3 Zodiac Signs Want A Fling On July 2, During The Sagittarius Moon

Love the one you're with.

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Three zodiac signs want a fling on July 2, 2023. If the Sagittarius Moon were a person, then every time that person walked into a room, other people would look at each other with desire in their eyes. Sagittarius Moon would smile and say, "Let the Flings begin!" so the flings would commence.

Yes, that's a far-fetched sci-fi scenario, but that's the best way to describe one of the reasons many of us want to get involved with others and why we want to fling with that person rather than sign on for a relationship. We are influenced by Sagittarius' love of freedom and independence, and the Sagittarius Moon tends to bring that love into our romantic lives. We want the connection, the closeness ... but we still want to know that we can be independent if we choose to be.




In the same way that not everyone wants independence and freedom in romance, so goes the degree of influence that comes with the Sagittarius Moon. The desire to have a fling is not present in everyone, and certainly not in every zodiac sign.


This desire takes guts; one would think that having a fling was a cop-out, a way to avoid emotion or feeling, but to be someone honest enough with themselves to decide that a fling is better than something long-term takes nerve and courage. That courage only comes with certain zodiac signs, and those zodiac signs will decide to go with the fling on this day, July 2, 2023.

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Hey, it's Summer, and if ever there were a 'right' time to have a fling, this is it, kids. So, here's to Summertime and the fun we can have in love, romance, affection and freedom. These three zodiac signs are up for a fling ... are you?

Three zodiac signs want a fling on July 2:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


Now and then, you just want to take things into your own hands and work the world your way. Well, that's every day for you, Aries, but on this day, July 2, 2023, you'll have the prompt of the Sagittarius Moon on your side, and with that, you'll feel the need to blaze a path of your own. You want love to look a certain way and want it to go away when you are no longer interested in it.

Others may perceive you as cold, but you are anything but cold; what you are is decisive and brave, and when it comes to love and connection, this day inspires brevity for you. You aren't interested in signing away your rights as a free spirit — not just yet. If you get the chance to be physical with someone you find attractive, then you will take it ... but the rules are: 'Let's see where this goes first ... ' No ties, no commitment ... yet.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


You'd rather be in a full-time committed relationship, but being that you are not in one at the moment, you'll take what you can get because you are a person who enjoys the company of a lover. It's July 2, 2023, and you are ready to experience all life has in store for you, and on this day, that could mean a fling. Sure, you'll go there; you want to love it, but you aren't sure you want the whole kit and caboodle yet, so let's start with something easy.

A fling would do the trick for you, and while the Sagittarius Moon is in the sky, it all seems like that's where you're headed. For now, you've had enough experience to show you that you don't want to get into anything too serious ... not just yet. It's Summer, and you like the idea that you're a free bird with nobody to answer to and nothing to lose.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


Today, during the Sagittarius Moon on July 2, 2023, you'll be open to whatever comes your way. You would get into a fling with someone, and if it leads to more, then that's just fine with you, too. At this point, you oppose making too much of a romantic situation. You want to take your time and don't want to think too far into the future. In fact, 'thinking' does not prompt you to want a fling with someone.

You want it light; you don't want to meet someone and immediately have to establish rules and regulations because that would kill your spontaneity. Not knowing where things are going is part of the turn-on for you, and on this day, you will go where your heart tells you to go. You're going to keep it light to keep your mind intact.

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