July 20 Horoscopes Are Rough For 3 Zodiac Signs, Due To Sun Trine Neptune

Chill out on the judgment today, if possible.

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There's an ironic twist today in so much as we have an excellent and positive transit — Sun trine Neptune — that, when juxtaposed with the day, July 20, 2023, and three zodiac signs may turn out to be less than positive in the long run. Today flips the idea of positive energy on its head, and most of this concerns expectation and over-hyped anticipation.

Sun trine Neptune is a transit that can bring out the best in us, that is for sure, but it also puts us in the position of thinking that others will follow suit, which is where today goes wrong. We believe that because WE are good, others should be just as good. Hello, expectations. Hello, disappointments.




Three zodiac signs will find they are having an excellent day on July 20. Here's where the irony and the ego come into play. We feel so good about ourselves that we expect others to be 'just like us.' We might even cop an unrealistic attitude and say to the people around us, "Do better." Instant resentment happens when you tell someone to 'do better' when they are uninterested in what you say.


That's like telling someone to 'cheer up' when taking their time doing whatever has made them feel down. We expect others to leap ahead, and when our expectations aren't met, we become judgmental and harsh. Suddenly, that great day looks more like sitting around judging people.

Sun trine Neptune works on our sense of belief; we believe, which tends to be both a wonderful thing and a pressure for others. The problem with today is that just because we 'believe' we've found the 'right way to do things,' doesn't necessarily mean it's right for anyone else. And so, these three zodiac signs will learn the hard way that it might be best to keep our beliefs to ourselves.

Rough horoscopes for three zodiac signs on July 20:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

While this seems like a very positive and enlightening day for you, Cancer, you may get on a high horse, meaning that just because you can create great things for yourself doesn't necessarily mean that others can or are willing to do the same for themselves. During Sun trine Neptune, you want to be the helpful one, and while there's no harm in that, you might end up being a little too judgmental of those around you.


You may even think you're better than those around you, and that's where the real trouble starts. You have read all the wonderful self-help books, and now you think you are some kind of grand guru; this creates tension and resentment, and you may find that even though you think very highly of yourself today, July 20, others in your life see you as snobbish or irrelevant.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You have played this role before, and it's gotten you the same kind of response, yet, you haven't learned to pull back and simply witness the events rather than try to control them. What's going on today, July 20, during the transit of Sun trine Neptune, is that you feel extremely confident about what you believe in, so much so that you may even try to convince someone else that your way is better than their way.


While you are convinced that you're only acting on their behalf, you're demeaning others by insisting their beliefs and ways of doing things are wrong. Just ... wrong. You may believe in yourself very much, and that's a great thing, Libra, but you will also use this transit as a justifying means to show others that they are not as 'smart' as you. Nobody likes that.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


Because you feel somewhat victorious today, it will make you feel you can tell others how to live their lives. During Sun trine Neptune, on July 20, your positivity will lead the way; however, your positivity only seems to shine down on you, as you will not see others in the same light as you see yourself. You feel confident about your achievements and believe in your great future, making you feel you can tell others how to live their lives. You are very 'fundamentalist' in your approach. It's as if you've just quit some bad habit, and now you are the spokesperson for getting over it; one on hand, it's admirable, but your 'enthusiasm' is obnoxious for the rest of us.

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