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Likely Have A Harder Than Usual Day On August 20, 2023

Big lessons await us on this day. Get ready.

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What may make today feel difficult is that we're learning lessons we thought we had already learned. Today is about balance and control. It's not a bad day, but like all days with powerful life lessons, taking those lessons isn't always easy. That's OK, as we know in our hearts that we need to move on and that once we get over certain humps, we'll be just fine.

On August 20, 2023, we're looking at the Moon in Libra and how it affects three zodiac signs.


We can expect a reassessment of what we think is important to us during the Moon in Libra. This is a great day for letting go of bad habits, but to do so, we must admit that we have these bad habits. That's the trouble spot right there, as often acknowledging that we're doing something wrong is harder than actually not doing that wrong thing.

We may experience a clash of feelings today. This kind of conflict is our make-or-break moment. Three zodiac signs will accept the challenge and deal with what they know must be dealt with.

August 20, 2023, may feel like a rough day, but it's more like eliminating what doesn't work for us. We may have grown an attachment to a bad habit, and we might not even believe we can live without this attachment, but that's where the Moon in Libra comes into play. We recognize during this transit that we are a lot stronger than we gave ourselves credit for. Today could be the cornerstone leading us to a new and better life.


These three zodiac signs will have harder than usual horoscopes when Moon in Libra does its job on August 20, 2023.

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

In a way, today is one of those days when you need to grow up. You recognize in yourself a trait that you no longer think is working for you, and it all has to do with maturity, or rather, immaturity. You have been acting like a baby and it's time to change your ways. On August 20, you will find yourself in a situation that requires intelligent decision-making.

Because the transit above is the Moon in Libra, you will know this is your big opportunity. Today is the day you can act on your gut instinct and do the right thing yourself. Yes, it may feel like you're about to make a monumental change, but for some reason, during the Moon in Libra, it's not that hard to handle. Things make sense to you today, and if you need to let go of certain bad habits, you will do so with ease and acceptance.


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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Whenever there are Libra transits around you, Gemini, you feel inspired to look at things from a realistic perspective. You now realize that you need to change something in your life. It's August 20, 2023, and you have promised yourself that you will have changed your ways by this point. Have you done so?

Perhaps you've started the work but haven't gotten there. That's how the Moon in Libra works in your life: it pushes you to complete what you've created. You could easily see yourself backpedaling into your old bad habits, but today puts you into a situation where all you see is forward movement. There is no going back. You recognize this, accept it and greet it joyfully. It's time.


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You may find that you will be laughing at yourself on August 20, 2023, because you can't believe how much of a lie you've sold yourself in the past. Your recognition of the truth today comes to you after the Moon in Libra rises in the sky, revealing a new path for you to walk on. You completely own your mistakes and rather than stew in self-pity, you decide to start anew on this day.

During the Moon in Libra, your life makes sense and you assemble the pieces. Certain behaviors get you nowhere, and it's only on this day that you really and truly 'get it.' You need to change your attitude and lifestyle, and while that might sound heavy, it's the kind of heavy you can handle very well. Onwards, soldier!


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