3 Zodiac Signs Want Change In Their Love Life During The Sagittarius Full Moon

Things have gotten too familiar.

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It's probably not a huge surprise that we might need a change around this time of the year. At this point, we may want to spruce things up in our loved lives, being that we're halfway through the year. It may be a passing fancy or something we wish to take seriously, but on June 3, we'll feel inspired to create positive change in our romantic lives. Why not? It certainly does feel good to share ideas with a partner who knows and appreciates us. During the beautiful and freeing transit of the Sagittarius Full Moon, we will find that talking about change is equally as inspiring to the person we love as it is to us.


It's a good day, and it's not that we're not content with having it 'just be as it is.' It's more like two people simultaneously feeling the Sagittarius Moon vibes and acting on them through talk and exciting plans. We aren't afraid to express our true feelings with our partners today because we establish our parameters as 'safe.'



We are 'allowed' to say it all, and so are they, because how else will we get to the truth if we don't say it as we mean it? The transit of the Sagittarius Moon is all about truth, revelation and trust, and certain zodiac signs will be ready to take on this kind of power and use it towards positive change.


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The Sagittarius Moon, also a full Moon on this day, is here to expand our minds. We don't know about closed-minded thinking today. We are gregarious and willing to explore the unknown. We will be brave enough to speak up, listen, and make room for changes for three zodiac signs. Change doesn't look threatening today; it feels like hope and promise. Good for us!

Three zodiac signs need a change in their love life during the Sagittarius Full Moon:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You're already very directed and willing to make big changes in your love life. And, with the Sagittarius Moon at your beck and call, you feel you can handle anything because you know where it's going. You and your romantic partner have discussed big changes over the last few weeks, but you are not someone who sits around dreaming. You take action, and if that means you have to pull your partner up and onto the saddle, so to speak, then that's what you'll do.


You are working with the force of the full Sagittarius Moon, and while today isn't a day of great affection, it's definitely a day of great love. You know the difference here. You'll get to the affection part tomorrow, but today is about setting things in motion, and once you start, Aries, there really is no stopping you. You've got a plan, and that instantly implies success.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

On any other day, you might not notice how much time has passed, but for some reason, on June 3, you'll be looking around when it will suddenly hit you: The year is already half over. It's time to implement the changes you and your partner have discussed. Someone recently said something to you in passing about how you're all talk and minimal action, and while you might have laughed that off, it stuck with you ... and it bothered you.


During the Sagittarius Moon, you'll see that they had a point. When will you do all those things you said you would do? Why have you and your partner fallen into this rut where nothing ever gets done? That's what June 3, 2023, brings you: the chance to see change happen. You will be fired up and ready to go today, Virgo. All the best to you!

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You and your partner have fallen into a lazy pattern where you forgive yourselves for not accomplishing any of the tasks you set up. Rather than feel guilt, you just let it go, but during the Sagittarius Moon, you'll notice that things have become a little stale in the ol' household — nobody's cleaning. Nobody's caring, and guess what? It's starting to feel like neglect rather than comfort.


Here comes the Sagittarius Moon on June 3, 2023, and it's practically made you for, Pisces … let this transit enter your psyche and help you to get back on the move. You and your romantic partner know very well that you've both been slacking in just about every department and now that you see how dull this is, you can both prepare for a significant change. Let it happen, don't stand in the way of change, Pisces. Make it so.

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