3 Zodiac Signs Need A Break From Love On July 28, 2023

The power of self-love compels you.

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Today is a very important and transformative day, as today's transit, Mercury trine Node is a very powerful and influential aspect for three zodiac signs. It is July 28, 2023 and we are starting to feel as though something is happening here. Clarity comes to us, and we feel as though we are being lead into a place where revelations and realizations exist just for us.

We are going through a spiritual growth spurt, and what is known is that during this time, we do not want to be distracted from our path. And what qualifies as 'distraction' on this day, during Mercury trine Node, is that crazy little thing called love.




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Love can be a distraction, that is for sure. We don't resent it for being that way, but there are times in one's life when we literally have to reject it just so we can focus on our lives. Today is one such day, and today requires stamina; we need to declare a break from love so that we can concentrate on what matters most to us; the upkeep of our lives, our health and our wellbeing.


Our bodies are calling to us, and we have to pay attention to them. And for three zodiac signs, this day is going to be about heeding to that call. No time for the love of others right now; today is for self love, self healing and self care. It's real.

We need a break from love, it's just simple math. One distraction plus another distraction equals chaos. We get it and on this day, we know what we have to do about it. If we can concentrate our love on to the one most important person in our lives — ourselves — then we can feel better about how we go about loving another person...tomorrow. Today is for us, so we might as well make it a Mercury trine Node celebration.

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Three zodiac signs need a break from love on July 28, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


Love is the thing that gets into your head and has you reacting all sorts of ways to; and the one thing you don't need at this point in your life is to have someone get into your head. You may have noticed that your flow is excellent these days; in work and in health, you're on a roll, for sure. On July 28, 2023, you'll experience how love is a definitely distraction for you, as it absolutely takes you away from the progress you've made on yourself.

This is distinctly Mercury trine Node stuff, and it's all about pushing you towards focusing on that which makes sense right now. What makes sense right now is that you continue on with your flow; you are a creative machine and the only thing that could knock you off your tracks is the distraction of love or romance. It's all good stuff, but right now, it's best to just pull back and take a break.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)


You are picking up on the signs left and right now, Scorpio, and everything in your life is telling you to focus. Focus on your career, focus on your body, your health...stay on the path where your mental health needs to you to be. You are the only person in your life who will come through for you, as there is nobody else who can rule things like YOUR career or YOUR health.

What you'll notice is that during the transit of Mercury trine Node, you find love and romance to be more of a distraction that a positive force in your life. You are lucky in so much as you are a person who is loved, but you don't feel that you have to keep up the 'romance' part every single day ... not during this time, at least. You need to concentrate on the number one person in your life: You. Love can wait, but for now, it's break time.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


 On July 28, 2023, you will take a break from love. You are very honest with yourself during this time, and with the transit of Mercury trine Node on your side, you're going to feel the support of the universe. When you need to concentrate on yourself, as you do right now, you will know that this is not the time to get into anything with another person.

You do not want their opinions or suggestions rambling around inside your head, and in order to maintain this kind of clarity, you need to avoid being with anyone who might be considered a love interest. Even if you're married, you feel you need to break free, if only for a little while. What's good is that you are driven and one-pointed; you will take your break and you will regain the strength that may have been lost. Break time begins ... now.

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