June 27 Horoscopes Will Likely Be Challenging For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

Dial that anger down!

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Lighten up, zodiac signs, because if you take it too seriously today, June 27, you will make it much worse for yourself than it should be. Today brings us Moon sextile Mars, and only one opinion is right on this day: ' mine.' Well, not 'mine' in particular, but this day is about being right and taking no advice or opinion from anyone.

Done deal, nobody gets to have a say in the matter but the person most affected by the transit of Moon sextile Mars. It sounds like an ego flare-up, the kind we're not used to tolerating, and yet, we are the ones to do the flaring, and we will offend. Oh yes, we will do our mighty best to show someone in our life how we are the great, CORRECT one, and they are merely the peons of wrongness.




Moon sextile Mars doesn't want to get into it. Instead, this transit isn't open for learning. This cosmic event makes certain people feel as though they not only know everything there is to see, it gives them the entitled feeling of being smarter than everyone around them, and therefore they need not be aware of the feelings of others. This day will ruffle feathers for the three zodiac signs most susceptible to Moon sextile Mars energy.


And, if, by chance, we are one of the zodiac signs that are most affected, we will see anger as well. We may think we're perfect today or that what we do is LAW, but the truth is, we will be confronted endlessly on our behavior, and we will consistently shoot any criticism down. We aren't hearing it today, and Moon sextile Mars ensures we at least 'think' we're getting our way. Which zodiac signs will not fare well during Moon sextile Mars on June 27?

Three zodiac signs with challenging horoscopes on June 27, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

What makes you think this might be a good day is that you feel great, but you also feel hostile due to Moon sextile Mars' influence on you, and this could mean that you end up hurting someone's feelings or crossing the line where you should not. You feel fabulous today, but that is because you are insistent on getting your way, and you are fueled by aggressive energy.

While you feel so good, you understand that you must also be right about everything. That's where the trouble begins because your love life will be most affected by this. In some attempt to prove something to your romantic partner, you'll show them that you are an abrasive bully who has to have things their way, or you'll throw a tantrum. Not attractive, Leo.


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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Sometimes, Scorpio, you are just NOT in the mood, and it really doesn't matter what the topic is. When you put your mind to saying NO, it's no. And, unfortunately, on June 27, your presence will be needed in all the places where you do NOT want to be, and so, here comes yet another reason for you to say, "NO!" The thing with you is that you will let people get under your skin today.

You think you're large and in charge, but you are unconsciously letting everyone have their way with your mind, and that's because, during the transit of Moon sextile Mars, you only see that everyone is 'your enemy.' You are warlike today, but there is no option for peace, creating an environment where nothing can be created. You are living in your world, and all of it feels nasty and angry. What's worse is that you don't know why. That's Moon sextile Mars for you — hostility without purpose.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You tend to react poorly to Mars transits because they bring out the best in you, and while you don't mind when the beast shows its ugly face, the people in your life always want to run for cover when you 'get this way.' You think you are so smart, and during Moon sextile Mars, you tend to do that obnoxious thing: you put people down, but you do it roundabout to make you look like a concerned friend or lover.


This is called being passive-aggressive, and while you detest this kind of behavior in others, when it's your turn to be the passive-aggressive creep, you convince yourself that you're just being 'real.' You're not being 'real' today, Sagittarius. You're being hostile and aggressive and on the hunt for fresh blood. Savage!

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