The 3 Zodiac Signs Who May Have A Challenging Day On August 18, 2023

It's all thanks to the controlling and semi-hostile transit of Moon conjunct Mars.

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When it feels like you're all out of luck, you might be close to hitting rock bottom — or, as we like to say in astrological terms, Moon conjunct Mars.

OK, OK, it's not that bad. But this little old (and I do mean old) transit is what's driving this rickety old (yes, very old) vehicle into the ground today, and what we're left with are choices: Should we take all this 'bad luck' seriously, or should we just deal with it as it comes and ride it out like bosses? The answer should be obvious, however, we're going to have to decide among ourselves as to which ones here are the bosses and which ones are the wimps who settle for 'bad luck.'


On August 18, 2023, three zodiac signs will tackle the obstacle course that the Moon conjunct Mars transit lays out for us.

This means we will be handed great and extraordinary opportunities, but the idea of all that greatness sort of brings out our selfish side. It's as if we know we're about to receive something great, but we worry that it's not going to be enough, so we show that we are way too hungry and way too willing to step on others to receive our portion. This is the deal-breaker, and that's how the controlling and semi-hostile transit of Moon conjunct Mars works. It lets us feel as though we have to fight for what's already being handed to us. Odd, yes, but oh-so-human, right?




So, what makes today rough for three individual zodiac signs is that we don't just accept this 'good thing' — we overstep our bounds and demand more than what's coming to us, and that makes us look like selfish people. And when we come across as selfish, we put others in a defense mode; they start to protect what's theirs so that we don't take it away from them. We might not even mean to come off like this...but we do. And we might get in trouble for doing just that.

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1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)


Because you have never really gotten over feeling like the rug is eternally going to be pulled out from underneath you, you are always somewhat on edge and ready for the worst. Your life may be running smoothly, and you may even feel as though you are in excellent shape, but on this day, August 18, 2023, the old program will kick in once again and show you that at any moment, it could all disappear.

This is how Moon conjunct Mars works for you, Taurus, and you'd be better off remembering how far you've come and how you create your own security in your mind. You are not being threatened by external forces on this day, though you may suspect that you are. Do not worry and don't get yourself into a state of hysteria over imagined things. You are safe and sound. Don't overthink it.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


What you may experience on this day during Moon conjunct Mars is the feeling that things are worse than they are, so when a friend of yours tells you to "cheer up," you'll resent them for even opening up their mouth. Honestly, you want to be in a bad mood — and on August 18, 2023, you'll find a way to defend your turf and get that bad mood that you are so desperately trying to protect.

The odd part about it all is that you really aren't sure about why you feel this way, but something inside you feels threatened, as if you can't shake the feeling that someone covets something you have and will somehow try to take it away from you. It's definitely a materialistic thing, and while it's all speculation, the Mars part of the transit has you feeling very military in how you defend yourself. You may even realize that you're overreacting, but once you're there, you won't give up the ghost until you give yourself the all-clear.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Today has you feeling particularly clingy, and that is because Moon conjunct Mars has a way of making you feel as though your prized possessions are somehow slipping through your hands. What bothers you most during this transit on August 18, 2023 is the idea that nothing is permanent, and, well, as a Virgo, you want permanency very much. You feel threatened by change even though you know it's inevitable and possibly even good. It's not that you don't welcome in the good, it's that you fear the idea of change, and Moon conjunct Mars brings change in not-so-subtle ways.

All in all, this day isn't going to be much to write home about; you'll wrestle with your bad mood and you'll chuckle as it falls to the wayside. It's nothing you can't handle.

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