Feelings Hurt Easily For 3 Zodiac Signs During The Libra Moon On July 23

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Oh, Libra Moon. What tricks will you play on us today, you cruel, cruel mistress? What sorcery will you decide best suits our fate on this day, July 23, 2023? OK, snapping out of it, let's cut to the chase. During the Libra Moon, the balance shifts in such a way that we may end up with a big, emotional surprise. And yeah, guess what? It isn't pretty. What's going on today is that for three zodiac signs, what we once trusted is now what will come back at us with heartbreak.



Sounds like we're dealing with another human being, right? Sounds like we're looking at a betrayal or some rancid discovery about someone we love and depend on, right? Right-e-o. Today brings broken hearts and it'll all happen before we can say the words, 'Libra Moon.'

Here's the thing with the Libra Moon; it brings out the social butterfly in all of us, but that means while we're out there, we're going to 'hear certain things.' For some zodiac signs that means that on this day, July 23, 2023, we're going to hear some gossip about our romantic partners that will be less than desirable. We may even hear something that will cause us to literally stand back with our mouths open. 'Could that possibly be true? Did they really do THAT?" Whether they did THAT or not has yet to be revealed, however, this is the day that begins the processing of unraveling for the relationship. Enter: doubt. And doubt is like the acid that doesn't stop until everything is devoured by it.

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Today is the day we experience a broken heart. Whether our expectations are crushed or we are simply too suspicious and filled with doubt, it will no longer matter. Our hearts are broken because our dreams are crushed and our dreams are crushed because we expected something other than what we have. Today is a hard day thanks to the Libra Moon. We want stability and balance and yet...everything feels shattered and off kilter.

Feelings hurt easily for three zodiac signs on July 23:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

When you come to realize what your partner has been up to for months now, you'll want to run out of the house, screaming. It may not be cheating, but then again, it might very well be cheating. What the Libra Moon shines a light on is that your partner has been lying to you, point blank. And lies, at this point in the game are just laughable, and you will be saying to yourself, "Are you kidding me?"

You can't believe that YOUR partner is this awful. On July 23, 2023 you'll come to the conclusion that you got involved with the wrong person, and you do NOT see a way out of this. What you know for sure is that this cannot stay this way, but you are also not sure if you can tolerate their behavior going forth. Your heart breaks over the idea that all of this has happened and that this isn't just a bad dream.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

During the Libra Moon, you will be smacked in the kisser with the knowledge that once again, you've been played. The person you are with not only has zero respect for you, but they've also assumed that you are the fool that you've proven yourself to be.

What they call 'being a fool' is what you have called 'loving them unconditionally,' and man oh man, does it hurt to find out that they have dissed you THIS badly. What were you thinking? So, during the Libra Moon on July 23, 2023, you not only get to feel like an idiot, you also get to know that the person you are madly in love with doesn't even love you. It's like a wallop of disrespect. The good thing is that you will definitely learn a great lesson from this: Never again!

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You swore to yourself that you would never put yourself in the vulnerable position of being THAT much in love again, and yet, here you are, and it's July 23, 2023. You're in love and you know what's happening right now: your partner has done the dirty deed and you do not know if you can handle it. Wait, back up...you CAN'T handle it, and during the Libra Moon, it's as if your entire world gets flipped on its side. Why? Why the heck did this person do this to you?

Well, the answer is cold and cruel, Pisces: because they can. Your heart is about to break into ten thousand pieces. You trusted them! Wasn't your trust good enough and couldn't they simply tell you if they need space, or were unhappy, or simply needed to be with someone else? What about truth and communication? Ah, the heck with it. You lost this battle, Pisces, but that's not to say you'll be down forever. You'll be back. Your heart will heal.

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