3 Zodiac Signs Are Betrayed In Love On July 19, During The Moon Square Uranus

This wasn't part of the plan, babe.

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Three zodiac signs are betrayed in love on July 19, during the Moon square Uranus. Imagine, if you will, your trusted and beloved romantic partner approaching you with a novel idea: "How about we open our relationship up?" Your stomach hits the ground; you can't believe what they are proposing. "What do you mean 'open our relationship'?"

And then they proceed to tell you how good it would be for the relationship if you could just ... now and then ... allow in someone new to 'spice things up' etc, etc. Your first thought is, "Well, that's not part of the plan, is it?" And as you respond to them, verbally, and succinctly with your words, "NO WAY," they look at you dead in the eye and tell you that they have another lover and that they were hoping you'd be open to the idea.




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This is a common occurrence, so just in case it happens to you, don't feel alone; it happens. And while one party might call it a necessity, the other party, as in YOUR party, calls it a flat out betrayal. And that, my betrayed friends, is what can happen today for three zodiac signs. When Moon square Uranus is in the house, people are taking it upon themselves to do things that their partners would never agree to, including little old things like...cheating.


During Moon square Uranus, we may feel as though we are being pressured to be 'the cool one' who accepts the idea of an open relationship. Being that we are totally NOT into it, and that our partner's decided this without our consent means that they went behind our backs and trashed the verbal contract that stated that the relationship was monogamous. OK then. Three zodiac signs will be betrayed today, July 19, 2023, and that betrayal will be obvious and gut-wrenching. Prepare your heart.

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Three zodiac signs are betrayed in love on July 19:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

The last thing that you ever thought could possibly happen to you is about to happen today, July 19, 2023, and that is the idea of you being betrayed by your lover. You don't do polygamy; sure, it's a wonderful idea for someone, but you're just not that someone. And so, when you get involved with a romantic partner, you just naturally assume that they are working the same monogamy program as you are, right?


You may have even sworn yourself to the death over the idea of fidelity, and yet, during Moon square Uranus, your partner doesn't seem to take it all that seriously when they cheat on you. That's right, 'cheat on you.' Oh sure, you know you're supposed to be the bigger person and just roll with it when they blatantly betray you, and yet, you really aren't that person after all. What you are now is a betrayed, hurting, jilted lover who can't understand why things went this way.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

What, ME, cheated on? Those are your feelings today, July 19, 2023 as you come to terms with the reality that your trusted partner has just done the unthinkable; they've turned to someone else for physical love and affection. That's not how it was supposed to be, not according to your rules and regulations.


Oh, they may still 'love' you and they may even try to convince you that you're 'the only real love for them,' but when it comes to physical love, you really aren't open to the whole idea of multiple partners, in fact, it makes you a little queasy. During Moon square Uranus, what you think doesn't really matter. Your partner wants another lover; you don't want them to have that, and you really want to convey the message to them that not only is this not cool, but that you are devastated by their decision.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Oh poor, naive Sagittarius. Once again, you believed and had total faith in someone else, and here they are today, July 19, 2023, doing what you never though was possible: betraying you. It's very easy to betray someone during Moon square Uranus, as this transit promotes willfulness and rebellion. While your partner doesn't think of it as rebellion, per se, you see the entire thing as the break down of all the trust you'll ever have.


How could you let yourself fall for it again? Is being betrayed part of your karmic plight, and must this pattern be repeated endlessly? Your heart will break during Moon square Uranus as you find out what your romantic partner has been up to, and what they plan on continuing with...with or without you. Oh life, you are so cruel sometimes.

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