3 Zodiac Signs Need Honesty In Their Relationships On June 25, During Mercury Square Neptune

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zodiac signs need honesty in relationships

On Sunday, June 25, we will experience the transit of Mercury square Neptune, which can undermine our thoughts and make us crave clarity and simplicity. We don't want our lives to unravel simply. We don't understand something, or worse, because we've assumed something that isn't correct — which is a very human thing to do.

During Mercury square Neptune, we need cold, hard facts to get us out of our imagined situations. Regarding love and relationship, we're looking at couples who have been avoiding having the down-to-earth conversations that would set the connection on a better track. Many people are naturally fearful of confrontation, but today put it in our mind that if we're ever to really understand the person we're with, we will have to get honest and real with them.



We want them to know who we are, as well, and what we are both capable of and unresponsive to. This is a significant time for three zodiac signs in the area of love simply because during Mercury square Neptune, we get to explain ourselves and create a new standard by which to live. That standard is, of course, 'being honest.' Today ushers in a new lifestyle of honesty, openness and fearless behavior that will get us through everything. We have to believe in ourselves on this day because everything falls into place if we do.

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For these three zodiac signs, it's a new day dawning. Mercury square Neptune is no small potatoes transit; this is an active event that can change lives, but the result is determined by how much effort we put into making it so. We need to make honesty an active part of our love life. If we want this to work — and these three zodiac signs definitely DO want it to work, then it's time open up and spills the proverbial beans. Let's get honest ... together.

Three zodiac signs need honesty in their relationships on June 25:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You feel you've had enough game-playing and drama for a lifetime. Even though you more than likely enjoyed the heck of all that drama (in some deep, dark way), you are at the point in your life where you want to know where you stand with your partner. It's as if not only is the honeymoon over, but the new reality is here, and while you really love it, you know that there are still things that you and your partner have not 'gone over.'

That those things loom large and must be discussed. During the transit of Mercury square Neptune, you'll find that 'it's now or never' and that you have to sit down for a serious pow-wow about where this relationship is going and what you both want. That means it's time to speak honestly, and while that may sound scary, it's kind of scary that you're ready to handle on June 25, 2023.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

What you'll be dealing with today, June 25, is getting to the point of something you and your romantic partner left up in the air. What this essentially means is that you aren't that sure where they stand on certain important issues in your life and you feel as though, by not speaking up, you're undermining the romance and setting it up as one where direct and honest communication isn't necessary.

All that comes to an end during the transit of Mercury square Neptune, as you know in your heart that it's time to talk about the issues that both of you have been skirting around. It's time to get to the big reveal. No more hiding emotions or pretending certain things don't exist. Nope, today is when you and your romantic partner make the realistic decision to be completely honest with each other, come what may.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Today's transit of Mercury square Neptune brings you an interesting situation. This is the day someone in your life will fool or trick you; fortunately, it will not be your romantic partner. This plays out in the idea that you have kept yourself naive so that you don't have to hear the truth, and what's going to happen is that because of your naïveté, you'll be fooled ... and you won't like it.

How this works in your relationship is that your partner will be the one who 'saves' you, but it will come at a cost, and that's where Mercury square Neptune comes in. This transit will introduce the idea to your partner that you need to start seeing things for what they are rather than what you want them to be. Your partner will be essential in showing you that it's time to become honest with yourself so you can move through the world more confidently. Your partner is your best friend today; let them guide you.

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