4 Specific Zodiac Signs Will Most Likely Fall Out Of Love And End Their Relationships Before The End Of July

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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Nobody wants to hear that this is the week their relationship will end, but for many of us here today, we know it will happen sooner or later. The week is July 24 - 30, and for four different zodiac signs, this week may bring about the beginning of the end, if not the end itself. This week will test us to the core of our being, but something else is happening here ... it is all for the best.

While that sounds like the worst cliche on the market, there's truth. If we are at the point where we have to end a love relationship, especially one that has gone on for ... years ... then we must be doing it with a reason. What we do know about how the transits work this week is so much as nothing that happens this week is frivolous or impulsive. We're not breaking up with our partners because 'breaking up' is trending on Instagram. This happens because it needs to happen, and the four zodiac signs that it will happen to will recognize the truth in this.


With Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde at the top of the week, we automatically take it to the conference. Love is the topic, and we and our mates will discuss it. During this time, the Moon will transit Scorpio through Capricorn, not a great sign for lovers. We're looking at how two parties conclude that ending it is better than trying to keep it together. We've got the Moon in Sagittarius prompting us to believe that being independent might help at this point in our lives, so at least we have the strength of our resolve. We do it with firm resolution if we break up with our partners.

We may even see how love plays a part in our endings. This isn't about harsh fights to the death. We aren't entering the gladiatorial arena. We respect the person we once loved and will allow them to express what's on their mind. The endings that occur this week are not unilateral. They are decisions made by two parties. Bonds may break, but they will not shatter. Respect is the key. Which four zodiac signs will see endings this week, July 24 - 20, 2023?


Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships before the end of Julyn:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Being someone who has little patience as it is, it's going to be hard for you to come to terms with something that is going on in your relationship right now. Your partner wants 'more time,' whatever that means. They keep making excuses, and all you are starting to see is that the only real thing happening is that time is being wasted.

You, of all people, who can readily admit that being lazy is fun, will come to the end of your rope during the week of July 24 - 20, 2023. And, like a bull, you're also going to start to feel as though you're the one who has been carrying all the weight. It's suddenly not feeling like fun anymore, and while you've had this conversation many times with your partner, you feel that this week may have you at your breaking point. You may not end it, but you will let your partner know this week that this can't go on at this rate.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

The idea of ending your relationship is atrocious to you, and it will never happen in a million years. That is until it becomes a severe thought for you, which will happen during the week of July 24 - 20, 2023. You didn't consider that you'd ever come to this, but your partner is such a massive disappointment that you can hardly breathe anymore.

What's going on is that YOU are a massive disappointment to yourself, and rather than admit that, you project the problem onto your partner. This week will have you facing the mirror, as your partner will deny your reasoning ... this forces you to look closely at yourself. If they aren't the problem, then ... are you? Are you? What happens next is that you won't be able to deal with being the problem, and you'll continue to blame them, resulting in them leaving you.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

This week comes with regret and shame. Shame for not speaking up and letting it get this far. Regret for being so non-confrontative that you sat back and watched as the entire relationship fell into oblivion. Now that the damage is so forgone, there's no turning back. Your partner is thoroughly tired of you, and they believe you are a passive-aggressive game player who never gets to the point. This might be true, as you love to pretend everything's alright when it isn't.

This week will show you that if you snooze, you lose. In this case, the relationship is going bye-bye. You can save it, Libra, but that will take guts and the ability to open your mouth and probably say what's on your mind, "Please don't leave me." SAY it. You snooze, you lose. Wake up.

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4. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

There's a reason why you have fallen out of love with the one you're with, and that is because you've discovered what they think of you ... for real. You did what we all do when we're in love. We endow our partners will qualities they do not have. You made this person into a god; then, they were merely a mortal that you found attractive.

You'll turn on them when they finally show you they were imperfect, as they will be doing this week, July 24 - 20, 2023. They weren't supposed to be 'that real.' You wanted a fantasy, and this person is a disappointment. This is what you get for being an idealist. Understand this, Aquarius; nobody owes you perfection simply because you project it onto them. You will end this relationship, justify it however you wish, and they will go on their way.


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