3 Zodiac Signs Make Major Changes In Their Relationships On June 23 During Sun Sextile Moon

Alright, let's do this thing.

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When two people decide together to give their all to be loving and dedicated, how can these two go wrong? They can't and won't, but this also depends on the kind of people they are and what they are made up of. Not everyone can handle the maintenance pressure, especially in a romantic relationship. Some of us think we don't need this amount of work to take something as beautiful as a romance to keep it going.


However, on June 23, we have the magnificent transit known as Sun sextile Moon. If we are one of the three astrological signs that works well with it, we will see that making major positive changes in not only possibly our love lives, it's what we want to do with all of our hearts. 

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We WANT to be involved during Sun sextile Moon. We're not looking at the troubles of our relationship as if they are hurdles we cannot jump over. We want to jump over those hurdles because we believe in what's on the other side. We don't see the negatives because Sun sextile Moon helps us to feel in and stand by what we know are positives. For these three zodiac signs, the chances of overcoming obstacles are great. The option for failure is so slim that we may not even entertain the thought.




So, today, June 23, gives us a reason to rejoice, not because the journey is over, but because we know where this journey is heading, and it will be successful. This is very much the time and the season to adapt to the changes that will be required of us, and with a good attitude — supplied to us by the transit of Sun sextile Moon — relationships should do very well on this day. Which three zodiac signs will do the best?

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Three zodiac signs make major changes in their romantic relationship on June 23:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


When you put your mind to something, you ensure it happens, whether breaking up your relationship or putting it back together. The good part about today, June 23, is that nothing is wrong and that it needs an overhaul. However, a few slick changes would be nice, and you and your romantic partner are just the people who can handle big changes. You'll be getting an assist from the helpful transit of Sun sextile Moon, as this event will give you both the foresight to see that what you do is for the benefit of the union. 

There are no selfish acts today, and you will notice this. It will feel refreshing, as you are a very self-protecting person. Still, you relish growing with the person you are in a romantic relationship with; you aren't interested in 'temporary.' So, if significant changes must occur, you'll handle it with grace and positive acceptance.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


So far, the Summer is looking good for you, and half of the reason is that you simply won't let yourself go down. You are intent on keeping the energy positive, and when it comes to your relationship, you welcome anything that might help. On this day, June 23, you'll be guided by Sun sextile Moon, which will not only support it will direct you to what it is you need help with.

You love your partner, and they love you. All that is down pat and secure, but some changes definitely need to be made, and the two of you need to agree on how to proceed. Luckily, this transit, Sun sextile Moon, is good with clearing your head, and it will do so at this time, allowing you to pinpoint what needs to stay and what needs to go. This is the day you work well with your romantic partner. Everybody agrees on the next move, and it's all positive and 'light.'

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


You have come to understand that your relationship with your partner is unique. Perhaps nobody else would tolerate you as this person does, and vice versa. You know that you're both not perfect, but then again, who is? During Sun sextile Moon on June 23, you and your mate will decide that you are both cantankerous creatures who explode at any moment.

You are also perfect for each other. However, to keep this balance going, you both know that you'll have to make certain adjustments in how you do things because you share 'volatility,' which needs to be tempered. Fortunately, tempering is possible, and during Sun sextile Moon, you'll see that all things can come to be when you work together. It's a good day for you and your co-dependent partner.

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