3 Zodiac Signs Who Need To Be Free During Sun Conjunct Lilith On August 17, 2023

Fly free, freebird.

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Today is extraordinary for three zodiac signs who have come to terms with something in their lives — something that they now know as their 'condition.' These people need to be free.

That doesn't mean they can't share their love or be in relationships. But on August 17, 2023, during the transit of Sun conjunct Lilith, we will see how these three zodiac signs know in their heart that before anything, comes freedom.


They need to choose their path, their style. These people will not listen when the world demands them to. Fitting in is not part of the Sun-conjunct-Lilith agenda. On this day, we will see who the actual rebels are. With cause or without, it matters not.

We need to be free. We realize that this life is short and that our time is precious. We choose what we want to do with our time and while we're not choosing to hurt others, we are not here to be hurt by others either. That means that when we sense danger, we pick up and leave. It's that simple, and as this Sun conjunct Lilith transit falls during Leo season, we are made all the stronger by it. When the wind blows, we travel. We are as free as a bird, and we are not going to change.


Three zodiac signs are not subject to caring about what others think of them during Sun conjunct Lilith on August 17, 2023. 

Caring about such a thing is akin to being in a self-imposed prison and not happening. Sun-conjunct Lilith inspires originality and the power to make incredibly bold decisions. We will do what is right for ourselves, and others will stand back and watch us as we soar. Because that's what we do — we soar.

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Oh, you have seen the hard times. And if anyone is going to learn the lesson the hard way, it's you... but that also implies that you are willing to learn and have already learned. During the transit of Sun conjunct Lilith on August 17, 2023, you will answer only to yourself. While you are concerned with the opinions and advice of friends, family and lovers, you know that the last stand is made by you alone. You are the one who makes the big decisions in your life, and while you can appreciate the people who love you, there is no one out there who can stop you or change you. You are driven towards your version of success, which no other person can know. To be your authentic self, you must be free at all times. Sun conjunct Lilith brings out this need in you, Gemini.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Whenever there's a Lilith transit, such as the one on August 17, 2023, you are in rare form, Virgo. Today reminds you of who you are, and while others have not always believed that you are as free-thinking as you'd like them to think, you are indeed the freest person you know. You are not someone who stands for stagnation in your own life, and while you are very loving and giving, you don't want to be defined by being in a relationship. That's all fine and dandy, but you are more than a partner. You are an individual with your own needs. Your craving for freedom includes freedom from bad work conditions and poor communication with your romantic partner. Today is the day you stand up for yourself and make things right. Nothing holds you back. You are free and wise. Today is the day you spread your wings and fly.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

No zodiac sign craves freedom and independence more than your astrological sign, Sagittarius. When there's a transit as brazen as Sun conjunct Lilith, you become ten times the person you ordinarily are. On August 17, 2023, during Leo Sun season, you will feel, for the first time in ever so long, that state of grace where you are entirely content to be yourself, on your own, in your world. Your day will be filled with revelations and rushes, you won't be able to stop the flow of positive energy and it will be during this transit that you reach a state of elation. This happens to you occasionally, and you relish the moments when it does. You feel like a Condor in the sky during Sun conjunct Lilith. You soar through the mountains and valleys, happy to be alive ... happy to be you.

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