Friendships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 29, During Moon Square Venus

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friendships improve for three zodiac signs

Friendships improve for three zodiac signs on June 29, during the Moon square Venus transit. There's a very good reason why friendships seem to get better during the transit of Moon square Venus and that is because we are swayed by this transit's power to 'desire' more.

Moon square Venus brings out a need in us for positivity, and certainly, we can see how such a thing could happen, especially in this day and age when 'hate' is all the rage and we who really do want love in our lives merely want a good friend to trust and hold on to.

It's scary out there, and we want someone we can love. We want a friend that makes sense to us; someone whom we can see a future with, someone whom we believe will keep our secrets and laugh with us. And on June 29, three specific zodiac signs will crave this more than others ... and we will get what we desire, as well. Phew!

This is the time to set things straight between friends and help the relationship to improve. If there's an argument, this is the day to get over it. If we have questions, then this is the day to ask them. Today has a covering over it, as if we are being protected by powerful positive forces, and that's true when Moon square Venus is in the sky.



If we are feeling vulnerable, we can trust that our beloved friend will listen to us, and just the time they spend with us will act like a healing balm. It's OK to trust the person we call our best friend. We are lucky to have them, and, in turn, they are lucky to have us.

These three signs will grow closer to their friend during Moon Square Venus, and it will feel very special, indeed. Sometimes friends cross a border together, when they realize that what they share is rare and precious; today, June 29, 2023 during the transit of Moon square Venus is the day when we experience that precious moment when we know we are lucky enough to have a high quality friendship with someone else. Laughter and love abounds for Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius.

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Three zodiac signs whose friendships improve on June 29:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

While you are someone who can easily tackle things on your own, you would always prefer to have a friend by your side, and if you really get what you want, then you want a bestie; a true friend, a party animal much like your own self. You will have such an experience today, Taurus, during the transit of Moon Square Venus, on June 29, and you will come to realize that there is nothing better in the whole, wide world than a good, true friendship.

The person you call your best friend is someone you can get really deep with so your conversations today will be nothing less than insane. Your friendship improves because you each feel free enough to express yourself in very profound ways. During Moon square Venus, you'll find that there's nothing better than hanging out with your bestie.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Because of your very, very Virgo personality, you need someone in your life who can handle your particular sense of humor and you found that person a long time ago, and now you consider them to be your best friend. But what you didn't know is that this awesome friendship of yours is about to get even better, because during Moon square Venus, it's as if the two of you will discover even more about each other, and the interesting thing is that it will all revolve around laughter.

It's as if you unlock something in them today, via laughter, and it sets you on a whole new level as far as the friendship goes. At this point, June 29 is now the beginning of an even better friendship; this is someone you not only trust, but want to grow old with. You love your bestie, and they love you.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

On June 29, you'll feel a surge of gratitude for the fact that in this lifetime, you got a friend that rules supreme in your world. Not everyone gets a life-time best friend, but on Thursday, you will celebrate your friendship with this one person, once again, because things just keep getting better and better with the two of you.

During the transit of Moon square Venus, you will forgive each other of whatever dumb trespasses you've had and you will know that this friendship was meant to be. You can get over anything now; you've spent a life with this wonderful person and you've seen the ups and downs that come with a long-term friendship. Today marks the beginning of another decade together. Moon square Venus squishes you together in a warm, friendly embrace — just as it should be. 

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