3 Zodiac Signs Who Learn From Their Relationship Mistakes On June 12 As The Moon Trines Mars

Moon trine Mars is so strong and positive that we must be careful about working with it.

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Three zodiac signs learn from their relationship mistakes on June 12, 2023, thanks to the Moon trine Mars. So much good can come from today's transit that we will be experiencing the highs and the lows of Moon trine Mars.

This event acts as a palette cleanser, meaning we see things differently when we have this transit in our sky. While that new skew may present as positive and hopeful, there may be some unexpected depth to our observations today. This is the day we remember certain things and learn from our past. This is the day we put our knowledge to work.


Since it's just mid-June, we tend to get introspective around this time. Why? Because we're once again at the halfway point, an intersection, and often at a new crossroad, we consider the actions and experiences that got us here. On June 12, many of us will be remembering those experiences. Were they worth it? Was the pain that we went through something that somehow elevated us today?



That's where Moon trine Mars comes in. It shows us that everything that made us who we are today was worth it, no matter how painful it might have been. Today is a day of great acceptance, and for the three zodiac signs, that acceptance will turn into a new and positive experience in love.


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We cannot hold a grudge forever; if we do, we've wasted our lives. During Moon trine Mars, wasting one's life is absurd. It's not something we're about to do. We will apply what we've learned to a promising future and a steady, strong, determined 'now.' Which zodiac signs will use the transit of Moon trine Mars for the power of growth and positivity?

Three zodiac signs learn from their relationship mistakes on June 12:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

What you have is an incredible sense of positive energy. You get on a roll, and you don't stop, and that's part of the beauty of being you, Taurus. You are a bright light; if you could always live in that state of positivity, you would. On June 12, you'll get an added booster of strength from the transit Moon trine Mars, which will not only make you feel as though you're heading in the right direction, it will make you regard your love life as a beautiful work in progress.


You have the kind of relationship with your partner that allows you both to discuss your past without jealousy or resentment. You are both very open about the people who have come in and out of your life. On this day, you will discover something about your past, thanks to Moon trine Mars, and it will give you great insight into how you can continue with the person you are happy with today.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You may not be stuck in the past, but certain memories will arise on June 12, telling you exactly why you moved on. You like progress, Cancer; you do not like being stuck. And you've been stuck enough in past relationships to know that if you and your present partner are to work out, you had better learn the lessons of the past and apply them stealthily.


You may find yourself deep in thought during the transit of Moon trine Mars. You are cerebral and introspective today, but it's all for a good purpose. Rather than leap into anything, you take your time to figure things out. Romantically, you're ready ... but you don't ever want to find yourself in the same position as you were once in, and so today goes to figuring out what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You've always been an intellectual, which also holds true for how you improve your love life. When you find someone that 'fits the bill' for you, you want it to last, and if that's to happen, you know that you need to go over your list of 'what didn't work for me in the past.' On June 12, during the powerful transit of Moon trine Mars, you'll feel in tune with the reality of your new relationship. It's fresh and exciting ... now, but can it last?


If so, what must you do to make it so? This will require you to inventory your past actions to systematically weed out your bad behavior patterns and work on the better and healthier attributes you've developed. Today is a good day for you because you really feel you have a handle on 'who you are,' and that's the first step to relationship success.

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