Moon Opposite Neptune Makes 3 Zodiac Signs Confess Their Love On August 19, 2023

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Something will happen today, August 19, 2023, whether you are ready for it or not. You have had this on your mind for a while and don't know if you can hold it in another day. And by 'this,' we mean your love for another person.

They have to know how you feel, and while you're not sure they'll jump up and down for joy over it, you aren't quite sure they'll scoff and reject you, either. You are consumed with the idea that you have to confess your love, and if you feel this way, it may be because you are one of the three more influenced zodiac signs by the transit of Moon opposite Neptune.

When Moon opposite Neptune is in our sky, we enter the realm of overthinking. 



It's a Neptune thing, and most of us can't help it. For some of us, overthinking rapidly turns into "What do I do with my thoughts?" If we can't keep them in, we must let them out, which presents a risk. Still, it's a risk we're all too ready to take. We need to tell the one we love that, well, we love them, and while we hope they'll feel the same or that they will 'eventually' feel the same, the game is on. Confession time has officially begun.

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Being empathetic makes you want to know the person you are empathizing with even better, and on this day, August 19, 2023, that person is someone you have a crush on. Perhaps what made you fall for them was that thing you believe you saw in them. It could be their pain or their desire to be more than they are, but the truth is, while you believe you are picking up on what's going on inside them, you know that you may still be off.

That is why you want to clarify when Moon opposite Neptune influences you and your zodiac sign. You want to know the truth about this person because you feel as though everything you've picked up on so far has made you fall in love with them. You strive for the truth and on this day, you will tell them that you are in love with them and truly interested in who they are.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Expressing yourself in gigantic romantic gestures is very like you, Leo, and you see no reason as to why you'd ever hold back. If you haven't confessed your gigantic love to the person you have fallen for yet, you won't be able to stop yourself during the transit of Moon opposite Neptune. This transit comes 'round on this day, August 19, 2023. It's still Leo season, and you're still feeling like the boss, and as 'boss,' you see no reason as to why you'd hold back.

After all, you are in love and the person you love should know how you feel. You have nothing to offer but greatness and adoration, so what's not to love in return, right? You believe in yourself and so on this day, during Moon opposite Neptune, you will approach that lucky person and wow them like nobody could ever try to do.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You spend a lot of time convincing yourself that when it's time to confess your love, you just go for it. Yes, it's an act of supreme nerviness on your part, but that's part of the fun for you. During the transit of the Moon opposite Neptune, you will leap at the chance to tell the person you have fallen for that not only do you love them, but that you see things in them that make your love worthy and valid.

On August 19, 2023, you will be unstoppable, and honestly, if you were stopped, you might reconsider, as you're working on pure adrenaline as it is. The good part is that nobody stops you. This is your chance. Yes, you feel nervous and crazy, but when a thing has to be done, it has to be done, and you are the person for the job, Virgo!

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