3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscope On August 13, 2023

Patience is the key today. Hang in there.

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Today offers a chance to get it right where our love lives are concerned, but the problem is that every time we get an insight, we want to tell our partners about it and ... change them immediately. We are a little less patient than we should be on this day, August 13, 2023, and with the help of the transit Moon sextile Uranus, we will jump the gun. So, our enthusiasm and intention are great. Still, the way we implement the change and 'upgrade' that we feel we've just discovered is something that we race into and could easily lead to confusion between partners.




For the zodiac signs who are seriously interested in finding out what's going on or discovering what's at the bottom of whatever it is that holds the two partners apart, today is close to miraculous in so much as, yes, we will be discovering the 'key' to it all. With that kind of high revelation, we will also feel as though we've been ignited into action, and that's when we act before thinking things through. Three zodiac signs will move too quickly today — to do good, yes, but too fast is too fast for the partner who isn't quite ready to handle it all. That's what August 13, 2023, looks like for these three zodiac signs.


Whenever we have a transit like Moon sextile Uranus, we can expect the unexpected; that's the nature of Uranus. As it affects our love lives today, we can know that 'eventually' we'll get it right but that it might take a few tries before we figure out the best approach: patience, zodiac signs. Patience and thoughtfulness do the trick on August 13, 2023.

Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on August 13, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

While it's not one of your 'best' days per se, it's not your worst, either. What you'll more than likely experience during Moon sextile Uranus is the idea of being a little pushier than your romantic partner might want you to be, and they may tell you to back off or slow down. OK, telling someone is not harsh; you will take it like a boss.

However, that may not precisely slow your roll. Moon sextile Uranus makes you feel like you've just discovered the Grail and want to share your knowledge with the person you love and respect most. That's all good, but you must consider that they may be busy with something else. It's all about you interrupting them with your honest-to-goodness great idea. Wait your turn, and then you'll find success.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Your mood is ebullient on August 13, 2023, and during the transit of Moon sextile Uranus, you want nothing more than to share wealth with your romantic partner. What you aren't considering is that this is the day that they need to do something significant and while they love you and wish to hear you out, they need to concentrate on whatever consumes them.

You might even get angry at how they defend their right to have their time. It's not an insult. It's just imperative that they take their space to do whatever they need to do. You have great big plans for the two of you, and during Moon sextile Uranus, you don't need to wait for 'the right moment' to speak. You may be frustrated by their inability to listen today, Virgo. Have no fear. That space will open up shortly.


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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

When you think you've got it all together, nothing can stop you from sharing your newfound knowledge, except during Moon sextile Uranus, that stroke of genius may end up being something you need to hold on to, at least for a few more days. You finally 'get it' today, August 13, 2023, and what you feel you've discovered is the missing link in what takes your romance from good to excellent, and so, naturally, you want to get your partner involved.

That's all good except for one fact: they have other plans today. While they'd love to indulge you, they have no time to listen today, which might cool your engines. Don't let their schedule deter you. Plan for better timing, and you'll share all you need to share successfully. Hang in there!


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