3 Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On August 16, 2023

It's a good day to practice humility and gratitude.

3 Signs Who Will Have a Rough Day on August 16, 2023 Jirawatfoto/Black Salmon/Lidiia/Shutterstock

Today, August 16, 2023, offers us an interesting perspective. Many of us believe we 'finally got the hint' at how to do this thing called life. It's a big revelation. Whenever something like that happens, we think we have the answer — that we are now the experts. We forget that while we are individuals, so is everyone else and that life's 'answers' are not one size fits all.

That's how the transit of Mars trine Uranus works its way into our lives today. It gives us the impression that we are the ones who have the gift. We also tend to dismiss others when they believe they have a gift of their own.


Today's transit, Mars trine Uranus, has us trusting in ourselves, which is good. where we go wrong is that we also tend to think that we're the only ones who 'caught on.' Because of the Mars energy involved in today's transit, we may look down on certain people, somehow believing them to be inferior to us. We think we are the wise ones, and for three zodiac signs, this is where the trouble begins.

It's one to think to believe we are wise, but it's another thing to put others down simply because they don't see things in the same light. That's how Mars trine Uranus becomes troublesome as it will inspire three zodiac signs to think they have all the answers, and worse, literally. We will push our opinions onto others — and guess what? They won't appreciate our efforts. Time for humility, zodiac signs. Can we grab some? We shall see.


These three zodiac signs will have a rough day on August 16, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Whenever you catch on to something BIG, you feel very proud of yourself ... and you should be. You've always sought truth, so you feel smarter when you finally understand some vastly mysterious concept. That's a good thing, Gemini. After all, you are a brilliant person. What goes on today is that you sometimes don't know how to communicate your newfound wisdom, and during transit like Mars trine Uranus, you might end up sounding like a fraudulent pandit.

You like to preach and you do it well, but on August 16, 2023, your 'tone' may be unapproachable — and whoever it is that you are trying to impress, well, they may be turned off by your faux-guru trip. You don't mean to be this way and are willing to look at your behavior, which is good. Honor yourself by educating others in a peaceful and accepting way.



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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to teach the masses what you've recently learned, it's more about 'how' you communicate your ideas today than it is about showing others how smart you are. Smart Libra? That's a given. You have nothing you need to prove. However, on August 16, 2023, during the transit of Mars trine Uranus, you might become a little too into yourself and that could potentially turn people away from you.

Worse, you won't be conscious of your snobbish attitude. You genuinely are there to help and guide. You will learn quickly that the best way to appeal to people is by letting them have the floor. You are a great communicator, Libra, but you'd have an easier time today if you shared the space with others. Listening is just as valuable as speaking.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You feel good about yourself today, Capricorn, as the things in your life finally make sense. Your love life and the professional world seem to be working out, but the only hitch to today's smooth flow is that you feel this burning need to tell others how to live their lives. You are most sincerely trying to be helpful, but because you've caught on to some special 'life magic,' you now think your way is basically ... the only way. It's as if you use yourself as the example, and while that's great because YOU truly are great, you aren't catching on to the idea that not everyone is you.

During Mars trine Uranus on August 16, 2023, you will see some resistance to your methods. It might even shock you that not everyone agrees, even though so much makes sense in your world. Their loss? No, not at all. Just their life and their timing. It'll all work out in the long run, Capricorn.


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