3 Zodiac Signs Are 'Luckiest' In Love On May 4, 2023

"I'm in the mood for love, simply because you're near me ..." Old lyrics to an old song, yet perfectly applicable to today's sentiment.

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On May 4, 2023, three zodiac signs are luckiest in love during the Moon trine Venus. This Thursday, we will be in the mood for love and not just because 'you're near me,' but because Moon trine Venus is what puts us into that mood, and for Geminis, Sagittarians, and Capricorns, the feeling will be inescapable ... and honestly, who wants to escape that kind of feeling? "Not I," said the cat.

We are all about love, passion, romance and desire on Thursday, and because Moon trine Venus is the kind of transit that reaches into our souls and makes us into lovers, we will be quite successful if love is what we're after.


We're not mincing words on this day, either. If we love someone, we will tell them; for three zodiac signs, that means all day and night. We are dead serious about expressing what's in our hearts today because Moon trine Venus is not just about love, but about how we THINK about love; we will do our best to let the ones we love know just how important they are to us. May 4, is all about being warm and relatable; we aren't playing around today ... we are upfront and honest with our feelings, and all those feelings are positive and beautiful.



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Thursday when our relationships grow closer. If we've been holding back due to shyness or being too protective of our own heart, this day, during this transit, Moon trine Venus, is when we open up and let it all gush out. We don't see the point in holding back during Moon trine Venus; we love itself and want to know we are genuine. While everyone can experience this feeling today, certain zodiac signs will make it a reality.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on May 4, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You have come to a place where you don't want to waste time. This may be because you've gone through something recently that allows you to know that all of this is precious and fleeting, or you know yourself all too well and know that you want to love. The days of game-playing and withholding your love are long gone, and you are fortunate enough to have someone in your life that you are serious about.

On May 4, during the transit of Moon trine Venus, you will be quite happy to show this person that you are sincere about your desire to spend your life with them and are ready to put it all into motion today without hesitation. The lack of hesitation is what will surprise you because it's real. It's authentic. You will shock yourself today because you feel whole, solid, real and made of love for the first time in a long time.


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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

While you don't necessarily feel the astrological transits are swaying you, you do know that you've never before felt so dedicated to the person you are with and that today, May 4, seems to bring this sense of urgency into your life when it comes to your love for them. The transit of Moon trine Venus is riding high in the sky, influencing you profoundly. Mostly because of its positivity, you don't see anything but green lights ahead when expressing your love to the one who captures your heart.

While this isn't exactly something that's ever held you back, something about today brings it all to the surface just a little more. You feel free and at ease, today and feel like you are one with your thoughts. There are no inner conflicts, allowing you to present yourself to your loved one as someone they can trust and love for the rest of their lives.


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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Your love is so pure that whoever receives it will know they are the luckiest person ever. You are not always the warmest person in the world, but when you decide that you are safe and that nothing is here to threaten or harm you, you most definitely let your defenses down. Today, May 4, puts you into a situation where everything seems to work for you, and you feel safe in love as in life itself.


You and your partner have come to a new place where everything that once detracted from the relationship is now part of the past. It's official, and you have both let go of the anger. On this day, during the transit of Moon trine Venus, you will notice this beautiful inner peace, and this feeling guides you into a place where expressing your love for each other comes naturally and easily. You may even shed a tear of joy on this day, Capricorn, as it seems you are fortunate enough to know real love in this life.

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