Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 24

No matter what, we will rise above all obstacles.

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On June 24, three lucky zodiac signs find out that their love horoscopes are better than usual. Here's why according to astrology. For the last couple of days, we've been experiencing the astrological transit of Mercury in Gemini, and for many of us, it's doing a world of good. An attitude hits us during this time, and on June 24, 2023, three zodiac signs will be so in touch with this good attitude that we can make something very special occurred.


This is, after all, the ultimate transit of great communication, and what makes communication work is all about 'how' we approach a person and the respect we give them during a conversation. For those of us who are in romantic relationships, this is the best transit for 'getting to the point,' but ... we will do it with finesse, and we will do it politely.



As we all know, money is one of the couples' most detrimental conversations. Money issues destroy good relationships, but they certainly don't have to. That's how today's transit plays a positive role. We can talk about finances with our partners without flying off the handle. Money issues make everyone uptight, and when couples start to sweat it out, things turn ugly. Everyone's a mess when the worry starts to pour on. However, we can discuss it during Mercury in Gemini and devise a workable solution. That's how this day rises above all others; we work towards a solution. It's not just 'talk.' It's talk that results in action, and we will do it ... together.


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Not all zodiac signs can calm down enough to let the smoothness of Mercury in Gemini wash over them. So, they will not experience the benefit of today's transit. But, there are three zodiac signs here that will warm to the idea of working it out, and these three zodiac signs will be of great success on June 24.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on June 24:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Money issues have always been depressing, even when you're flush and confident about your finances. And, being that you share so much of this burden with your partner, it's a lifelong battle that often takes its toll emotionally, which seems unfair.


You and your partner had seen some really bad moments when money was the topic, and nerves and anxieties emerged. Fortunately, you have the transit of Mercury in Gemini working on your side today, Leo, and that is going to help you smooth right through any financial 'conversations' that may need to take place. The thing is, you're doing well, and all is fine. How to maintain that state of 'fineness' for the rest of your lives together comes up. On June 24, during Mercury in Gemini, you'll see that talk comes easily and respectfully, a thing that never existed before.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Whenever you and your partner feel money pressure, you both cave. Your attitudes become bleak and distant, and you turn on each other simply to let off steam. Fortunately, your relationship has advanced, and because you now trust each other, you feel less inclined to be on the defense ... and during the transit of Mercury in Gemini, you'll want to talk things out rationally.


You've seen how flying off the handle has gotten you nowhere. On June 24, you and your romantic partner will get a chance to see how you work when you put your minds together and become solution-oriented. Solutions will come to you today, Leo, and you'll be grateful to have such a partner as the one you are with because they present as calm and mild-mannered at a time when things go could be radically dramatic. You'll appreciate their peaceful attitude.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You are at the point in your life where you detest the idea of fighting over something as stupid as money, and while you feel that money is anything BUT stupid, you simply refuse to let issues that revolve around it get in the way of your life ... or your romance, for that matter. Nothing hurts your love life more than worry, and during Mercury in Gemini, you'll rationalize the idea that the relationship is worth more to you than the fight.


Because this transit tends to help even things out, you'll find that you can handle what's on your plate and that you and your partner can do this together. There is no more reason to argue it out. It's done, the solution is here, and on June 24, you and your partner will get to pay each other on the backs for being amicable players in life.

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