June 23 May Be A 'Tough Day' For 3 Zodiac Signs

Old memories are going to do us no good today.

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Today's a rough day for three zodiac signs in astrology. On June 23, we are clearly misunderstanding something today. How 'clear' and 'misunderstanding' get into the same sentence gives a hint as to how today's transit works, as it holds two celestial bodies in opposing positions. Today we may feel very strongly about something...like being responsible or on time, and yet, what we may see happening is that for all of our good intentions, we somehow miss the mark.


The transit we are looking at today is Moon opposite Saturn, and it causes us to be persistent, and yet...off base. That can be frustrating, and it will be especially so for the folks who are born under three particular zodiac signs.

What may start out as a forceful journey into 'getting things done' with great intentions, may end up becoming the taking on of too many tasks, or, not wanting to be flexible when it comes to accepting 'other' ways to get the job done. Our intentions are great today, but our perceptions may throw us off, and it will only be certain zodiac signs that really feel the impact of Moon opposite Saturn.


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The thing is, with Moon opposite Saturn, there will be a turning point during the day when our good intentions and great efforts to into deep, depressing moments of doubt and thoughts of failure.

This is also a day the could trigger people into reliving old memories, as Moon opposite Saturn taps into that part of us that we still can't get over; if we think we've finally succeeded, this is the transit that lingers over us and makes us wonder if we've even tried. It's a harsh day for three signs, and we wish you well today, during June 23.

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 23:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

So, because this transit, Moon opposite Saturn, brings out that extra sensitive side to you, you'll be trying to figure out things like, "Where did I go wrong?" You, Cancer, may end up thinking that you are the reasons for today's 'lack of success' because you are somehow not good enough. This is serious and it would be advised for you to take a step back and not indulge this kind of self-doubt as the transit of Moon opposite Saturn will continue to pump up the negativity  — if you let it.

This is also a day where you interpret things the wrong way. On your journey of 'do-gooding' you may hear a word or an opinion that contradicts you and your effort; You may end up taking it all the wrong way and end up feeling incredibly bad for something that was simply up for interpretation. This could be a rough day for you, Cancer.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

On June 23, you will encounter the Moon opposite Saturn transit, which could very well derail you from having a good day. What you may feel during this time is that the old lessons of the past are still there to 'teach' you, and while you want to shake off that nagging feeling of failure or self-doubt, you may end up inviting in more than you intended to. You are fearful of getting close to people today because you feel toxic, and this feeling comes out of nowhere.

Once again, we're looking at 'opposites.' What starts out as great intentions rapidly turns to hideous feelings of inadequacy and as a Scorpio this is especially damaging to your pride. You do not like the though of being 'less' than you know you are, and yet, during Moon opposite Saturn, you feel like you are lacking in everything that is important. A rough day, indeed.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Feeling of loneliness may crop up for you today, June 23, as the transit of Moon opposite Saturn takes over and doesn't seem to let go of you. While you are and always will be a person who craves success and accomplishment, when things don't promise success immediately, you tend to get anxious. While there is nothing that is really standing in your way on this day, what really gets to you during Moon opposite Saturn, is your old friend 'depression.'

You feel as though you have disappointed people, and if you can't put your finger on the exact reason why, you'll find something, even if it's undeserving of your finger-pointing. You don't like yourself today, and that is because Moon opposite Saturn sets you at odds with your own self. This is something you'll get over, but it may take time. Go easy on yourself, Capricorn.


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