3 Zodiac Signs Are Unstoppable In Love On August 13, 2023

Somebody stop me!

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If ever there were an astrological transit meant to kick butt and take no prisoners, it's Moon sextile Mars, and it will hit three zodiac signs today with a wallop of positivity. If something were holding us back, those chains would be broken today and dissolved, as we never return to where we couldn't move. Today is about momentum and nerve, and nothing jettisons us into movement quite like a strong Mars transit. Today, August 13, 2023, brings that strong Mars transit, and we will appreciate what happens next.




We are people in love. Well, maybe not 'everybody' here, but three zodiac signs have their eye on someone. We may have had these potential partners in our minds for a long time, knowing that 'one day' we would make them ours. We are deadly serious about these people. No, these aren't just folks we want to fling with or people we are fascinated with. We are in love and finally feel we have the nerve to reach out to the one that has captured our hearts. Today, during Moon sextile Mars, we make our move. Failure is not an option!


We are unstoppable today. Moon sextile Mars is the fire that fuels our decision making and we have decided to GO FOR IT. We are not taking no for an answer, and while that might seem a little too pushy if we are doing something like approaching a potential romantic partner for the first time, what we lack in balance, we make up for in charm. Stand aside. These three zodiac signs are here to take control!

Three zodiac signs are unstoppable in love on August 13, 2023: 

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

It finally hits you that today is the best day to express what you need to say to someone who has captured your heart. You feel as though you have one life to live, and while Moon sextile Mars is in the sky, you feel that it's now or never. Time to do what you came here for and that, Aries, is to be happy. You are happy without a partner, but having one would feel pretty good and if you are honest with yourself, you'd rather live this life with a companion.

Hey, it's just who you are and you've become brutally honest with yourself regarding whether or not you want to do this alone. During Moon sextile Mars, you'll know that, NO, you don't want to do it alone and being that you are madly in love with that one person, today's the day to let them know how you feel. You are unstoppable!


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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Moon sextile Mars makes you feel you are the highest authority and that if you want something — anything — you will easily acquire it. What you want isn't a thing, though. It's a person with feelings and a personality, so you can't just demand that they show up and love you. No problem there, as August 13, 2023, makes it easy to attract this person without doing much.

You are so attractive and appealing on this day that you can have anyone you want, but you have eyes for only one person, and by the end of the day, that person will not be able to resist you. You are an unstoppable force of nature. If you set your sights on someone, they will set their sights on you. It can't be helped during Moon sextile Mars.


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You don't mind being alone, and that's mainly because you are so particular that the only way you'd be with someone is if they are your idea of perfect. Well, guess what? Perfect comes to you today, August 13, 2023, during the transit of Moon sextile Mars. This isn't a total stranger who just arrived, however. This is someone you've known a long time but only realize today how special they are.

Suddenly, all your defenses are down; you don't care if you get hurt or rise victorious. All you know is that you are alive and thriving at the moment and that this person is the one who makes you happier than ever. Your love for them becomes unstoppable, rampant, over the top and all-pervasive. Have you ever done anything in half measures, Sagittarius? Not really. Enjoy the passion!


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